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8. organisations as a way of celebrating good practice and raising the status of arts education work. Schools or cultural organisations would be awarded the Artsmark for arts education work that is of high importance and integral to the rest of their work. This scheme has a lot to recommend it and should be taken forward. Opportunities for All In April 1999, Warwickshire Education Authority launched the Warwickshire Education Arts Action Zone. The roles of the Zone are: · to co-ordinate, support and publicise existing good practice, based on the themes of creativity, additionality and inclusiveness; · research and development to promote and extend good practice, celebrate and spread success, defend and enhance the arts in the curriculum in their own right as creative contributors to other areas and subjects; · to inspire a programme of extended continuing professional development; · to link with the creative ideas and aspirations of other phases in education, other agencies in public service, and other institutions; · to enhance extra-curricular opportunities in the arts; · to promote capital investment in the arts; · to seek partnership funding for the arts in the authority; · to promote partnerships in the management of the project. A Year 5 pupil will receive a badge and certificate as a member of the Zone, and an Arts Action Pack, based on the reading programme agreed between the Education and Library services, and a programme of p arts activities: Parents will learn about the ZoneÕs work through leaflets, exhibitions and performances, county-scale publicised events, and through after-school clubs. Information provided by Warwickshire Education Arts Action Zone

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Effective communication is essential to successful partnerships to ensure that the needs and the expertise of different partners are compatible and matched. The interests of the various partners are mutual but not always identical. Each partner has different contributions to make and each will gain differently in terms of skills, understanding and experience. The success of partnerships lies as much in the quality of preparation and follow-up work as in the event itself. Consequently, partnership projects must include enough time for research, planning, evaluation and dissemination. Young people too should be involved in

TIE is valuable in that it is a process that happens with childrenÉnot for them. The experience often creates a sort of tension which takes the child close enough to the precipice so that it catches a glimpse of the reality of the situation, but at a level with which it can cope. A very important part in the process of bringing the inner child out. That is education.

Developing Partnerships

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ken robinson et al 1999_all our futures  
ken robinson et al 1999_all our futures  

All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture and Education Report to the Secretary of State for Education and Employment the Secretary of State for...