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Portfolio Unit 2

Luisa Mollinedo #14 4to Bach CCLL “C” Customer Service

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Pictionary Word



Click path



Comparing with others.

Web site containing a writers or group of writers, own experiences observations, opinions, etc, Is the sequence of hyperlinks, one or more website, visitors, and follows on a given style, presented in the order viewed. Represents one prominent application of utilizing the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in different areas.


Sentence The company of Esika always is benchmarking with Avon.

Every company needs a blog to expose their products. Wikipedia use a lot of click path, which help us to understand better the topic. Every company most has an eservice, to satisfy customers.

Live Chat

Online Forum

Social Networking Sites


Web Chat

A kind of communication over the internet that offers a real time transmition of text messages from sender to receiver. Is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

Is the phrase used to describe any website that enables users to create public profiles.

Yesterday I had a live chat with my Italian friend.

In the school, the teachers use online forums to be in contact with the students. The social networking sites help use to be in contact with our friends and family.

Is flooding the internet with many copies of the same message.

On the internet there is much spam.

A system that allows users to communicate in real time using easily accessible web interfaces.

The web chat allows us to be in communicate with the work, etc.

Person who has the capital. Luisa is the investor of the company.



Business Plan


Is the process of identifying and starting a new business venture A formal document that have all the information.

The person who previews incoming information to determine if communication is appropriate.

Guatemala needs a lot of entrepreneur to success. Every company has a business plan.

My cousin works as a gatekeeper in the university.

Summary of each Topic:

HEARING is purely physical activity by which sound waves are sent to the brain for understanding. LISTENING refers to the psychological processes that allows us to attach meaning to the patterns of energy we “”hear”.

Listening Preconditions: • The words or other sounds used by the message source must be received by the hearer. • The listener must possess a set of meanings or referents for these sounds—the words need to make sense. Internal Elements affecting Listening: o Trying to hear in a noisy environment. o Dealing with a static-filled phone line. o Encountering people who speak too softly. Environmental Elements affecting Listening: o Individual Listening Capacity. o Thousands of messages call for our attention every day.

o Since we can listen faster than people can speak, we sometimes drift off. Noise: Refers to those sounds that are irrelevant to the conversation. Also can be the internal and environmental elements. The use or misuse of Gatekeepers: o If the message appears nonessential the gatekeeper keeps it from getting to the person. Personal Conclusion: I think that is very important to listen everybody, and don’t get distracted by the environmental and internal elements that affect the listening. And we have to learn to ignore (not completely) the noise that interrupt the conversation.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Telephone Communication:  People are operating blind when on the phone.  The people who answer calls from customers are the voice and image of the entire company to customers. Two significant Drawbacks:  Many people have never learned the basics of telephone courtesy and effectiveness necessary to convey a good business image.  People cannot see the person they are dealing with. Action Tips:  Check Your Phone Use Attitude Using a self-evaluation can help you to improve your telephone techniques.  Contact and Compare Your Company Callers create first impressions and draw immediate conclusions about the person’s or company’s efficiency

 Avoid Unnecessary Call Screening Screening means having someone answer for you, acting as your gatekeeper.  Answer with Professionalism Identify yourself when answering the phone, use names, and good business etiquette.

What to do and Say (Action Tips):  Answer Promptly and Be Prepared to Handle Calls: Answer soon to convey efficiency.  Use Courtesy Titles: There is no downside to addressing people politely and formally.  Thank People for Calling: Never underestimate the power of kind words  Smile: People can feel the smile in your tone.  Be Sure the Conversation Is Finished before You Hang Up: o Have a polished way to signal the end of a conversation. o Handle the Upset Caller with Tact and Skill  Modify your Tone, Loudness, and Pitch to maintain your listener’s attention.

 Use call screening only when necessary, not as a way of projecting power.

Personal Conclusion: It is important to know how to answer a telephone, because it’s the first impression about the person’s or company’s efficiency. Also due to the people can feel the smile in our tone. The person that answers the call has to be friendly, and polite.

If you’re not in the web, you’re not in business: Every day millions of people access it worldwide. The cost of creating and maintaining a Web site continues to come down.

