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LUÍS MENESES Pro d uc t Designer







PROFILE 914 396 821 Rua à lvares Cabral, 125, 4FE 4400-017 Vila Nova de Gaia Graduation in Product Design ESAD Matosinhos Master’s degree in Design Universidade de Aveiro


I consider myself to be a problem solver, highly driven and always striving to improve my design skills and create unique and innovative products with an original approach. I have hands-on experience in all stages of product development process and adapt quite easily to different working environments. I believe that design must have a strong identity, be functional and can bring innovation in businesses.


Menina Design Group / Mar.2013 - Out.2015


LaborCompativel / Nov.2015 - Abr.2016

3Ds Max

Product Designer at Boca do Lobo and Delightfull

Chief Creative Officer

EmotionalBrands/ Abr.2016 - present

Senior Product Designer at Malabar, Creativemary and Porustudio

Design Fairs / 2013 - 2017 Salone del Mobile 2014 / 15 / 16 Maison et Objet 2014 / 15 / 16 Imm 2015 Decorex 2016

Rhinocerus V-Ray KeyShot Ps / Ai / In

4 | Furniture / Lighting Design

Tools SolidWorks / 3Ds Max, V-ray / KeyShot, Ps Company MDG, EmotionalBrands

FURNITURE / LIGHTING DESIGN From sketching to the final project, the process is straightfoward: Market study Inspirations / design-minds

Mar.2013 - Out.2017

Sketching 3D modeling Rendering Technical drawing Prototype

6 | Furniture Design


ABSOLUTE dining table designed for Malabar Inspired by the stunning Absolute World towers, the contemporary dining table is influenced by the twisting fluidity lines of the building. Top: Smoked glass; Structure: Lacquered wood, Polished brass; Details: Polished brass.

8 | Furniture Design


BROAD dining table designed for Porustudio Inspired by Zaha Hadid’s Edythe Broad Art Museum. Top: Calacatta Marble; Structure: Black nickel plated brass.

10 | Furniture Design


BUCK dining table designed for Porustudio Buck Lake, the centerpiece of recreation in Central Plumas County, is a beautiful, semi-isolated destination with 17 miles of shoreline, sandy beaches and tall pines. Structure: Walnut root veneer; Details: Brushed brass.


HERITAGE dining table designed for Boca do Lobo Johann Sutter is known for his association with the California Gold Rush by the discovery of gold by James W. Marshall and the mill making team at Sutter’s Mill. Top: Clear Glass; Structure: Hand Painted T iles, Polished Brass, Silver Mirror .

12 | Furniture Design


PISANO cabinet designed for Malabar The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the inspiration behind the impressive style of the Pisano contemporary bar cabinet. Structure: Polished brass, Lacquered wood, Transparent glass; Shelves: Transparent glass.

14 | Furniture Design


COLUMBIA cabinet designed for Porustudio The Eastern Columbia Building is one of the great grand dames of Art Deco Streamline Modern in Los Angeles. Structure: Ebony wood, Brushed brass; Interior: Ebony wood, Lacquered wood shelves.


SUTTER console designed for Porustudio Johann Sutter is known for his association with the California Gold Rush by the discovery of gold by James W. Marshall and the mill making team at Sutter’s Mill. Top: Black and gold marble; Structure: Aged brushed brass, Dark oak drawers.

22 16 | Portfolio Furniture Design


COLOMA sideboard designed for Porustudio Coloma, in California, is renowned for being the scene where James W. Marshall first found gold in the Sierra Nevada, leading to the California Gold Rush. Structure: American walnut, Grey Kenzo marble; Base: American walnut, Polished brass; Interior: Smoked glass shelves; Details: Polished brass.

18 | Furniture Design


MONOCLES sideboard designed for Delightfull If you are a fan of the James Bond world, you will certainly be dazzled with this golden eyecatching piece. We named this cabinet "Monocles" and it's 100% prepared for Martini and Gin bottles. Structure: Walnut wood, Polished brass; Details: Knurled brass.

20 | Furniture Design


WESTING-H center table designed for Porustudio Inspired by Westing House T ime Capsules, it emerges a modern and simple center table where you can keep your most loved objects. Top: Calacatta and Black Gold marble; Structure: Aged brushed brass.

22 | Furniture Design


ROUTE center table designed for Porustudio Route center table is a reinterpretation of a railway into a contemporary furniture piece. This table is split into six American wood structures which form the top. Structure: American walnut wood; Base: Brushed brass.


