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Creative Education Introduction


The word ÔcreativityÕ is used in different ways, in different contexts. It has an Ôelusive definitionÕ1. The problems of definition lie in its particular associations with the arts, in the complex nature of creative activity itself, and in the variety of theories that have been developed to explain it. Some people doubt that creativity can be taught at all. They see creativity as a natural capacity with limited room for improvement through education. Our proposals are intended to show that creativity can be developed and how this might be done. In this section we offer our definition of creativity and the implications we see for promoting the creative development of young people.

Defining Creativity 24.

Creativity is obviously to do with producing something original. But there are different views of what is involved in this process and about how common the capacity for creativity is.

Sectoral Definition 25.

Many people associate creativity primarily with the arts2. Music, drama, art, dance, literature, and the rest, are often called Ôthe creative artsÕ. As we said in Chapter One, the professional arts and associated fields are now known as the Ôcreative industriesÕ. The Ôcreative artsÕ are often contrasted with the sciences, which tend to be thought of as uncreative. One of our aims in this report is to emphasise the importance of the arts and their essential place in creative development. But creativity is not unique to the arts. It is equally fundamental to advances in the sciences, in mathematics, technology, in politics, business and in all areas of everyday life.

There are few areas of life where the nationÕs priorities for education, health, employment and industry are not dependent on the development and application of creative practical skills. Crafts Council, Learning through Making

ƒlite Definition 26.

It is sometimes thought that only very rare people are creative and that creativity involves unusual talents. The literature of creativity often focuses on the great men and women who have produced or made path-breaking compositions, paintings, inventions or theories. Such people,

Creative Education

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ken robinson et al 1999_all our futures  

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