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SCIENCE UNIT 15 THE ANCIENT WORLD AND THE MIDDLE AGES The Ancient World In the Ancient World the first important civilizations appeared: M__________, E_______, G__________ and R_________. The first __________ are written in Mesopotamia. In Egypt the pharaohs built the ____________. The Greeks were important for their political system (_____________), architecture, ___________ and literature. The Romans crated a great __________ around the Mediterranean. They extended their language, laws, customs and ___________. The Middle Ages Important events in the Middle Ages Important events in the Middle Ages were the Germanic invasions, the Carolingian Empire, _____________ and the discovery of ______________. Life in the Middle Ages Society was divided into three groups: __________, clergy and ___________ ____________. People abandoned the cities and settled in the countryside. They became _________ of feudal lords. From the 13th century, the cities grew again.

ACTIVITIES 1. Name the civilizations that appeared in the Ancient World. 2. Look at the illustrations and try and name as many of the buildings as you can. 3. Look at the picture and describe a city from the Middle Ages.

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