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9. ii.

The DfEE should enable LEAs through the Standards Fund to employ co-ordinators /curriculum advisers for creative and cultural education, accountable to head teacher boards, to work with schools, to ensure access to specialist advice; liaison with community groups; and co-ordination with other services provided by local government through other departments.


The DCMS and DfEE should establish a mechanism and formula to: a. provide all schools with dedicated funds for creative and cultural programmes and activities; a. to provide local education authorities with dedicated funds to co-ordinate provision for creative and cultural programmes and activities.


The model framework developed by the Federation of Music Services and the National Association of Music Educators should be taken as the basis for a national strategy to ensure coherence, consistency and progression in instrumental and vocal music tuition.


The DfEE and the DCMS should take action to ensure longterm provision of a single national system of music services after the interim arrangements of the Standards Fund. This system should provide: a. peripatetic music services which are available to all young people on the same payment basis with remission for those on low incomes; b. local services to create and update stores of instruments for loan. The Youth Music Trust should be developed to complement this national system.


The Government in association with the Youth Music Trust should initiate and part-fund local schemes for choral music involving schools and the wider community.


The DfEE and the DCMS should develop a directory of funding opportunities available to schools, and collate and disseminate examples of successful funding strategies. This information should be printed and made available on the National Grid for Learning. Funding and Resources

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ken robinson et al 1999_all our futures  
ken robinson et al 1999_all our futures  

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