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DE LA PLUMA Spring 2009

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he results of the most recent elections in Venezuela, November 21, 2008, are in. The revolutionary government, the PSUV (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela), won in most of the states where there were governor’s elections. In the capital of Caracas, and some other districts, the right wing party of the rich and allies of the US were able to win. As activist-journalists and conscious people, it is important to look at these elections and how the U.S. (capitalist) and elements of the Venezuelan (neo-colonialist) media attempted to construct them in a manner that upholds capitalism and attacks the pro-people socialist government of President Hugo Chavez Since the people’s government of Hugo Chavez was elected in 1999, it has tried to build a society for the benefit of all Venezuelans. This has meant making changes not only in the laws that were favorable only to the rich, but in the way that society has been organized. It has meant changing the capitalist system -one where a few make most of the money and exploit everyone else, where indigenous and African-Venezuelans who are the majority are stepped on, and where some rich white people who don’t even consider themselves Venezuelans, make themselves rich and sell off everything in the country to the foreigners –to a country where the workers own the means of production. A system where the people have free medical care and education, and where there is no racism, and everyone, men and women, are treated equally. Last year, the people of Venezuela were asked by the pro Chavez forces to

vote on a referendum for the future of the country. It was to decide a constitution that was for the people and that guaranteed the social welfare of every Venezuelan. This included those who did not have a formal job (albaniles, street vendors, etc.) and to create a more collective and fair society. But the neo-colonialists (small rich white oligarchy who have historically made their wealth by selling out the resources of Venezuela) and the foreign control media created fears, disinformation, and organized so that the referendum, was defeated by a small margin This brought us to the recent governor’s elections (November 2008) and all that is at stake. In most of the states, the candidates that represented people’s power and socialism, won by big margins. But the right wing made gains in a few of the provinces. The question posed to those who struggle for a change and understands the necessity of a united Latinoamerica, is this to be seen as a setback for socialism? And if so, what is to be done to move the struggle forward. In an article titled Venezuela: A First Balance Sheet of the Elections (by P. Larsen, see web page In Defense of Marxism, Nov. 24, 2008), we can see many things that are useful to us, not only in looking at the struggle in Venezuela, but our own struggle here in Occupied Mexico. For Raza journalists who are trying to provoke conscious thought in our gente, a main concern is the role of the media in twisting things and making the people fear change. When we say media, we are not talking about real journalists, but the capitalist servants who are put where they are by international (WalMart, Coca Cola, and McDonalds) corporations who prop up imperialism with their money.

In the case of Venezuela, although the capitalist media reported that “chaos” and intimidation of anti-socialists voters took place, the reality was that the voting process was peaceful and democratic, and more people voted than ever before, in fact the polls were left open late to accommodate all those who wanted to vote. The attempt to slander the elections demonstrated the reality that capitalism is against democracy, especially when it works against its interests. For example, in spite of the fact that the PSUV won 17 of the 22 governorships up for elections, the media attempted to turn victory into defeat; they characterized it as a “stinging defeat” for Chavez and that the opposition had made tremendous gains. As a way of exposing the illogical conclusions and out right lies of the capitalist media, the article Venezuela: A First Balance Sheet of the Elections explains, “Imagine if elections for all 50 state governors in the United States were held on a single election day and 74 percent of those seats (or 37 out of 50 governorships) went to one political party’s candidates. Imagine also that the victorious party’s candidates had won 52.5 percent of all votes to just 41 percent for the opposition (the technical definition of an electoral landslide is a victory of ten percentage points or more).’

“If a New York Times reporter - or any reporter - then wrote the story of the election results and called it a “stinging defeat” for the victorious party, wouldn’t he be laughed off of his beat? Yet that’s what happened today in the pages of the New York Times, only the story was about Sunday’s state and regional elections not in the US, but, see

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Guerrilleros de La Pluma

Journal of the Raza Press and Media Association

THE RPMA UNDERSTANDS THE FUNDAMENTAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE, AND LIBERATION By Ernesto Bustillos The Current Reality In Which The RPMA Exist n spite of all of work and the fact that we are the only progressive organization of Raza media workers, the reality is that since its reestablishment in 1990, the Raza Press and Media A s sociat i o n (RPMA) continues to exist as an extremely limited influence within the struggle for the liberation of the Mexican Raza community. It has only a handful of members who consistently attend general meetings and actually pro- d u c e media. It is virtually an unknown force, as very few people within our community know about us. Hence, our activities, at this particular juncture in history, have very little impact on the intellectual developing and thinking of our communities. Moreover, for the last 15 years, since our reestablishment, we have met very few of the goals that we have set for ourselves.


