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David Alexandre Rosado Lopez was born in 1976, in Lisbon, Portugal. He lives and works in Portugal, as an artist and as a teacher. He graduate in Philosophy, postgraduate in History of Contemporary Art and do a Master Degree in Teaching Portuguese has a Second or Foreign Language. He has been working as teacher in different schools teaching Philosophy, Art, and Portuguese Language at the same time developing is work as an artist exhibiting in different parts of the world, in different projects, also, publishing an essay about Erotism with internacional portuguese artist Julião Sarmento on a book of essays by Universidade Nova de Lisboa. As an artist he created A.Mimura, a character that merge with the personality of his own, also A.Mimura as a character is a human revenge against atrocity perpetrate by Hitler and Estaline againt a nation: Polland, and this for: against Humanity. A.Mimura as a character was born in Polland and his paternal figure is from the aristocrat lineage that Estaline and Hitler try to eliminate when they occupied and shared Polland; also the mother of A.Mimura is Japonese, a Gueisha, and a Gueisha should not have offspring with a foreign; so A.Mimura is also the son of an exotic dammed love and is art represent all that: the poetry of Eros and the exotic intellectual lust of Art that exists to and for itself. His artwork as A.Mimura is very known in different media as internet where A.Mimura facebook have thousands of followers from all the world. The work of A.Mimura is not an easy work because it’s trespassed by expressionism and erotism creating a very unique language that remains provocative and simultaneously firm before the observer. In the line of Ernest Ludwig Krichner, Oskar Kokoschka, Otto Dix, Wassily Kandinsky, Egon Schiele, James Ensor, Munch, Picasso, etc, the work of Mimura goes beyond the mere sensation of reality, it gives you the vision of the psychological impression of everyday life experience touched by the fire of metaphysics. A.Mimura makes his position in Art as an independent artist. The naked and the human body, the mythological fauna, landscapes of the soul which reflects a state of mind are the themes that A.Mimura explore using different styles and approchings but with a proprietary position similar but oppositely differentiated to Egon Schiele "everything, living, is dying," to Mimura "everything, dying, is living". A.Mimura is the new Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) who brings to the Contemporary Art the dimension of once: a creative human force and a fertile expression of Dasein*. A poet wrote about A.Mimura this: "Regarding A. Mimura. _ Crematorium Tokushina. A factory of a disintegrating work. A tactile labyrinth of human architecture. Maybe a circular enclosure or an acropolis red; suddenly something that eludes us and no longer returns. We engage in the work. Crematorium Tokushina. " Alexandre Miyajima, Poet *Dasein (German pronunciation : da : zain) is a german word wich literally means being there ( german: da- there; sein-being) often tranlated in English with ther word “existence” as a finite consciousness in Time and Space.

Untilted Draw with ink A4

Small Priapo Draw with ink A4

Cupid Draw with ink A4

Shaun the sheep of the Goldman sachs childrens Draw with inkA4

Young Minotaur Mix Technique A4

The Kiss Draw with inkA4

Woman butchered by insanity or love Draw with ink A4

The Absinthe Drinker Mixed Technique A4

Untilted Mixed Technique A4

Untilted Mixed Technique A4

Bang Bang Cabron Mixed Technique A4

With Mask Acrilic on Wood 125cmx80cm

Dont bet against me and I dare you to bet against my cock(...) Technique Mixed on Wood 125mx80cm

Untilted Technique Mixed ond Wood 125cmx80cm

Untilted Acrylic on Wood 125mx80cm

Naked Blue Acrilyc on canvas 100cmx150cm

With the right pressure we are all murders Mixed technique on paperboard 100cmx100cm

Portuguese Ship Sculpture: Wood, Bone and Glass 35x25x14cm

Check With the Queen Sculpture: Bone and Plastic 45x25x14cm

With Passenger Scultpure: wood, bone, wire 35x25x14 cm

A.Mimura Portfolio  

A.Mimura Portfolio

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