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10. Training People Introduction 282.

Teachers are the most important resources in education. They must be well trained and motivated. In this chapter we look at the implications of our arguments for the training of teachers and of other professionals involved in creative and cultural education.

Teachers affect eternity; no-one knows where their influence stops. Anon

Initial Teacher Training 283.

The Government has in hand a wide-ranging programme to raise the quality of initial teacher training (ITT). There are four central elements to the current policy: a national curriculum for initial teacher training, national standards, school-based teaching and the national framework for inspection. We strongly support the drive to raise overall standards of teacher training, and to promote closer relationships between the profession and the training institutions. The National Standards bring clarity to the task of teacher education and set out systematic criteria for student development and assessment. We strongly support the need for extensive school-based experience as part of teacher training programmes, and the involvement of classroom teachers as mentors to students in training. But these new arrangements do present some serious difficulties for the promotion of creative and cultural education of student teachers, and, by implication, of the children they eventually teach. As with the National Curriculum for schools, the ITT National Curriculum is likely to prove overfull and congested. Providers of teacher education, like teachers in schools, are increasingly required to teach to the test and have little room for dialogue, debate and creative work with students. If the creative potential of student teachers is ignored, it is unlikely that they will be able to promote the creative and cultural development of pupils

The key to unlocking the full potential of pupils in our schools lies in the expertise of teachers and headteachers. Research and inspection evidence demonstrate the close correlation between the quality of teaching and the achievement of pupils and between the quality of leadership and the quality of teaching. It is these links which lie at the heart of the Governmentテ不 drive for school improvement. Teacher Training Agency, 1998

National Standards 284.

In 1997, the Government introduced national standards for initial teacher training. These standards relate to new course requirements for teacher training and, for the first time, to a prescribed National Curriculum for initial teacher training in English, mathematics, science and information technology. Trainee teachers are now required to cover, in detail, the

Problems exist where teachers are not educated in the cultural and creative arts. The potential of the child is overlooked. Childrenテ不 abilities are underestimated.

Training People

NACCCE report

Mildred Dodds, teacher


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