If The Situation Is So Bleak, Why Does The RPMA Continue To Exist? Objectives: 1) To Establish A Raza News-Wire Service. 2) Hold On-Going Workshops And Conferences To Advance Raza journalism. 3) Establish An Editorial Board To Oversee Joint Publications. 4) To Pool Existing Resources To Assist Publications And To Establish New Ones. 5) That A “Collection” Of Periodicals, Past, And Current, Be Established. Principles Of Unity: 1) Must Be Raza Publications Independent Of Govern-


The RPMA is a collective of media workers who uphold revolutionary media. With all its challenges and shortcomings, the association continues to exist because those of us who are central to its survival understand the critical importance of a revolutionary media to our people’s struggle for justice, liberation, and peace. M e dia, in our definition, is all the forms of expression and dissemination of ideas, knowledge and information created by a particular society or nation; we are talking about film, music, radio, theater, murals, art, books, newspaper, internet, and so forth. A revolutionary media is a type of media that whose main purpose is to destroy the lies, illusions, and confusion utilized by the Capitalism/Imperialism to keep a society or nation oppressed and colonized. The RPMA understands the fundamental relationship between information, knowledge, and liberation. As a people, we can’t struggle and move forward without the knowledge, information, and social consciousness, that only a revolutionary media can provide. We know quite well see

Guerrilleros de La Pluma Co-Editors

Luis Moreno Ernesto Bustillos

Production Luis Moreno

Photographs/Graphics Luis Moreno


Antonio A. Velasquez Ernesto Bustillos Francisco Romero Pablo Aceves

Raza Press and Media Association Editorial Board 2008-2009

Ernesto Bustillos Francisco Romero Aremi Lopez

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ment Agencies (Excluding University Publications). 2) Must Support The Struggles Of All Raza, Within And Outside The U.S. 3) Must Adhere To Democratically Reached Decisions. Membership Criteria: 1) Membership Is Limited To Raza Involved In Media And Press. 2) Members Must Work/Link-Up With Existing Publications In Their Areas. 3) Representation/Input To The RPA Will Be Through Official Representatives Of Members Publications. 4) To Be A Member In Good Standing, Members Publish Or

Post Information on a regular basis. 5) Membership In Not Extended To Multinational Organizations. Structure: 1) Mesa Directiva/Editorial Board Will Consist Of Chair, Secretary, And Treasurers. 2) Mesa Will Serve As Coordinating Body To Insure Communication And Completion Of Tasks. 3) Mesa Will Also Serve As Editorial Board For Joint RPA Publications. 4) Standing Committees Will Be Established As

Raza Press, Media, and Popular Expression

Spring 2009

Consequence for Cause By Antonio A. Velásquez An Inversion of Fact and Fiction n a world in which each new social scandal, natural disaster, economic crisis, or military intervention, is centralizing power increasingly into smaller command blocs governing our lives, identifying cause has become very difficult due to our overlooking and confusing it for effect or consequence. What is more, we have come to invert the two processes so that the inversion has thrown our sense of reality into question. North of the imposed borders, it seems we have become so helpless that we can no longer recognize caused effect or consequence and depend on ever more corrupt official explanations to define what is real. Just mere weeks ago the country was told that $700 billion was needed immediately or there would be an economic collapse; that the money was necessary to buy the bad mortgage debts. Now that the money has been handed over and half of it has been distributed to insider banker friends and colleagues to be used for the purchase and elimination of smaller banks, the message is that original intents are out the window and bad debts will not be bought after all. Rather investments will be made in the share markets of large companies facing economic collapse - so much for all those losing their homes. After all, friends must be looked after first. Obviousness never was a guarantee for clarity. What is factual and what is allegory? The story could change 180° again tomorrow and it would be accepted without question. Give them relatively insignificant yet controversial and divisive cultural issues to chew over, such as gay marriage, hate crime, ICE deportations, or minor’s abortion privacy, and they are effectively diverted from acting on the unprecedented ongoing genocidal depopulation, massive thievery, and growing totalitarianism. Furthermore, the acceptance syndrome in people is so ingrained that should anyone dare doubt, that person would still certainly run the risk of being


