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Effects of the scam on the Philippines

Action Plans so you can make a difference


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The scam on Philippine Society•••••••••••••••••• P. 3

Effects of the scam on Philippine Politics••••••••••••• P. 4 Philippine Politics and Economy after the scam••••••••• P. 5


Mark Parreno•••••••••••••••••••••••••••• P. 7 Luis Vida••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• P. 8-10 Matthew Choco••••••••••••••••••••••••••• P. 11 Enrico Coseteng•••••••••••••••••••••••••••P. 12 Javier Laurena••••••••••••••••••••••••••••P. 13

SUBSCRIPTION••••••••••••••••••••••••••• P. 14

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What happened to society

During the pork barrel scam?

The pork barrel scam has started a wave of change in the society. It started negative views on the political leaders in the government, it reduced the trust and credibility of the government.The pork barrel scam meaning the misuse of funds from the government instead of using it to the public they pocket it and use it for their own purpose. It has started rallies during August 22-26,2013. It caused the" Million people march" in Luneta park and other cities mainly triggered by the social media (originally from Facebook or twitter). As workers in our own establishment we see it as a waste of labor and because 15-25% of the hard earned money will be somewhat given away. A whopping 13 billion worth of revenues are from the pockets of the filipinos and which is supposed to help our country is the cause of the nation's downfall. The pork barrel

Top:the million people march at Luneta park; Right: senators and congress men involved in

has initiated about 2 million people march the pork barrel scam in the past few weeks This scam has greatly affected the people in the society because of the so called "ghost projects". The government has "planned" public projects such as bridges, malls, and other public structures to help the citizens commute or some other purposes but because of the pork barrel scam. Instead of these projects actually being done the officials have just kept the money for their own keep sake. Until now the effects of the pork barrel scam is still in effect citizens as of October 4 , 2013 are still continuing to organize rallies that continue to show the reactions of the people. Sooner or later the pork barrel scam

will stop and will soon shed light on the total effects to society. As the scam slowly close the nation will soon rise again.

Clockwise; Janet Lim Napoles came up with the pork scam; Citizens holding a sign with a pig during the anti-pork barrel in luneta park; A slogan about the scam.

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Philippine Politics and the Scam

Our politics have been greatly affected by this alarming issue that we have present in our beautiful country. There have been countless reports about people being included in this Php. 10 billion pork barrel scam. Just because of this issue, there are people promoting our voters to vote their government leaders wisely in the upcoming elections. As a result of this scam, our country's people have had less confidence in our government officials and if we have no trust in our officials to lead our country, this will continue to weaken as a nation.

The People Involved

Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada spoke about the P50-million additional pork as if it was a bribe given to the senators in exchange for voting to convict Corona.

Senator Joker Arroyo, who also voted to exculpate Corona, was allotted P47 million, which was released in February 2013. Arroyo, who retired last June, did not use the allocations for him in the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) for most of his term, which began in 2001.

A senator receives P200 million in pork barrel every year, but Senate Minority leader Juan Ponce Enrile admitted that he received an additional P100 million during his term as a Senate President.

P. 4

The Culture of the Philippines after the scam One effect of this issue on culture is the sense of no confidence in our government. After all of the things we have seen the government do and ending with this one, I think it's safe to say that a lot of people don't even trust our government anymore. Another effect on our culture is that we will have more rallies which we will become known for. Because of this issue, people are now starting to unite and try to have rallies in order to show their feelings and tell the government that what they're doing isn't good. And lastly, an effect would be how we look at our government officials. We will start looking at our officials as corrupt all the time because of our new mindset as Filipinos that all of our government officials are corrupt. This may even branch out to people even wanting to be politicians because they know that they would get money for it and get away with it. These are only some effects of this very alarming issue. These effects on our culture may be bad and good based on how we see things.

The Economy of the Philippines after the scam Because of he scam, the economy of the Philippines may worsen because the money, which was supposed to be used for projects, were used for our politicians' personal gain. The Php. 10billion could have made a very huge improvement in our country that could not only boost our economy but also the trust of the people

The money that they are stealing or pocketing is also greatly affecting the economic growth of the philippines since the money the corrupt officials are supposed to be used for helping the regular people in ways like creating new roads and highways,Construction of government buildings and projects ( that will provide countless jobs to countless people).It is actually quite sad because the money that is supposed to prevent people from starving because of little help from our government, dying from construction collapse due to cheap materials that are bought is being used to buy 100 million peso houses 10 million peso cars 1million peso bags and all the expensive things these ignorant corrupt politicians can think of.

P. 5

ACTION PLANS What can you do to help? How can you help?

Knowing about the problems of our country is one thing but reacting to it is another. Do you want to help rebuild the nation from the devastating Pork Barrel Scam? Do you want to know how? Action plans are just one of the few ways you may know how to do your part to help and save the future of our country.

ACTION PLAN by Mark Parreno One thing that you can do to rebuild the nation from the Pork Barrel crisis is through your participation in protests that suit your interest and may better help the government. An example of a protest is the Million People March. In that past protest, about a million people gathered in Luneta Park to protest against the foul acts of the government, better know as the Pork Barrel scam.

