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8. technical skills, editing, risk-taking, reflection, presentation and dialogue; · experience working as part of a team; · build self-confidence and self-esteem in learning new skills, meeting new people, sharing ideas; · increase confidence and expertise in making judgements and evaluating experience with a wider range of people.

Benefits for Partners 229.

There are benefits, too, for the organisations and individuals who work with schools in these ways. These include: · sharing skills and expertise with young people and adults in a variety of new contexts; · developing their own knowledge and skills;

The players have found this work not only immensely stimulating, but also beneficial to their playing in general concert work. David Pickard, General Manager, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

· developing and reflecting on their own work and methods in new contexts; · developing communication and teaching skills with young people and adults; · finding stimulation for their own creative work through partnerships with other professionals and young people; · working collaboratively with professionals in other disciplines. The Very Young at Art A team of artists and twenty-six Birmingham Nursery Schools have collaborated to produce original works of public art. This has created an exciting trail of interactive artwork around the city. Each artwork is the result of the skill of an artist in incorporating ideas of children, teachers, parents and community into works that engage the school but can also be enjoyed by the general public. An annual open day will be held on the second Friday in July each year to view these artworks, but works can also be viewed individually. Information provided by Birmingham City Council Education Department

Developing Partnerships

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ken robinson et al 1999_all our futures  
ken robinson et al 1999_all our futures  

All Our Futures: Creativity, Culture and Education Report to the Secretary of State for Education and Employment the Secretary of State for...