labeled as nothing more than a cynic. This inevitably occurs when over generations a people’s history, through crisis, has undergone a sort of splicing together at critical junctures where forged reality has been superimposed onto deliberately cut out segments that would have otherwise provided us a consistent sequence of events. This incomplete historical version then when fused back together negatively truncates what would have been the natural progression of an ancestral memory and through it uninterrupted progressive communal learning. In our case, the created gaps have become the fertile ground for the introduction of an assimilation process that has served to distance individuals from the past while still allowing limited retention of some sense of nationality, albeit sanitized and approved for manipulation or corporatization. Useless Raza politicians like LA’s Villaraigosa and events like beer-binge Cinco de Mayo celebrations come to mind. Some like Obama, simply by their visible image, assume this position as others provide the relevant commentary to endow him with the desired reality. In our hemisphere, while we ignore, confuse, or misunderstand history dynamics to which we continue to be subjected, in particular of colonialism in our past and neo-colonialism in our present, we will keep ignoring effect while we identify and support cause. In other words, we will side with what communally harms us. To clarify, allow a simple analogy to illustrate generally this point. This past November Californians passed Proposition 2 giving some limited freedom of movement to animals that are raised for food. This legislation will now direct the food industry to allow chickens, pigs, and other farm animals some limited movement in their restricted cages to turn around, lie down, or spread their wings. It would seem a laudable outcome to provide some level of freedom to animals that in fact are tortured while they wait to be slaughtered and prepared for someone’s dinner.

I am certain that everyone has seen the videos showing the maltreatment and miserable conditions in which these see

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RPMA Reading List

Corridors Of Migration: The Odyssey Of Mexican Laborers, 1600-1933 By Rodolfo Acuña Guest Workers Or Colonized Labor?: Mexican Labor Migration To The United States By Gilbert Gonzalez Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy Of The Mass Media By Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman The New Media Monopoly By Ben H. Bagdikian Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda By Noam Chomsky Barrio Urbanism: Chicanos, Planning and American Cities By David R. Diaz Shot in America: Television, the State, and the Rise of Chicano Cinema By Chon A. Noriega Cuba

Venezuela: An Insight Two Revolutions By German Sanchez



No Mercy: How Conservative Think Tanks and Foundations Changed America’s Social Agenda By Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic


Guerrilleros de La Pluma

Journal of the Raza Press and Media Association

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL: By francisco Romero

November Fifth

“Only the people who are skeptical about terrible wars and mature enough for conflict, will be people mature enough for peace…” - Estanislao Zuleta Colombian Intellectual


hat up mi gente… I’m back! Damn! The last couple of weeks were tough… I couldn’t gather my thoughts, organize my ideas and get down on the Midnight Special… it happens, I’m just a man. I am just a man, and despite all of the inner strength and balance I can muster, sometimes, I just slip… Sometimes I get caught up in my thoughts and dreams… Last week, the Midnight Special I was writing was ripping up comments that were made about my writings… Someone called me ungrateful… Ungrateful to this country that has “given us so much”… I was upset at this and other comments made in the last few weeks about my writings… I had over six pages of responses to all of the comments made… I was in conflict… Nothing has been given to us! We have struggled, bled and sometimes even died for every inch of political space and rights within this current establishment… this, atop the bones of the millions of indigenous people buried underneath the “U.S.” soil… ungrateful… ha! More like determined… to create El Otro Mundo that is seems so far, but yet feels like it is around the corner of history… So, I took a couple of days off from thinking about the social, political and economical situation that nuestro pueblo finds itself in… but at night I couldn’t sleep, because I knew that I had slacked off on my organizing work… a betrayal to mi gente. I am serious about my commitment to the struggle, la lucha and the ongoing battle for the hearts and minds of our people… So anytime that I take off I feel that I have let down 516 years of resistance… I am just a man… and I some-


