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Member Committee 2012-13

Application Booklet AIESEC in Colombia

Application deadline: Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 at 23:59 (Colombian Time, GMT -5)

Index Introduction…………….........……………………………………………………….………………....3 General profile of an MC Member….……………………………....……………………….4 Colombian MC life and conditions……………………………………………………….5-6 Contact Information Member Committee 11-12…………………………………...7 Member Committee Structure 12-13(MoF)……………………….........................8

Application process…………………………………………………………………...............9-10 Nomination & election process……………….……………………………...................11 Timeline…………………...........…………………………………………………………………........12 Profile………………………………………………………….....………………..............................13 General questionnaire………………………………………………….……........................14

Specific questionnaire………………………………………………………………………..15-28

AIESEC in Colombia

Introduction AIESEC, as an international organization, changes all the time. Every year it gets better, improves itself depending on the external environment, and it is amazing how generation after generation, we keep working and fighting as ONE for our goals. Now we are at the exact time when goals we have always dreamed are being achieved. You have the possibility to make big things with great impact to change thousands of lifes in Colombia, also is an excellent team experience in which the only things that are constant are the challenges and changes

It’s not been part of a team that lead the strategy of a country, is been part of the team that lead AIESEC in COLOMBIA, dairy challenges, team work, 19 entities , everything is a life changer experience Only great challenges have great men, MC is a real challenge, not only because change your life but also because you should generate a change on peoples mind, as MC you have the power to change This national election process is one of the key processes that ensure the continuity of this organization. It enables us to continue growing and continuously increase our societal impact through the years. It allows you as an individual to take the challenge, to dream bigger, to tell everybody what you can and will do, and it allows you to not only be part of history, but also to CREATE it! The MC START is very excited about this moment of the year, I and we want to invite you to take the chance to be part of a unique MC in a unique AIESEC country: Colombia. It is a country of life changers AIESECers; take the challenge to become one of them yourself.

All the best,

MC START 11-12 Natalia, Esteban, Fede, Majo, Juan Fer, Ginna, Randy, Lore, Vicky, Caique, Alvarito & Andrew

AIESEC in Colombia

General Profile of MC MEMBERS While the members of AIESEC in Colombia’s MCs come from diverse backgrounds and environments, several general characteristics, skills and knowledge are expected of everyone.

Intellectual and psychological Many aspects of one’s personality can effect being part of a leadership team in AIESEC in Colombia. Some of them are obvious: constant learning, systematic thinking, creativity, adaptability to change, sense of responsibility, capacity of analysis, patience, listening, and supportiveness.

Society knowledge A broad knowledge of world and organizational systems, current trends and issues facing society and cultural issues are important to lead a Local Committee. Practical understanding of new management theories (e.g. learning organization, self-organizing systems) is also important in managing the diverse environments in which AIESEC operates. In addition, each position requires skills and knowledge in the areas of financial management and budgeting, project management, human resources management, and good understanding of English.

AIESEC understanding A broad understanding of the association is required in order to execute an LCEB position properly. An understanding of our vision, values, identity, current direction, country development, and systems is certainly something we will look for in all candidates.

Others Overall, there is no perfect candidate profile; however, good candidates will possess strong competencies in the areas of social behavior, motivation, task orientation, and people management skills. The key component is balance - within the individuals and within the team of individuals!

AIESEC in Colombia

MC Life & Conditions in Colombia Living in Colombia Living in Colombia is a challenge you do with pleasure. The country is rich on beautiful landscapes and natural resources that Colombians are very proud of and think are unique in this world. Colombia proved in the last couple of years it is not a land to be feared. People are very warm, open to foreigners and passionate. The economy has been stable despite the regional changing situation of Latin America, offering a promising professional environment.

Working for the Colombian MC Working for the Colombian MC will give you a valuable professional experience, working with many different partners as well as having to follow the high expectations of a Top AIESEC country in order to be able to deliver results.

