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"McDonald's New Angus Wrap,Portable, Delicious and a Healthier Snack Choice" by: Luis Pedron

Photo by: Elizabeth Hait Angus is known to create very high quality beef. McDonald's is now launching their Angus Snack Wraps. The wraps start with half of an Angus third-pound patty made of 100 percent beef, wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. It comes available in Deluxe: with ripe red tomato, green leaf lettuce, rings of red onions, cut pickles, American cheese, creamy mayonaise and yellow mustard Bacon & Cheese: A strip of bacon, American cheese, ketchup , yellow mustard, pickles and rings of red onions Mushroom & Swiss: Sauteed mushrooms, Swiss cheese and creamy mayonnaise. I tasted it recently and they are "wow" so tastey and even for a snack wrap portion it is so filling and satisfying. My personal favorite is the "Mushroom and Swiss." It reminded me of some Filipino dishes cooked with Mushroom. Of course who can resist the "Deluxe" with all the salad ingredients for a healthier choice. I had a chance to meet McDonald's very own Chef Dan Coudreaut, Director of Culinary Innovation, he developed this latest addition to the McDonald's menu. Chef Dan Coudreaut graduated top of his class at the Culinary Institute of America in 1995 and has been named the Nation Restaurant News "MenuMasters Chef Innovator Awardee" in 2006. He shared with me the uniqueness about this Angus Snack Wrap and how it is a healthier choice to our fast paced lifestyle.

Chef Dan Coudreaut explains,"We shrank the Angus Burger to a Snack Wrap. Reason we do that is that in the US we have a trend in portability. People want things on the go. In the US 75% of our business is through Drive Thru's. It also allows us to give you an option of having either the full size Angus Burger or if you like a smaller size Angus Snack Wrap.The Snack wrap is $1.99 for the suggested retail price. The calorie count is about 390 calories to 460 calories per Snack Wrap. People are not eating three square meals a day anymore and they are eating sporadically throughout the day. So I think having things that are a little portion sized helps fit that healthier lifestyle that people are doing." McDonald's is a leader in food quality and its standards extend from the farms of trusted suppliers to the front counter. In fact, McDonald's standards are among the most stringent in the US. Food safety and quality at McDonald's are top priorities. If you like to have a snack on the go, with super great taste of the highest quality beef, served in a healthier portion. Try McDonald's Angus Snack Wrap at a recession buster price of $1.99. You wouldn't go wrong.

McDonald's Angust Snack Wrap - Delicious and a Healthier Snack Choice  

McDonald's introduced the Angus Snack Wrap - delicious and in my opinion is a healthier snack choice.

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