times get to the point of getting burnt out… because nothing changes, because the material realities of our people do not change… but, then I start thinking about all of the victories, all of the long fought out battles, all of the peoples’ smiles when they are in resistance, slowly but surely winning our liberation… I start reading about the progress for humanity being waged in all of the former colonies of Europe and the U.S. , in Asia, Africa and in El Sur de Este Continente… We have some ways to go, but organizing ourselves is the Clave… Which brings me to tonight’s “history making” night… the electing of Obama, something that was foreseen as a 100% guarantee a long time ago… He was catapulted to the top, as Imperialism’s Man… Smart-money, that is, the Capitalists, Wall Street bet on this guy from the get go…bet on him and put down their millions upon millions of dollars… because Obama has the charismatic appeal, the oratory speaking skills, he can take the political punches… but he has “restraint” and will not fall out line too far… or at all… The Perfect Candidate. So, literally, most of my friends, family, and neighbors went out to vote for Obama today… swept into the wave of illusions and false hopes by the dream that has been sold to the general public… to the history that has been made this evening, a history that is not being written by us… it is a history that is being manufactured for us… The stage was set, the props were in place and the show lights went on… Lights, Camera, Action! Smile, you’ve been Punk’d. The potential rebellion and resistance that has been increasingly on the minds, and in the actions of the anti-war movement, the millions of migrantes, la gente, especially the youth, that took to the streets just two years ago against the overt racism and oppression of Nuestro Pueblo… this river of resistance that has been swelling had to be quelled… so they built the political levy’s and began to chan-

nel everyone’s energy into the clutches of the Democ-Rata party… for now. Just wait and see… November 5th, 6th, 7th will pass this year and next and next and next… Time will pass and the cheering will end… when we see the Border Wall at the U.S/Mexico border being quadrupled as well as the ranks of the Migra-Puercos and our gente being rounded up like animals and even dying by the thousands in the desiertos de Tejas, Nuevo Mexico , Arizona y Califas will continue… The smiles will fade away when That War, and This War aren’t ending… but being moved around like chess pieces across the globe, with more innocent people being forced into refuge and being unjustly slaughtered… when the Green Zone in Baghdad, Kabul or Somewhere Over There turns into the Yellow Zone, then into the Red Zone… red from the blood of our children… Occupation is a ##@!@... We know, Mi Gente knows full well what occupation feels like… we have been living it for at least the past 156 years… Time will pass, and as we organize and build a movement, independent of the Two-Party Dictatorship, we will show nuestras comunidades that the stage, props, cameras, suits and make-up are all a show… a show called “Americanstyle Democracy”… where, as one of their founding fathers, Adams, I believe it was, stated that it was a democracy where participation in the decision-making was never in the People’s Hands… they just wanted us as spectators in the audience… as a matter of fact, Africans were considered property at the time of the founding of this “democracy” and our gente were considered savages… So, if you truly believe that history has been made today, and you go back to your daily routine after casting your vote today… then you are a spectator, part of the audience… just they way they like it… But true change will come about when you get up from the audience seating area, walk out the doors of the studio… and write your own script… see next page

Raza Press, Media, and Popular Expression

Spring 2009 Por Un Mundo Sin Fronteras Ni Guerras, Por un mundo sin ricos ni pobres, sin guerras ni fronteras J El Chavo Desde Chiques, CalifAztlán Chumash Peoples’ Territory MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is a weekly political commentary blog/column that is published Monday evenings at about midnight. It is written El Chavo from Chiques, Califas (aka Oxnard ). El Chavo is a contributing writer for the Raza Press and Media Association Journal, Guerrilleros de la Pluma. MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is an effort to raise political conscious of our gente through creative writing, in order to break the silence caused by all of the noise of corporate media. JJJJJ “RPMA” from page 2

that without a conscious people, organization is impossible; and to think that the masses of the people can be mobilized into revolutionary action without organization, is simply insane, ridiculous, and illogical. Yet, as obvious as the contradiction that we raise is, we continue to see many who call themselves “activists”, involve themselves in struggle without placing consciousness and the organization of the masses as a primary prerequisite for real revolutionary change. Therefore, we can only conclude that these “activists” are either ignorant, arrogant, or are tools of the capitalist-colonialist oppressors. If Organized Media Is So Necessary And Ob-

vious, Why Have So Few Joined The RPMA?

