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8. · develop and promote a wider understanding of their subject from different social and cultural perspectives; · deepen their understanding of pupils in different social and cultural situations;

The project was very productive and I have been trying to work in a similar way Ñ giving short bursts of quality teaching time. Ruth Aplin, Rhyl School, Camden

· develop their understanding of different disciplines and how they can interact with each other; · try out new teaching strategies. Science Fair Robert Smyth School, at Market Harborough, held a Science Fair in 1997 Ñ it developed into a large event. The fair was described in the local paper, which carried a four-page supplement. This was sponsored by advertising from a number of local companies, many with a scientific basis to their operations. After seeing it in the paper, companies that did not take part at the first fair immediately asked to sign up for the next one in 1998! Judith Green, a teacher at the school and one of the prime movers for the fairs writes: ÒWhat a week! You could buy minerals or a gyroscope in the science shop, you might bump into Marie Curie or Isaac Newton, you could make slime or a hot air balloon, visit the science road show, try on the fire brigadeÕs full protective clothing or have a go at particle physics with Leicester University. As if all that wasnÕt enough, how about a visit to the Science Museum, an in-house lecture on Light and Luminosity full of spectacular demonstrations Ñ and the double-page pull-out in the local paper?Ó Information obtained from the August 1997 issue of Prism.

For Pupils 228.

Effective partnerships can help pupils to: · develop their understanding of the wider community, and their roles within it; · develop skills and techniques for creative work through contact with skilled adults;

When I first had a try, my very first one, I was rubbish, but I got a lot better. Thank you for showing me I can play a xylophone. Tracy at All SoulsÕ School

· deepen their understanding of different disciplines and their practical application; · develop their understanding of the key skills and how they apply to Ôreal-lifeÕ situations; · deepen their understanding of, and practical experience in the creative process, including imaginative thought, problem-solving, research,

Developing Partnerships

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