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8. The Factory of Dreams French fire artist and pyrotechnician Christophe Berthonneay collaborated with Stockwell Park School and five London artists to create a pyrotechnical theatre piece in Brockwell Park, Brixton for 5,000 people, based around the dreams and aspirations of 120 14-year-olds. This is an inner city school which has been under threat of closure on three occasions. It was a five-month arts education project involving all of Year 9 and crossing five disciplines: design and technology, food science, textiles, visual arts and music. Work was integrated into Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum. Activities included ranged from carnival design to music technology; giant sculpture to physical theatre. The project had particular benefits for the school and staff. The profiles of individual departments were increased, whilst for the first time the benefits of crossdepartmental work have been embraced and promoted. The children also benefited tremendously from the project. For many pupils The Factory of Dreams was a personal journey. Some discovered creative talents which they intend to develop further. Other benefited from new working patterns. The Factory of Dreams encouraged individuals to explore their own imaginations and aspirations. At the same time it brought home the challenges and potential of teamwork, and enhanced pupilsÕ communication skills. Headteacher Tony La Mothe described the outcome of the project as follows: ÒCreativity was an outcome, but along the way there were opportunities to develop listening skills, an appreciation for individual talent, teamwork, planning and organisational skills, communication skills and the opportunity to experience major success in their young lives. Information supplied by the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT)

The Benefits of Partnerships 224.

Partnerships offer different, but mutual benefits to schools, including staff and pupils, and to everyone they work with.

Benefits to Schools Curriculum Development 225.

Effective partnerships can: · raise school morale by bringing staff together to work to shared goals, promoting collaboration in curriculum development; · promote and develop innovative working methods;

I used to think that todayÕs art was just an excuse not to do any serious work, but now I believe it forces the person to try to understand by using their imagination. Pupil after Opt for Art project

· provide an opportunity for cross-curricular links throughout the school which demonstrate that each specialism can affect the development of others; Developing Partnerships

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