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It is a digital free magazine. Created with the intention of announcing our opinions or important events that happen worldwide. Presented the information in articles that reflect our tastes and interests. The magazine is addressed to all people of any age that they like to know about current global technology, music, Interesting situations of the Internet or little known sports. Basically it is a magazine created to speak about the things or situations that happen about the world.


An extreme sport is a sport what featuring speed, height, danger, a high level of physical exertion, highly specialized equipment, or spectacular stunts. Another feature of extreme sports is that they tend to be individual the Extreme sports can include as many competitive and rather noncompetitive activities. They are not common and a lot of discipline activities that due to their highly dangerous circumstances not all people practice it.

skydiving Jump from a plane in motion to vacuum is not something that can tell it many people and is within the reach of very few, Jump at 4000 meters is simply great. The feeling of weightlessness, be falling at more than 250 km/h aware of your smallness in relation to a huge and dense Ocean air. This sport is one of the most brilliant that exist, the paratrooper after having jumped with his team several minutes to be falling has to open the parachute is a material insurance and very resistant fabric. The deaths causing the sport no larger than 2% annually.


This particular sport originated in France around 1990 This is based on the art of displacement of your body from one place to another for this physics must have good health and of course mental Since this requires a lot of discipline and concentration, I could be practiced in an urban or rural place but it is normal that it is practiced in an urban place since the city offers thousands of scenarios high difficulty and danger this casual sport is practiced in almost all the places in the world has enough popularity for young people as they seek adventure and adrenaline.


Mountaineering is the oldest and most complete of mountain sports. It could be defined as the action of climbing mountains, but always by desire for improvement, as a response to different personal impetus in each or for the pleasure of reaching a peak and observe the ground that opens the eyes. Despite the fact that the man has had to climb mountains since ancient times, mountaineering as a sport arises when you start to practice not as obligation, but to satisfy the concerns of who practices it. This change occurs at the end of the 18th century, when a group of Englishmen travelled to the Alps with attention to explore the unknown until then. In a short time, the Alps were meeting place for those who wanted to "climbing mountains" for the simple pleasure of upload them little by little mountaineering has evolved, to the current concept. Today the good climber has to know ski mountaineering, climbing rock, ice and mixed terrain (the one that combines rock and ice), but also must have notions of orientation.

By Luis florez

The importance of practicing extreme sports? Many are those who find in the sport of adventure thrill, but what makes it important? Here are some essential points that you amine's you practice: The adrenaline that gives our body is so high that many practice just to download all your energy. This benefits the blood flow and keeps our cardiovascular system in good condition. It helps to overcome challenges and reach limits that you had never thought to reach. For this reason, many use this activity to confront new personal goals. Get out of the rut to relieve daily stress, find freedom and relax each part of our body.


The Reggaeton is the most sticky musical and dance genre that has been created in the last years.

Only he speaks about sex, drugs and alcohol.

The reggaeton it is a musical genre that has generated polemic in the entire world. This movement for his letter and the way of being danced, has caused diverse problems in the humanity. Many persons think that the alone reggaeton is a problem for the world. THEY THINK THAT: • Is not a musical genre. • The way of being danced is not the most suitable.

• They believe that the pregnancies not wished in the young persons it is for this musical genre

MUSIC • many persons hate you and others wanted to kill you for practicing it

Of another side also we find persons lovers of this movement. And they think that it is the best thing in the world. Many persons believe that: • the reggaeton is the best of the world. • Love this movement. • Is healthy and entertaining. • Helps to inspire love persons easier. • Helps to find many friends.

By Milton Aguilar

Many persons believe that the Reggaetón is the most sticky musical and dance kind that has been created in the last years. Whereas other persons say that it is the worst thing that has come to this world. For the present the problem of this movement will continue, without knowing that more problems it will be able to cause him to this world or if probably some solution will be able to exist.

what's in the internet?

The internet The Internet Is a set interconnected nets of communication that is used by the persons of the whole world by his scope and world connection.

The Internet allows us to inform us about everything what happens in the world from our houses, with help of a computer, a web page or a social net this way turns into an information system of easy access. The best Internet is the obtaining of information with facility. It is very used by all the persons in the world and because of it some persons use it for: • To do tasks and works. • To rise and to lower music, videos and images

To connect with relatives and friends.

To play and to take advice on something.

• To look for information. • To buy and to sell. Of another side many persons only use the alone Internet to cause badly to the world. Today these persons take advantage of this way for: • To steal and to sell.

what's in the internet?

