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Offering courses for high school students with the following topics • Leadership. • Entrepreneurship. • Environment. • Career Plan. • Social Responsibility. • International Culture.

Prepare activities for 5 weeks in schools with students between 1518 years old,teaching the subjects in pairs (with another trainee)

In the first week the main project activities will be the disclosure of this, in different schools in the city, to encourage youth participation and development of dynamic activities.


The intern will organize discussion sessions and learning circles project topics for members of AIESEC Manizales Saturday. 1. The project was developed in 5 weeks 2. The trainees partners formed to develop each topic. 3. Each subject was given at two conferences: the first survey and the second booster 4. Each conference will last between 1 ½ to 2 hours. On the same day an order for the conference on both courses. 5. The topic of the international culture covering all couples at the end of the second conference. 6. 2 polls will be made at the beginning and the other at the end of every conference fort he project's impact on students

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TN-In-CO-MZ-2010-1367 TN-In-CO-MZ-2010-1369 TN-In-CO-MZ-2010-1371 TN-In-CO-MZ-2010-1373 TN-In-CO-MZ-2010-1375 TN-In-CO-MZ-2010-1377

Leadership Project  

It´s a project from AIESEC Manizales

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