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Cultural Education Introduction


In this section we set out our definition of culture and of the roles of cultural education. We argue that creative education and cultural education are closely related and that there are important implications for the balance of the school curriculum and for teaching and learning.

Defining Culture 55.

Like creativity, culture is a term that is used in many ways in different contexts. It is a term with a complicated history and with a range of different, sometimes conflicting meanings. Like creativity, culture is strongly associated with the arts and letters. While accepting the importance of this particular sense of culture, we want to adopt a more general definition which includes, but goes beyond, it. The exclusive association of culture with the arts overlook many other aspects of human culture, including, not least, science and technology.

Human life depends upon language, art and all the complications of culture as much as on food Ñ it would ultimately collapse without them. J. Z. Young, Philosophy and the Brain

Sectoral Definition 56.

Since the late eighteenth century, culture in one sense, has meant a general process of intellectual or social refinement. This is the sense in which a person might be described as ÔculturedÕ. This process has been linked particularly with an appreciation of the arts. By extension, culture has also come to mean the general field of artistic and intellectual activity through which this process of refinement was promoted. It is this meaning of culture that is implied in describing the arts and related fields as the Ôcultural industriesÕ. Ministries of culture throughout the world, and national cultural policies often focus specifically on the development of the arts, including music, cinema, literature, dance, visual art and also traditional and folk culture, especially traditional music and dance. ƒlite Definition


Within this particular conception of culture, a further distinction is often made between high art and popular culture. In Western European terms, high art normally means opera, classical music, ballet, contemporary dance, fine art, serious literature and some forms of cinema. Culture, in the

Cultural Education

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