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7. and 2, OFSTED wrote to primary schools to say that inspections would no longer take account of the extent to which schools followed the National Curriculum in these subjects. Some primary schools seem to have concluded that they need no longer spend much, if any, time on these subjects. Yet these processes are of vital importance from the earliest years of education if the GovernmentÕs intention to promote the creative abilities of all young people are to be realised at any stage of education. The general danger we see is that an inflexible inspection framework and a prescriptive system of assessment can combine to encourage schools to play safe. As one primary head has put it to us, the tendency now is Ôto keep your head above water and just below the parapetÕ. These effects need to be addressed if the GovernmentÕs ambitions for creative and cultural education are to be realised.

Conclusion 218.

Pupil assessment and school inspection have essential roles in raising standards throughout the school curriculum. Current priorities, methods and criteria now need to be sophisticated to take account of the nature and roles of creative and cultural education in raising standards. Doing so will help to create a virtuous circle in which the benefits of creative and cultural education will be more effectively realised by being more publicly recognised.

Recommendations 219.

We recommend that:


All of the desired outcomes of the National Curriculum should be assessed in appropriate ways, including those that relate to creative and cultural education. The results should all contribute to the profile of young peopleÕs achievements and of the schoolÕs performance.


There should be a greater emphasis in schools on formative assessment: ie. assessment that is intended to improve the day-to-day quality of teaching and learning.


The DfEE should arrange to ease present pressures of assessment by:

Raising Standards

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