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Subject Sketches

David Gandy wears tailoring like no other. A champion of a particularly English manner of dress, it’s rare to find him out of Savile Row tailoring, Henry Poole & Co. being a favorite of his. Undefined by trends, he knows what looks best for his frame and always wears it well, whether he’s sporting a 6x1 double breasted suit or his favorite Belstaff or Barbour.

David Gandy

Hailed as a visionary, innovator and all-around genius, Tom Ford is in a class of his own. Having pioneered the “See Now, Buy Now” model among luxury brands to great success, recent runways have shown no signs of regression to his magistral trajectory. Having branched out independently into the world of filmmaking, Tom Ford’s scope knows no boundaries.

Tom Ford

Additional Sketches


I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a semester abroad in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy studying architecture. While the majority of our time was spent in Castiglion, learning from local professors and the Castiglionese, surrounding towns were also regularly visited. I was also able to visit and take in Munich, Germany and Zurich, Italy during my time abroad.

Castiglion Fiorentino

Castiglion Fiorentino

Castiglion Fiorentino

Belltower, Castiglion Fiorentino

Medici Universe, Galileo Museum


Wine Casks, Montepulciano

Pantheon at Midnight

Aggies at The Vatican

Brunelleschi’s Dome, Florence

Allianz Arena, Munich


four rivers concept

The four rivers concept is one that I hold near & dear to my heart. The idea was first concieved due to my twin’s desire to dress well, but his lack of options in to terms of fit due to his spasticity problems. What first began as an idea to be able to dress those in garments that work and move with their bodies rather than fight against them slowly began to morph into a grander vision. Having always wanted to design my own clothing, the idea that I could incorporate all three of my siblings quickly took shape, with the four Rios siblings making up the eponymous rivers.

The youngest of the four, I’ve been the last to realize what it is that dirves me. Through architecture school, I was never subpar, though never particularly skilled, though my peers and professors always noted that I had a fashion sense unparalleled by my classmates, which I took in stride. Getting dressed in the mornings and slowly curating my wardrobe is something I enjoy doing, which funnily enough puzzles and amuses my peers. I have a singular affinity with tailoring, even though it caused me to stand out in a college setting.

Luis Israel Rios

5 minutes my senior, my twin brother was born with Cerebral Palsy, which in no way whatsoever has held him back from making his mark on the world and those around him. His passion for music has always been apparent , with a particular liking for the works of Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli, which in turn have given to him a certain look he has wanted to emulate, though his body betrays his desires. This struggle to dress him served as the idea that sparked the four rivers concept. Catering to individual needs, his “river� would serve those in need for a completely unique avenue to achieve a look that works for and wih them.

Luis Lauro Rios

The simplest of the four siblings to dress in traditional Ready to Wear clothing, her “river” would be influenced by her own passion. Being an equestrian, she’s aken certain elements from that into her day to day wardrobe, in the form of items such as riding boots, field jackets, and a selection of items sporting equestrian motifs. Along with myself, she attended Texas A&M, which prides itself in the Corps of Cadets, whose uniforms would lend themselves into elements of her range as well. The structured aspect of the Corp would serve as the backbone to the more formal side of her “river.”

Itzel Alexia Rios

The oldest sibling, as well as the shortest, was the quickest to realize what she liked and worked for her. Though the fact remains, being vertically challenged, not everything will fit her proportions. Coupled with her liking of garments that move and flow with her, an item whose intentionally oversized proportions can make for an odd look. While she finds herself closer to the ground than most, her “river� would cater to those who would fit into both the Petite and Tall spectrum of dress.

Annie Rios

luigi & luigi

luigi & luigi is a menwear store concept that would serve to respond to the current lack of quality menswear available in the Rio Grande Valley. My brother and I serve as the eponymous “Luigi’s,” offering wares that we would personally wear, with a variety of styles to fit whatever client that would find themselves at the store. Offerings would come from the USA, Italy & the UK, mostly being Ready to Wear, with tailoring being both available as RTW and as bespoke commisions.

Design portfolio  
Design portfolio