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The DCMS should extend the funding programmes for the development of the creative industries to support partnerships and joint projects with education.


The DCMS should: a. establish a coherent system for long-term funding for the development of education programmes by cultural organisations; b. ensure that cultural organisations allocate core funds to the development of partnerships with the formal and informal education sectors; c. ensure that the use of funding allocated to cultural organisations for education work is monitored.


Good practice in after school clubs should be disseminated by LEAs to encourage all schools to consider the opportunities for creative and cultural development of pupils as part of their extended provision.


The Government should examine the feasibility of a tax incentive scheme to encourage business to provide expertise and/or direct funds for the development of creative and cultural education.


The Government should: a. explicitly encourage the creative uses of new technology through The National Grid for Learning; b. support traditional libraries with a virtual library in every school, with access to dedicated databases and general information banks; c. set as its goal not just the provision of a computer and an internet/intranet connection in every school, but the provision of a PC to every pupil and teacherテ不 desk; d. provide hardware and software to ensure that every pupil leaving school has had opportunities to explore the creative possibilities of new technologies.


Existing national programmes for the development of computer software to support creative and cultural education should be coordinated in such a way as to support the wider needs of education in all sectors.


LEAs should encourage the exchange of knowledge, expertise and facilities between specialist schools and other schools in the area. Funding and Resources

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