• To see sex and to raise images that commits an outrage with the dignity of other persons. • The persons' confidence to be earned then to damage them.

Bear in mind that the Internet is very useful, and if you give her a good use you can do wonderful things but if you give her badly use it you will be able to bring slightly favorable consequences for your life.

• Reason is late so much time before PC damages in the sights. You want and want to all for a better conviviality.

Do not know the one who is of another side of PC.


The cell phone The cellular telephony has turned in the last years into one of the technologies more commonly used daily by million persons about world. More than thirty years of constant evolution in the personal mobile communications have allowed him this device to turn partly fundamentally into the daily development of his your functions. Together with Internet, the cell phones have happened to be one of the elements necessary for the social life of any person, And it is precisely because these fabulous devices bring the users over to a great variety of helps, which increase day after day in the new telephonic models.

Today not only we can communicate with someone of conventional form, since we were in the habit of doing it with the traditional fixed telephone, But also the mobiles have offered to us the possibility of knowing other types of communication, as the popular messages of text and the messages multimedia.


With a mobile not only we begin a telephonic communication, but in addition we can take photography's, capture video, sail along Internet, play, listen to music. THE BEGINNINGS OF THE CELLULAR TELEPHONY The appearance of ta cellular telephony is given in decade of the 40, which were employed at frequencies AM, then to be employed at wave frequency FM, Achieving a better range of scope and precision of the service. These mobiles in spite of being a great advance for the epoch, were too big and his transport was very cumbersome, Beside being big these were emitting many radiation what was harmful for the human body. In general, this type of devices were designed to be used only in cars, since the equipment of radius was establishing himself inside the trunk of the vehicle. In spite of his scanty popularity, these equipment's were kept in force during several decades, precisely from the year 1946 up to 1985.

TECHNOLOGY 1G: THE FIRST GENERATION These appear in the 21st century giving step to new technologies, reducing his sizes and every part of his components in order that this way they could be transported easier mind. On the other hand, this radical change meant the beginning of the personal communications, Since from the use of the system 1G, the terminuses could be used in an individual way by an alone person. The arrival of the First Generation happened in the year 1981, when the prestigious company Ericsson launched the system Nordic Mobile Telephony of 450 MHz, Of this form, the first step arose to manage to reach the modern and sophisticated systems of mobile telephony that are in use at present.

The origin of the system 2G took place in the decade of them 90s, when technology was implemented different to improve the mobile communications, Among that incluyero the systems GSM, IS-136, iDEN and IS-95.

2G: THE SECOND GENERATION After diverse investigations to improve furthermore the presentations and services that were offered in that of the decade of them 80s, The technology experienced a deep evolution with the emergence of the Second Generation called. 2G.

2.5G: THE GENERATION OF TRANSITION With the arrival of the generation of transition, which gave a previous step during the wait of it 3G, important changes interfered inside the cellular telephony, Increasing the services that up to the moment he was offering her 2G.

Nevertheless, his more significant point was the step towards the digitalization of the communications, with what the mobile telephony managed to reach an excellent quality of voice, Really superior to the analogical communications.

TECHNOLOGY Thanks to all these advances, today it is possible to come to speeds of transmission of information superior to 7.2 Mbits/s, which favored the emergence of new implementations in the cellular one, Such as the unload of contents of programs, services of video call, instantaneous messenger company and the utilization of the e-mail, between many.

Thanks to the arrival of her 2.5G, the mobile devices included two new services. On the one hand the system named EMS, which basically was treating itself about a service of messenger company improved, That between his services was allowing to include inside the messages some melodies and icons. For it, the EMS were based what later they would be the SMS. The system GPRS, offers a speed of transfer of information of 56kbps to 114 kbps, whereas the technology EDGE, it allows to reach 384 Kbps in speed of transfer. 3G: THE THIRD GENERATION With the Third Generation, fruit of the investigation to manage to increase the capacity of transmission and receipt of information, beside obtaining a better degree of security in the communications, It was possible to be able to possess the possibility of connecting to Internet with all the advantages that his utilization provides for the users.


4G she is the last generation up to the moment and the lovers of the mobile phones have been announced in the year 2014, This technology has been received well his lovers due to the fact that with her the user has better navigation in MSNMMS's Internet, better resection and others, It can listen to music on line, see digital television in high definition and an endless number of activities without restricting his speed (up to more of 1Gger).



