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8. Specialist Schools 251.

We support the Governments initiative to identify specialist schools as centres of excellence in the specialities of arts, languages, technology or sport. We believe that investment should be made into these centres to be balanced across each LEA. The expertise, knowledge and facilities at these specialist schools should also be made available to other schools in the area. Specialist schools already have a role to play in sharing their expertise with their local communities; this could be co-ordinated further by LEAs and the DfEE on regional and national level.

We have so much to be proud of, so much to build on, yet often we simply donテ付 know about it. Sometimes we lack confidence, because we donテ付 realise how good we are. Tony Blair, Prime Minister

Further and Higher Education Sector 252.

There is a wealth of experience and expertise in further and higher education in all disciplines. Successful links can be forged between schools and further and higher education to support the work of the National Curriculum, to provide teacher training and to enrich opportunities for creative and cultural education. Many good examples of such links already exist. The National Grid for Learning also offers opportunities to increase access to such partnerships, as it is less resource-intensive and less time-consuming than actual visits. Virtual links should not replace real visits, but they can be used as an additional partnership opportunity.

Professional Associations 253.

Many professional teacher and subject associations also play key roles in supporting and enriching the school curriculum and teacher training across a range of subjects and disciplines. In art and design, for example, the National Society for Education in Art and Design is the largest provider of continuing professional development to teachers. We are encouraged by such initiatives. Professional teacher associations and subject associations also have key roles to play in disseminating this report and in promoting creative and cultural development actively through the partnerships we recommend.

Parents 254.

Partnerships should be created with parents by encouraging them to share their different talents, knowledge and expertise

Developing Partnerships

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NACCCE report

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