Conditions The AIESEC in Colombia Office is located within one of the AIESEC local committee’s universities. It has the necessary infrastructure to be able to work: server, desk spaces, scanner machine, phone, Internet ADSL, wireless. It is situated in the financial centre of Bogotå city well connected in terms of public transport. Nearby there are a fitness centre, a shopping center and a supermarket, nice little places to eat or drink something, parks etc. MC members are required to bring their own laptops for the work for MC since it is not provided by AIESEC in Colombia. But AIESEC in Colombia will be able to finance to some of the

MC Members the purchase of a personal computer that they can pay during the MC Term with the monthly wage.

AIESEC in Colombia

MC Life & Conditions in Colombia Salary MC members will also receive a monthly compensation for living expenses of $1'170'000 Colombian pesos (gross). In US Dollars the monthly salary is equivalent (it changes depending on the exchange rate) to 636. This amount is enough for the basic expenses in Bogotå, such as rent, food, urban transportation and parties. There will be only basic support of $20’000 Colombian pesos per day for the transition month so candidates are required to have some savings to last them until they get their first salary for June. Accommodation will be possible at the MC apartments during transition (this topic will be discuss once the MC is elected)

Accommodation There might be the possibility to live in the MC apartments if the agency agrees and if you wish so. Not the whole team is living together and you are free to choose what you prefer.

Transportation Travel for purposes of AIESEC in Colombia (coaching, marketing and conference travel), according to national priorities and budget available, are covered both for full time and part time MC members. Personal travel and moving expenses to BogotĂĄ are not. The support for the MC Members to go to International Conferences depends on the financial situation during the term.

AIESEC in Colombia

Member Committee 2011-2012 If you have any questions about the specific position you are applying dont hesitate to contact any all the current MC members of AIESEC in COLOMBIA 11-12 and copy to




Andrés Valencia


Esteban Arango


Federico Restrepo


María José Galeano


Randy Puentes


Victor Fernández


Lorena Gómez


Álvaro Salazar


Caique Diniz Ribeiro


Juan Fernando Hoyos


Ginna Camargo

MCVP Alumni

Natalia Jiménez

MCVP Expansion

AIESEC in Colombia

Member Committee 2012-2013 Structure

*Part Time roles are half paid. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us by writing an email to –

Application Process Application The application process is divided into 8 parts: 1. Your Profile: Please fill your personal data according to the profile template. (1 page) 2. General Questionnaire: These must be answered by all candidates. 3. Specific Questionnaire: You should answer the specific questionnaire of the position you are applying for in the first place. NOTE: The general and specific questionnaire have to be developed in maximum 9 pages 4. Summary of Application: Please summarize all your answers. (1 page). more than one position. 5. Your 360° Competency Assessment (CAT): Please fill in the Competency Assessment Tool in and ask 4 other people you have worked with to contribute to your 360° profile. 6. Endorsement letters:

For Nationals: Please ask 3 different LCs of AIESEC in Colombia for an endorsement For Internationals: Please ask 3 different people for an endorsement: • 1 (of your) Leader. • 1 from your host LC. • 1 MC member of your AIESEC country. 7. Video. Please upload a video of max 7min in which • You will introduce yourself and the position you are applying for. • You will explain the strategy for the position you are applying for. Add the link of the video into the summary page.

AIESEC in Colombia

Application Process Application 8. References: Please include one additional page including 4 references: • Someone you lead.

• Someone that leaded you • A pair/co worker • An external (not related with AIESEC)

The application package should include. • Profile & all your answers (1 PDF of maximum 10 pages in font size 10 points). • Summary of your application (1 PDF). • Link of the video (include in the summary page). • Your 360° CA (1 PDF) • Endorsement letters (3-4 PDFs) Please submit your application package in following format: ´MC 1213 application_AIESEC in Colombia_MCposition_name surname.pdf´ (e.g. MC 1213 application_AIESEC in Colombia_MCVP I GIP_Maria Example.pdf)

Deadline: Tuesday, November 29th 2010111:59 PM (Colombian Time, GMT -5) The application must be sent to: –

AIESEC in Colombia

Nomination & Election Process Nomination In order to be nominated and take part in the selection process each candidates needs: 1. To send the application complete with the proper number of pages (40%). 2. To send the link of the presentation video (10%). 3. To pass the Nomination Interview which will take place through Skype between November 30th and December 5th 2011 with one Sub-advisory Group member (50%). 4. The correct amount of Endorsement Letters IMPORTANT: To be nominated you should get a minimum score of 80%.

