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BIO eanly Michelle Ramos Deschamps / Miss Dchamps Radway Union, NJ – USA Born in the United States of America and raised in the Dominican Republic, this young woman has always felt a great passion for music. As a teenager she used to go to all the raves in her country, and mostly all her friends were related to the music and entertained industry. It was not until 2008 when she had the opportunity to attend one of the concerts of the most prestigious DJs in the world at the time, DJ Tiesto with his release “Elements of Life”, other renowned DJs were performing, such as Danny Howells, Sasha, Eric Morillo, Josh Wink, Infusion Zabiela, Barbara, Marco Carola, Frank Lorber, Tony Rivers and Tendroids, among others. When Tiesto went up to the stage, she will never forget she had a glass of champagne in her hand and something made her drop everything and walk to the stage. She describe it was something magic, it was the most amazing energy And feeling that she ever had, it was a mix of spiritual sexiness and darkness. So that day she promised herself that someday she would make people feel exactly the way she felt that day.

It was until 2013 in one of her adventures in Costa Rica when she finally had the chance to give a step forward and star making this dream a reality. After that she just fall in love of the electronic music, the equipments , the stage , the people , the smile the vibes it was just the perfect combination for this young lady. She started playing with her friends in small party’s and some the beach clubs until she decided to put wings to her dreams and go back to the United States to make it a reality. In New York she started interacting with people in the world of electronic music industry and everyday learning and practices more and more Till she get to play in a few bars at the city and some private party’s. Little by little she is making this dream a reality went she move to Miami and people is getting to know her and loving her style with she call TechnoGustoso. She affirms that “In the near future I want to become an internationally well known Producer/DJ, I want to transmit experiences through my sets, make people enjoy it to the fullest and make them understand and believe that dreams do come true when you fight for them, and that for each “NO” that you receive in life you will always get infinitives “YES” that will allow you to move forward, you just have to work hard to find it ”. Always Believe in Your Dreams!

Facebook: Twitter: Mixcloud: Miss Dchamps Phone: 718.877.1942