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8. material for schools, the dissemination of good practice, project development and the training of practitioners to work in schools.

Business and Industry 246.

Business and industry are valuable resources to education in a variety of ways. There is a wealth of experience and expertise within business. Industry must be encouraged to share this through active engagement in education. This investment will be mutually beneficial. Ways of involving business in education include: · experts from business and industry should be encouraged to visit schools and share their experience of the professional world with children and teachers; · work experience placements could be provided for pupils and teachers; · business could become programmes at schools;




· members of staff from business could undertake placements in schools; · business could be encouraged to share equipment with schools or to donate old stock; · cash donations could be made to support specific creative projects of schools.

It is only through business partnerships that education can keep up with the development of new technologies. Dame Tamsyn Imison

The focus here is not only on big businesses, but on medium and small businesses that could donate an hour a week to link with schools. Successful partnerships exist between some schools and private ICT firms. The firms provide the schools with up-to-date ICT equipment and training for teachers in return for the use of the facilities out of school hours to provide adult courses. 247.

The organisation Arts and Business (formerly ABSA) has long experience of promoting partnerships between business and the arts in all of their forms. It has now established the Creative Forum for Culture and the Economy. This is an initiative which brings together key figures from some of the UKÕs leading businesses to explore ways of unlocking the latent creativity in British business. The forum in particular, and Arts and Business more generally, has important roles in

Developing Partnerships

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ken robinson et al 1999_all our futures  
ken robinson et al 1999_all our futures  

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