Election In order to be elected a candidate needs • To fill 4 online Psychological Tests of a national AIESEC in Colombia Learning Partner • To hold a speech and have a Q/A virtual and in front of the General Assembly during AIESEC in Colombia’s National Planning Meeting (NPM). Internationals will do so through Skype if not present in person at the conference. • To get Vote of Confidence from the General Assembly

• To go through an Assessment Center run by the national Election Sub-Committee during NPM. Internationals will do so through Skype if not present in person at the conference. • To be elected by the MCP elect. Based on the application, the speech, the performance

in the Assessment Center and the recommendations of the national Election SubCommittee the final selection will be made by the MCP elect through a special Elections Ceremony that will take place on December 14th 2009. Please Note: The MCP elect reserves the option to not select individuals for a position if suitable candidates have not been put forward. In such a situation, the MCP elect will continue to search for an appropriate candidate for the unfilled position.

AIESEC in Colombia

Timeline 1. Launch of Manual of Functions (MoF) and applications 17 th December 2011

2. Application deadline with 360° CAT in attachment November 29th 2011 3. Nomination interviews November 30th - December 5th 2011. 4. Online psychological tests November 30th – December 4 th 2011.

5. Nomination December 5th 2011. 6. Virtual Q/A December 5th – 7th 2011. 7. General Assembly MCP Election: December 10th -12th 2011 • MCP Proposals Speech • Forum (national and international context) • Q/A • Final Speech • MCP Election December 12th 2011 8. General Assembly MCVPs Election: December 13 th – 16th 2011. • Q/A • Interviews MCP & MCPe • Final Speech and Vote of Confidence. • Election Subcommittee: Assessment Center

• MCPe: MCVP election December 16th 2011 •

The applicants fill out the application for 1 particular area. Additionally they can state their preference in 2 other areas.

The GA gives VoC to candidates based on the suitability as a MC member. A candidate needs 2/3 of the full membership state LCs.

The ES assesses the functional suitability based on the (3) functional preferences of each candidate who

got VoC.

AIESEC in Colombia

Profile 1. Contact Information First Name / Surname / Nationality / Date and Place of Birth / Telephone, Mobile Phone / Skype ID / Personal E-Mail / E-Mail

2. Studies and Working Experience a. Please provide details of your highest academic level achieved, studies completed and other relevant academic backgrounds. b. Please give details of all relevant practical and professional experience in chronological order (starting with the most recent). Indicate whether it was full-time, vacation work or








Responsibilities/experience and knowledge gained).

3. AIESEC Experience a. List all positions held and for which year. (Dates-Position-Country/Location). b. Please list the National and International Meetings you have attended (YearMeeting/Name- Location- Your role). c. Rank the 3 main areas where you have had the most experience. Highlight briefly your experiences in each. d. What have been your five main achievements in AIESEC in the past? (In different areas

such as LC coaching, external relations, increasing quality and quantity of exchange, etc). Indicate Role / Strategy implemented / Main numerical results.

4. Positions applying for List the major position in the MC 12-13 you are applying for. Please add one more option if you have it.

AIESEC in Colombia

General Questionnaire 5. Why have you decided to apply for Colombia’s Member Committee?

6. Which should be the behaviors for AIESEC in Colombia in 2015 to achieve the goals and obtain the first place in the Iberoamerica region and the best places at global level?