CAMELIA center table designed for Malabar Using 17th century style pattern camĂŠlia that still embroider many of the walls in Lisbon nowadays, Camelia center table presents in its structure handpainted tiles combining classic floral motifs. Structure: Walnut wood, Gold leaf, Handpainted tiles.

24 | Furniture Design


GLANCE mirror designed for Boca do Lobo What seems confused and cluttered can, in a glance, acquire a new meaning, capable of inspiring and becharming us. Structure: Gold leaf, Fragment pieces of glass.

26 | Furniture Design


RIDGE dining chair designed for Porustudio The Blue Ridge National Parkway is renown and very famous because of its scenic beauty. It is a beautiful journey that entices visitors to explore a 469-mile gateway to America’s rich cultural heritage. Structure: Walnut wood root veneer; Upholstery: Genuine leather; Details: Polished brass.

28 | Furniture Design

30 | Lighting Design


CHARLES suspension lamp designed for Delightfull Charles suspension came to show that are no design boundaries for lighting design. Its handmade curvy metal body will turn any living room, dining room or lobby in the most royal setting you ever imagined. Body: Lacquered aluminium; Shade: Polished brass.

32 | Lighting Design


OCTUS suspension lamp designed for Creativemary The octopuses are some of the highest intelligent, symmetric and complex creatures of the ocean. Body: Polished brass, Aged brushed brass.

34 | Lighting Design


IVY wall lamp designed for Creativemary Ivy is a special evergreen flower which climbs off the ground into the air, while wrapping around something. Body: Polished brass; Shade: Optical glass, Perfurated aluminium finished in gold.

36 | Lighting Design


BAMBOO wall lamp designed for Creativemary Inspired on the bamboo, not only because it has some specified characteristic, but also because it is one of the most important nature’s substitutes for the endangered rainforest hardwoods. Body: Polished brass; Shade: Clear glass.

38 | Lighting Design


BRERA table lamp designed for Creativemary Brera district harbour is Milan’s art scene, making it the quartieri degli artisti (Artist’s district). Body: Gold leaf, Lacquered wood; Shade: Gold leaf, Lacquered aluminium.


JORDAAN table lamp designed for Creativemary Jordaan is a district in the city center of Amsterdam, which is called the Venice of the North, known for its beautiful and original shops. Body: Copper plated brass; Shade: Lacquered aluminium.

40 | Lighting Design

42 | Interior Design

INTERIOR DESIGN The ideal combination between styles, shapes, colors, textures and lighting; making up the setting to showcase the pieces. Most of the furniture displayed in the folowing images were designed by me. Mar.2013 - Out.2017

3D modeling

Tools SolidWorks / 3Ds max, V-ray / KeyShot, Ps Company MDG, EmotionalBrands

Rendering Photoshop

44 | Portfolio Interior Design

46 | Interior Design

48 | Stand Design

STAND DESIGN A few of the stands developed by me. 3D modeling Techincal drawing

Mar.2013 - Out.2017


Tools SolidWorks, KeyShot, AI Company MDG, Trigo

50 | Stand Design

9 x Tomada x Ponto de luz 1 x Quadro eléctrico






SCALE 1 : 50



IMM 2013 designed for Delightfull Ilustrative renders of both; Technical drawing with light points and plugs.

52 | Stand Design

stand: mdf lacado preto com verniz alto brilho mdf lacado branco com verniz alto brilho

2 x colunas embutidas

*outra solução será pontos de som entrecalados com pontos de iluminação

4 x holofotes

*tentei fazer semelhante ao que vi no vosso stand “NATURA”

vinis estrutura espelhada para bebidas/ snacks *possui 2 pontos luz topo

zona reuniões:

>3 armchairs >1 mesa centro *tentei fazer semelhante ao que vi no vosso stand “NATURA” e “ >2 pontos luz no teto

LCD 40 polegadas estrutura para revistas e material promocional

expositor produtos *tentei fazer semelhante ao que vi no facebook HOTNUTS

bar *posui arrumos 4 x prateleiras

expositor marca

2 x barstool

*tentei fazer semelhante ao que vi no vosso stand “NATURA”


HOT NUTS designed for Trigo


Ilustrative renders of both; Unit details; Technical drawing with general dimensions.




54 | Stand Design


MAISON ET OBJET 2014 designed for Boca do Lobo Ilustrative images; Technical drawing.



Portfolio Luis Meneses 2017  

Luis Meneses Design Portfolio

Portfolio Luis Meneses 2017  

Luis Meneses Design Portfolio