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SCIENCE UNIT 7 THE PROPERTIES OF MATTER Matter All matter has two fundamental properties: It has a _____________. It has a ____________. Matter can be in three states: S _________. L ____________. Gas. In nature there are many different types of matter, called _____________. The use of materials can produce _______________ problems which we can avoid by applying the rule of the ___________ _______: Reducing consumption. Reusing. Recycling.

The states of matter

___________________ ____________

Heat and changes in matter


Heat is a form of __________ which is transmitted from one object to another: it produces __________ ___ ___________. Heat changes the state of matter. Heat also produces __________ in the ___________ of objects called ____________ and ________________.

M____________ When heated a solid becomes a liquid

S___________________ When cooled a liquid becomes a solid

E_______________ When heated a liquid becomes a gas

C_________________ When cooled a gas becomes a liquid


1. What are the fundamental properties of matter? 2. Name the three states of matter. 3. Name the changes that heat can produce in matter.

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