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Moveiras has launched in the market in order to innovate and also provide the clients the chance to choose any kind of custom-made furniture and decoration. Ambition is a quality that distinguishes us. Therefore our goal is to broaden horizons and highlight the company's name to the topmost standard. We are interested in all kinds of markets and cultures. Over the years we have been developing objectives and establishing stages. During that time we have been improving those stages and this way we put the highest interest of the client in first place. With us the client can count on the utmost sincerity, honesty, quality and, last but not least, punctuality. We offer an after sale service in which, if necessary, we shortly respond to the client's request.

Furniture and decoration shape space and time. They allow us to share the rooms of the house and preserve our intimacy. Since Moveira's foundation in 1963, the company's activity consists in designing and producing furniture that participates in the composition of the house, combining aesthetics, function and quality. Nowadays Moveiras is distinguished by the high quality of its products and innovative solutions which adapt to the higher standards of the market's demand. To all passionate about beauty, art and the “art of living� Moveiras suggests the inspired and inspiring furniture that brings an unexpected harmony into the house. Appreciate and discover our collection of products. Moveiras has an internal quality control where all is arranged so that everything works out and assures this way an outstanding product to the client. We guarantee the durability of the product as well as a perfect finish and a custom-made design.

The introduction of CNC in industry and in Moveiras has radically changed the industrial processes. Curves are easily cut, 3-dimensional complex structures become relatively easy to produce and the number of steps in the process with human operators' intervention is significantly reduced. CNC has also reduced the amount of human errors (what increases the quality of the products and reduces work and waste), speeded the assembly lines and made them more flexible, because the same assembly line can now be adapted to produce another product in a shorter period of time than with the traditional processes of production. We have a production area of 1000 meters with a wide range of specialised machinery for every kind of manufacturing. We count on a high number of employees with many years of experience and dedication. Recycling of wood wastage; used in boilers for heating glasshouses, eliminating fuels which cause pollution. Separation of solid waste which is weekly delivered into the Ecopoint.





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