In our opinion, the RPMA has not grown or met its expectations for several reasons. One, the oppressor’s institutions (media, schools, church, police agencies, etc.) understand the importance of consciousness and work 24-7 to keep it from developing among the masses of the oppressed peoples. Second, many activists are opposed to organization, as organization demands accountability and discipline, something they have learned to despised, as most of us are infected with/or are suffering from a petty bourgeois disease known as “egotism”. It is a disease that implants in us an individualism that blinds us to the necessity of uniting with others. Third, many of

us hold on to a narrow and backwards political characteristic call “sectarianism”, a politic that puts the organization/group we belong to above the need for creating the liberation movement all of us need. Fourth, the fact is that no matter how active some us maybe, many have not learned the science of struggle, a science which enables us to see how forces in society (physically and psychologically) relate and impact each other, thus providing us a knowledge that makes it possible for us to develop the proper strategies and tactics that will move us closer to liberation. And finally, we have not been as creative as necessary or worked hard enough to build the RPMA beyond its current limited existence. What Has Been The Result Of An Unorganized And Non-Revolutionary Media? This absence, within the movement, of placing priority on building a united and revolutionary media, has led to a population that doesn’t understand the real basis of its oppression. It has made them oblivious to how they got to be poor and oppressed, why they continue to live as they do, and what needs to be done to liberate themselves from all forms of oppression. To many, the current world economic depression or financial crisis is a situation which is impossible to understand. The recent presidential elections, the absence of political consciouness, led the masses to think that choosing the “lesser of the two evils” was electing someone who was really representative of their aspirations and interests as working class people and would bring “real change”. We see the masses, time and time again, falling for the “neocolonialist trick” of placing a brown face in the right place and thinking we have finally won some power; while in reality, the same white capitalist ruling class continues to exploit the masses, oppress nations, and destroy planet earth. The disgusting part of all this, is that many so-called “progressives” and “leftists” (some who call themselves socialists or communists) consciously and happily urged the masses to vote for the lesser of the two evils, clamoring that this was a vote for “real change”. These socalled progressives and leftists did this, instead of pushing for creation the organization that will bring a revolutionary and liberating consciousness to the people and enabling them to act upon their own interests, no matter what “color” are the

individuals who represent the capitalists and imperialists who are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, everyday, throughout planet earth. Then, What Is The Solution? The answer to our own particular crisis as media workers, is found in the need to regain our collectivism, working class consciousness, and revolutionary nationalism that was beginning to developed during the last period of struggle (1965 to 1975) or what some people called “The Chicano Power Movement”; and along with this, the humility so necessary for working with others. Something, that if we look around, is absent in many of those involved in struggle. We need to continue to build a revolutionary media that will create a social consciousness amongst the people, one that is based on the socialist ideas of equality, justice, and peace for all. The laws of social development teach us that it is impossible for the capitalist to rule forever, just like its impossible for Raza to always be oppressed. This is what the RPMA is about. Our goal is to continue to challenge the enemies of the people, the capitalist imperialist ruling elite and neocolonialist vendidos. We also aim to expose the egotistical and opportunist tendencies found within our movement, which only serve to confuse people and delay the revolutionary process. On January 24, 2009, the RPMA will meet, San Diego, to discuss where we are at, what have we learned, how are we going to survive, and what needs to be done to create the revolutionary media that our people so desperately need. If you are in general agreement with our understanding of the social forces that oppress us, and in creating those that will liberate us, please join us on January 24 J


Join the RPMA, now! 5

Guerrilleros de La Pluma “Media” from page1

rather, in Venezuela.”