As a citizen of the Philippines, when I grow up, I will fight for the proper use of the money that comes from taxes. After all, that money is coming from us. The ordinary filipino citizen may be able to contribute by choosing wisely next time who are the people they will elect for the high chaired positions of the government to have better results in terms of Government handling and better results in corruption. Because if I elect worthy and reliable government officials, those leaders can be the change the Philippines needs.

P. 7

ACTION PLAN by Luis Vida Though this issue may be too big, we, Filipinos and particularly students, can help in our own very special and small ways. Firstly, we can put up posters promoting smart voting and at the same time, voting for the right people. Though the next elections are very far away for us, we might as well start now if we don't want these scams happening again. By voting for the right people for the job, we may finally have our taxes spent efficiently and our country will be a happier and more united country because we will continue to rise. We don't want to have a bad leader because as we have seen in history, some horrible leaders have done so bad that they even brought their country down like what Charles I did. Though the English did choose him as their leader, they had to experience his very bad leadership that proved to be much to their dismay. While some were very good that they also brought their country with them just like Queen Elizabeth I. The point of this step is to make YOU realize that we have a choice, whether to choose the better leader or the bad leader and based on the horrible things brought by bad leaders in history and what is happening right now, I think it's time to choose better leaders for our country.

P. 8

Another thing that we can do is also participating to the marches and rallies the are going against issues in our country. Some marches and rallies that recently took place in Makati and Luneta. However the most notable one would be the Edsa Revolution wherein we overthrew our President Ferdinand Marcos by just rallying. Just like this, we will be able to strengthen our country's unity in wanting what is right. We will continue to build our nation and be one that we can proudly call united and maybe even oust the government officials who are cheating us. The last thing that we, especially the government, are capable of doing is one of the most simple things that we can ever do is just staying true to ourselves and following the simple rules and laws. As a nation, we have to be disciplined and and show cooperation and this is just one way of doing it. The government has to realize that if they really want to greatly lead our country, they have to start by being true to themselves and not being corrupt. An example of a disciplined country is China. They’re being disciplined and cooperation with the government makes them very successful. They are disciplined because they maintain a good relationship with their people and in turn, their people do not retaliate. This can also be seen in New Zealand. If we

P. 9

try to look at New Zealand, we can notice that New Zealand is a very peaceful country because their government is not corrupt and it turn, their citizens are happy and cooperate. These things are very simple for us, Filipinos, can do. Though these are small things, these will eventually help in building our nation. These things are the epitome of the saying: “Slow and steady wins�. These 3 things are very important and are connected with each other. If we only do one of them, then our plan towards becoming a better and stronger nation will fail.

P. 10

ACTION PLAN by Matthew Choco We can help the government by actively participating in rallies and protests so that the government will know how we feel and how they may solve the problem. We should be able to express our reactions about a bill or a declaration from the president. We should help the government by giving them our feedbacks,opinions or comments about a certain issue in the nation as a student. We as a citizen should vote so that we know what the capabilities of the leader and not vote for a leader whom we would not follow anyway. We could help participate in fundraisers so the government will know that we as a citizen in the Philippines care. The government could help by thinking about the welfare of the people and how their actions can contribute to the improvement of outer country.

P. 11

ACTION PLAN by Enrico Coseteng

Ever since the pork barrel scam has happened the money used for some projects which although presumably not tainted with corruption, result in lower economic and social rates of return than other projects, has not been estimated at all, although one can presumably get an order of magnitude by comparing the lists of projects financed by the pork barrel with the lists of projects that have been prioritized by the development councils of the local government units in the areas where the projects are located. Which effectively reduces that 50 percent to, as former Environment Secretary Angel Reyes commented, “zero or nil,” and which Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio termed a “sham. ” One way to understand how grossly disadvantageous this sharing arrangement is to the Filipino people (the Constitution, by the way, provides for equitable sharing) is to compare it with the sharing agreement that is now in place with respect to the Malampaya project (an agreement during the term of Cory Aquino). Also, there is an even greater scam that is being perpetrated on the Filipino people, beside which, in terms of orders of magnitude, the pork barrel pales in comparison.

P. 12

ACTION PLAN by Javier Laurena

We can make sure that every major transaction of the government is seen by the people so that we know what the government is really doing with the money. We can do this by making the projects that is using the government funds shown or read in the news on TV, newspapers, radio, etc. This will help prevent pocketing of government funds because we truly know where our money goes to. Another way is to have a certain law for pocketing government funds, that if an NGO does so, he will have a certain punishment.That certain punishment can be going to jail for a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 15 years with a fine of 500,000-5,000,000(depending on the amount of money they have stolen). This may help prevent the pocketing of government funds so that our. NGOs may think twice about pocketing government funds. And lastly, if NGOs go to jail, they must not be allowed to have another term, no matter which position they are in. These ways are many possibilities in which we may prevent the porkbarrel from happening again. But as a matter of fact, we must vote for our government officials wisely. These officials who stole money form us are the ones we voted for, so we have to choose our candidates wisely. - 504 Ă— 720 -

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