They can be defined as a communication of information by electronic means and of transmission of light, normally to certain distance. The essence of the telecommunications is your comprehension of the time and the space; they eliminate virtually the " flotation of the information ". With the communication for satellites, for example, already it does not matter if two or more nodes in the land are nearby or very remote. CHARACTERISTICS OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS:


1.Are of innovative and creative character, since they allow the opening to new forms of communication. 2.Possess major influence and in general it tends to have major receptivity in the majority of the social sectors. CONTRIBUTIONS OF THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS IN THE INFORMATION SYSTEMS The contributions of the telecommunications regarding the information systems are very varied, between them we have: 1.Easy access to an immense source of information. 2.Rapid and trustworthy Process of all kinds of information. 3.Channels of immediate communication. 4.Capacity of storage.

3.They are considered to be topics of general importance and public and political debate due to the impact that this one generates. relates to major frequency to the use of the Internet and the computer science. 5.Constitutes mass media and acquisition of information of all variety.

TECHNOLOGY BASIC COMPONENTS OF THE SYSTEMS OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS The essential components of a system of telecommunications are the following ones: 1.Terminals or device of entry and exit that send or receive information. 2.Channels of communications. The channels of communication use diverse means of communications, as lines of telephone, cables of optical fiber and wireless transmission. 3.Processors of communications, and Modems. 4.Computing Hostess. FUNCTIONS OF THE SYSTEMS OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS 1.A system of telecommunications transmits information. 2.It establishes the interface between the issuer and the recipient. 3.He sends the messages across the most effective ways. 4.The preliminary processing of the information realizes to assure that the correct message should come to the suitable recipient. 5.controls the flow of information.


1.Offers big benefits and advances in the area of the health and the education. 2.Rests to the SME of the local businesswomen to present and to sell your products across the Internet. 3.Allows the interactive learning and the education distantly. 4.Allows to give new knowledge for the permeability that there need many competences (integration, teamwork, motivation, discipline) 5.To offer new forms of work as TV I work. 6.lead to the flow of knowledge and information to improve the lives of the persons. On the other hand between the disadvantages that offer us the telecommunications we have: 1.Few privacy in the sent and received messages. 2.The Isolation. 3.The possibility of fraud. 4.Reduce the working places.


what's in the internet?

It is a website where users can upload and share videos. It was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen y Jawed Karim in February 2005. In San Bruno, California. YouTube idea arose before the difficulties that experimented on having tried to share videos taken during a party in San Francisco. On April 23 the first video was uploaded, Called Me at the Zoo. For October, 2006 Google bought YouTube for 1650 million dollars in shares and now operates as one of its subsidiaries. Since June 19, 2007 the interface of the site is available in the United States and for twenty-five more countries. Nowadays it is the website of his type most used in Internet. From the year 2011 the "YouTube Partner" project started, Which consists of granting royal income by means of Google AdSense to the users most watched YouTube. This characteristic has allowed that the companies of means and independent studies that receive big quantities of reproductions be capable of receiving an income, In order to improve the quality of the work.

what's in the internet?

Those who are part of this contract are given the option of putting ads already be inside the video or to a side of the same one, With the purpose of obtaining income on the part of the

advertisers that they invest for advertising inside the videos stored in this web page.

YouTubers With the creation of YouTube began to born a group of people called Youtubers. For a few years this new phenomenon has woken up. The YouTubers are ordinary people decided to act before the camera and to speak on situations of the daily life. In the form of monologues, parody or dramatized. They can also talk fashion, Makeup, cook or make gameplays. The channels are created with the sole intention of creating content of interest to the audience.

Some YouTubers generate income thanks to the views or the number of subscribers whom they possess in his channel. The form of monetize the videos is being YouTube partner or To be in a Network (Company that monetized the videos in exchange for putting advertising in the channel). To be partner or to be in a network you must have subscribers' certain quantity and views to earn money thanks to the creativity and ingenuity.

what's in the internet?

Some of the best known Latin American YouTubers are: GERMAN GARMENDIA He is a 24 year old Chilean. He upload his first video in 2011 called “Las cosas obvias de la vida� in his channel HolaSoyGerman created on September 8, 2011. It currently has 17,560,348 subscribers and a total of 1,188,342,623 reproductions. He has YouTube channel with more subscribers of Latin America and one of ten more popular channels of the world.

GABRIEL MONTIEL More known as Werevertumorro he is a 24 year old Mexican. He created his channel called Werevertumorro on February 27, 2007 with his friend Ricardo Ortiz (Wero). His first videos were blogs. Currently the channel has 8,089,791 subscribers and a total of 456,483,172 views. It is the second most viewed channel in Latin America.


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