This sums up how the capitalist/international media is trying desperately to get rid of Chavez and the changes that the people under the leadership of the PSUV are making. After years of saying that people don’t support Chavez and the revolutionary changes, they have taken a victory for Chavez and the forces of the PSUV, and turn it into a “stinging defeat.” This attempt to turn reality upside down must be struggled against and the gains of the revolution consolidated, and defended. “Cause” from page 3

poor animals live. For this reason, I imagine that most that voted for this proposition are ecstatic at its passage. Nonetheless, the irony must escape them. Just as likely, they must feel this elation as they continue to take pleasure in eating their finger licking good chicken or pork, as there was no accompanying campaign to stop eating meat. As well intentioned as it may have been, the reality was that the end was probably never the concern but rather the means. Even at the higher level of the food chain, it is as ridiculous as those that advocate against death penalty executions by legal injection because it may cause pain to the condemned, overlooking that the State sets the exact minute that it will kill an individual. Wiggle Room in a Cage is not Freedom We but need only look at the situation of the many U.S young men and women maimed or killed, who according to their instilled beliefs had gone off to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan for the cause of liberty and freedom.1 Kill the enemy


Journal of the Raza Press and Media Association

As Raza journalists, here in the belly of the beast, the lesson for us is that we need to build a media that can represent the objectivity of the working class. We need to build and redouble our efforts for a press that is not accountable to the thieving corporations but to the people, as Venezuela seeks to do. Our task is also to see the revolutionary process in Venezuela as an extension and another front of the one we are waging for our own self-determination J Adelante con Bolivariana



was their order, and kill they did; anything that moved. But scratch just below the surface and inversion is uncovered. We now know that every one of the over 4,100 soldiers without exception has died or suffered injury because of treasonous and criminal lies by the current administration. This is also true for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans, mostly women and children who have historically been the true victims of war. As in Viet Nam, through consent, ignorance, or submission most have allowed themselves to become cold-hearted murderers of innocent populations, that if they raised an arm against them, it was only to defend themselves against a criminal invader and occupier. This would be as much expected of any one of us protecting our families from a home invasion. These same men and women upon returning home and finding that they have played the cause as well as becoming the effect consequently have slowly been going insane. However, strangely, even after this fact has become common knowledge, pa-

triotism becomes insanity as most survivors and their parents attempt to deny truth by continuing holding on to cause, however false it may be and however debilitating the injury may have been. Rather than a qualitative change in attitude and understanding, it only completes a cycle to start another – beginning with intentions, and then confusing effect or consequence for cause, which founded on official deception, continues to be supported due to self-preserving delusion. This learned mindset is what results in most people that avoid the conflict that would develop the perspective to discern what truly affects them. When one begins to recognize just how pervasive this syndrome is in daily life, we can truly appreciate how society is stuck in a psychological morass with no clue as to how to find a way out. Unfortunately, all too often when awareness is reached and a person is able to identify cause, it is too late and it has come after the effect or consequence has been experienced. Along the same line, while Raza ignores that we are the source from which the food chain feeds, when it comes to individual well being, most likewise seem to lose themselves in obtaining that little bit of movement within the cage. Being able to spread their wings but not to fly, in their confusion, they too will call it freedom. This allowed wiggle room is also, what too often community activists will interpret and advocate as a community position. Moreover, there is a failure to realize that while most people are concentrating on that small bit of tenuous stability or upward mobility they do not notice that they may in fact be moving closer on the conveyor belt to the slaughterhouse meat grinder.

What becomes clear with time is that the only other available alternative would seem to be to become a willing or unwitting partner of the meat-grinding machine itself. For instance, we might ask ourselves, how and when will Raza in uniform stop chasing Raza if those chasing find nothing wrong or contradictory in their actions? It is obvious that we must begin to fill in the gaps of what has been erased from our history even if it were by pressure or condemnation of our own that are lost in this puzzle. Avoiding this step, we will be destined to confuse, along with the mainstream society, simple system stabilizing reform (whitewash) for fundamental change. Being the recipients and not makers of policy, we cannot afford to take this attitude or position.2 Perhaps if everyone could decipher what was really said when neo-con Treasury Secretary Paulson stated in late November on the McNeil Lehr News Hour that the financial system seems to have been stabilized but that the economy is getting worse, we would begin to understand what is really being said and prepare appropriately, for what is to come J 1 This in the face of the loss of personal liberties here at home lost as a result of the Patriot Act and other related legislation that have eroded constitutional rights, violated Posse Comitatus, eliminated habeas corpus, stripped away individual rights to privacy, flaunted and disregarded international law, committed genocide on innocent populations in the Middle East, among many other criminal violations.

