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SCIENCE UNIT 12 SOCIETY Population The population of a place changes continually because of the _______ rate, the ________ rate, _______________ and ___________________. The birth rate is the number of people born in a place every year. The death rate is the number of people who die in a place every year. The natural growth rate is the difference between the birth and death rates. It can be ___________ or _____________. We obtain the ________ growth rate by adding and subtracting immigration and emigration to the natural growth rate. The population of Spain The population of Spain has ___________ a lot because of a decrease in the death rate and an increase in the rate of immigration. Population density in Spain Population density tells us if a territory has a lot of inhabitants or a few. We calculate it by dividing the number of inhabitants of the territory by the surface area of the territory. Spain has population density of 90 inhabitants per __________ kilometre.

ACTIVITIES 1. What is the birth rate? 2. What is the natural growth rate? 3. What is population density? How do we calculate it?

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