Web-based Customer Service: The Internet is a perfect sales channel, an excellent channel for presale, and also an effective post-sale customer support.

Self-serve common Answers: Self-service is when customers take care of themselves using knowledge bases. Knowledge bases are databases of answers to frequently asked questions FAQs. Knowledge Bases:

Make it possible for customers to answer their own questions. Self-learning knowledge bases constantly update themselves based on customer questions. Structured or Unstructured: Structured knowledge bases are organized into a question-andanswer format. Unstructured knowledge bases are repositories of customer interaction. Types of Answers Available: Hyperlinks are those words or phrases that you can click on to get to another place. Multiword searches of the FAQs are the collective wisdom regarding the product or service. Delayed Answers: Email: Is one-way communication, the possibility of misunderstanding is high, and it takes time to respond to each customer. Web Chat and Live Chat:

Live Chat: Requires lie people available to the customer and this is expensive. Web Chat: Like blogs, which it becomes an online forum for discussions.

Personal Conclusion: The use of web sites and

electronic communication is very important in every company, due to allows to improve the communication between the customer and company. Also these pages help us to know more things about a business, and allow us to know the answer of something that we don’t know.

Internet has provided a new avenue for delivering customer assistance.

Online knowledge bases should be dynamic constantly adapting.  Web analytics and benchmarking provide data for constant improvement of your Web site´s effectiveness.

 Web-self-service has a significant cost advantage over traditional customer service channels. E-services are not only cost-effective, but they can provide additional benefits. 

However, poorly managed e-services negatively affect the business image.

Successful e-service factors:  Web site uptime

Proactive communication

 Customer loyalty programs

Adaptive knowledge bases

 Easy navigation

Traffic monitoring

 Server speed, benchmarking  Personal touch  Appropriate site design


Personal Conclusion: The web pages of a business have to be dynamic,

because if it is boring they can lose some of their customers. E-service can provide some benefits if it’s well managed; however if it is bad managed can negatively affect the business image. The email is one-way of communication that can takes time to respond to each customer, so it is necessary to use another alternatives.


Homework a) If, in fact, the Internet can provide many more ways that devices can communicate with each other, what are some implications for customer service? 

Entertainment systems could be manageable through the network and even household and office devices can be controlled via mobile phone. Third parties can build software that services those devices, interacts with them, and manages them. And in this way they can create an application that allows providing good customer service. The people can see new product announcements that involve networked devices almost daily.

b) What kind of new expectations might customers hold regarding online repairs, adjustments, and new features? I think that they could feel comfortable, because they can check all the products and also repairs something online, without living home. c) Describe how such “futuristic” online services might possibly affect an organization you work in or are familiar with. There would not a personal communication. If it is a restaurant, there would not a lot of persons in there, because the people would prefer don't go out their home.  The service of the organization would goes down. Summarize:  

The use of the internet actually is very important, because is a perfect sales channel, etc. The online knowledge bases make it possible for customers to answer their own questions; and also the web chat allows customers and service representatives to carry on two-way communication. The E-services can improve customer relationships. Some disadvantages of the internet, it is that in some cases the people prefer personal communication; E-services can affect the business image, due to the poorly managed. The problem with Email is that it is one-way communication, and it takes time to respond to each customer.

I’m not opposite of the technology or the use of websites, but I prefer to have a personal communication, due to in some cases the internet is slow, and that makes that the improvement of my problem takes more time. I think that the use of the web can affect the image of the organization.

Homework 3:

Homework 4:

Reflective Essay During this unit, I have the opportunity to learn how to answer the telephone, the importance of the web sites, and electronic communication, and that these tools are not only useful to be in contact with friends and family, also are useful to ask something to the company that you want, and in this way you can have the answer in seconds. I think that what I learned in the second unit will help me to answer in a good way the telephone, and to handle the Upset Caller with Tact and Skill, due to callers create first impressions and draw immediate conclusions about the person’s or company’s efficiency. I hope that the third unit be more dynamic, because sometimes the class become a little bit boring.

Portfolio unit 2  

Luisa Mollinedo 4to CCLL "C" KEY: 14

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