2 Maybe the more realistic Raza political strategy would be advocating to stop hindering the normal progression of governmental theft and illegality that stabilizes the elite but drowns the working person and allow what leading economist Nouriel Roubini predicts would likely happen if the economy continues in free fall – “If cargo trade stops, the wheat doesn’t get exported. If the wheat doesn’t get exported, the mill has nothing to grind into flour. If there is no flour, the bakeries and food processors can’t produce bread and pasta and other foods. If there are no foods shipped from the bakeries and factories, there are no foods in the shops. If there are no foods in the shops, people go hungry. If people go hungry, their children go hungry. When children go hungry, people riot and governments fall.” I don’t want to get involved in hyperbole but analysts are still talking about a likely coming economic depression while many in our community are whistling away as if it will all be over in the morning. Perhaps for the speculators but unlikely for us.

Raza Press, Media, And Popular Expression

Raza Press And Media Association P.O. Box 620095 San Diego,CA 92162

Website: • E-Mail:

A Call For Articles On Raza Press, Media, And Popular Expression For The Upcoming Issue... Statement Of Purpose:

The Raza Press and Media Association is the only national group of progressive journalists working towards winning justice, peace, and freedom for all Mexicano-Latinos (Raza). We meet on a regular basis, have an organizational structure, principles of unity, objectives, and we consistently published journal, Guerrilleros de La Pluma. In response to the continuing and growing assaults on the right to information and freedom of expression, especially as it relates to Raza and other oppressed nationalities and peoples within the current borders of the United States, the Raza Press Association (formerly known as the Chicano Press Association) is making another call on Raza (students, journalists, community activists, and academicians) active in the field of media (journalism, radio, TV, popular art, spoken word, computer information, etc.) to submit articles related to the question of The Role of Raza Press, Media, And Popular Expression In Our Struggle For Democracy, Justice, And Self-determination.

The articles must address the historical/current onslaught on progressive and alternative thought. We see this fascist-racist attack coming down both “within the belly of the beast” from FBI, Police, Mainstream Media, Christian Right, Vendidos, etc., and externally from the CIA, Military Industrial Complex, Global Capitalism, and so forth. A major objective of these attacks on progressive thought is a conscious racist-capitalist effort to eliminate all programs which were initially developed for the purpose of advancing the educational and cultural development of the Raza community; for example: Chicano Studies, Ethnic Studies, Progressive Publications and Programs at Colleges and Universities, Raza Cultural Celebrations at elementary and high schools, Centro Culturales, and Bilingual/Multicultural Education. Selected articles will be published in the Guerrilleros de la Pluma. Issues of Guerrilleros de La Pluma are distributed widely. Copies are circulated at political actions, colleges, libraries, and conferences; they

are mailed Raza prisoners and a subscribers list; the journal is also posted online (Internet). Literally thousands of people read the journal.

Criteria For Articles:

(1) articles must be between 3 and 5 pages (no longer please), typed and doubled space (Fonts 10 or 12 points). If you submit a research type working paper, when quoting, or referring to data, use footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography for documentation purposes. Writing styles that could be use are the following; Chicago, APA, and MLA. (2) send your articles via e-mail ( or on a floppy disk/CD (i.e. MS Words, etc.) to the following address:

Raza Press and Media Association Attn: Guerrilleros de la Pluma P.O. Box 620095 San Diego,CA 92162 Hasta La Victoria Raza Press and Media Association

Guerrillera/os de la Pluma, Spring 2009  

Guerrillera/os de la Pluma, Spring 2009

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