7. Please list your top 3 Strengths and top 3 Weaknesses with brief explanation. a. Strengths: How will they help you in your work as MC Team member ? How will they help you in your MC Work ?
 b. Weaknesses: How can they challenge you in your work as MC Team member? c. How can they help you in your MC Work ? 8. How will be AIESEC in Colombia in 2015?, please tell us a story having in mind all the stakeholders of AIESEC in Colombia. 9. Create a proposal for AIESEC in Colombia 11-12 plan where you include the next points: a. Make a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) of AIESEC in Colombia.

The points above have to be evident in the plan you create and the correlation between them too. b. The 3 main priorities for your area(s) based on the general SWOT analysis. What

strategies would you propose for each one and what results would you like to see in each of those priorities at the end of your term? c. The external opportunities you can capitalize from your position to get the vision you propose in point, please put the references of the information. 10. According to the 3 wheels of 2015 vision and the refresh AIESEC Experience: a. Describe the connection within them. b. Give a brief description of the current state of the AIESEC Experience (3 stages) for AIESEC in COLOMBIA. c. Propose two strategies to be implemented for each of the 3 stages of the AIESEC Experience, which allow to reach the 3 wheels. (Specify the connection).

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionare MCP 1. What are your strategies to guarantee the vision, the wheels and the goals of AIESEC in Colombia 2015 in your term and also for the next years after your term as a MCP? 2. It is the middle of your term and due to financial restrictions you need to do a cost cutting exercise. The largest costs in the current MC budget are driven by administrative costs (salaries, etc.). What will be your approach? Please, argument your answer. 3. Identify 3 key trends in Colombia that are shaping the network and explain in a few

words how those trends are opportunities or threats and how could influence AIESEC’s contribution, structures and processes at national level.

4. What is that personal contribution that will make you the right MCP for AIESEC in Colombia at this moment of time? 5. Critically evaluate the past 6 years in Colombia according to the organizational change processes, AIESEC 2010 vision and the first part of AIESEC 2015. Include evaluation of the successes and failures from the MC's perspective and initiatives. Based on this evaluation, what would be your START, STOP and CONTINUE, STOP?

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionnaire Finance and Management 1. According to the SWOT developed in the general questionnaire, please propose 3 strategies for your strategical framework that could be executed during your period as MCVP Finance & Management. 2. Review the National Finance Model and pricing policies. Make all the comments and suggest all the improvements you consider. Each suggestion or comment must be justified. 3. Propose 3 projects of investments at national level that must be done in your term to drive a better growth. 4. Make a proposal that respond to this question. ¿How to make I GCDP a sustainable program? 5. AIESEC in Colombia reality on June 1st 2012: • Running IC 2013.

• AIESEC Colombia has been selected by a National Entity for a project of 1 million dollars and 100 TNs. • 1.200 exchange per year. • National Office is a team of 18 people, that cost around 32 millions pesos monthly. • There is a world financial crisis coming and our national alliances are not continuing. • There are 60 millions pesos in National Reserves. How are you going to develop capacity and sustainability to the organization?

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionare Business Development 1. Make timeline where you show: a. Monthly incomes (differentiate by products) b. National accounts Ra-Ma-Re 2. Suggest your own product portfolio with goals per product. 3. Propose an structure for BD team with general functions. 4. How would you manage national exchange partners?

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionare Alumni & Life-Long Connection 1. How would you ensure positive change and development to an AIESECer life after taking one or several of the Experiential Leadership Development programs?

2. Putting together a coherent Alumni Strategy needs plenty of effort, coordination and tracking, you will need to have a Correct Alumni Management Strategy. So, what would you think should be the focus to improve the relations with Alumni´s

Network? Please create 3 strategies. 3. What should be the value proposition for Alumni in order to get support from them to the operations of AIESEC in the different programs? (Take in mind the different support ways and the programs). 4. Having an understanding of the AIESEC 2015 vision, which programs should be implemented at the Life Long Connection phase? Describe each with specific requirements.

5. What would be your main innovative strategy of engaging and managing the LCVPs, and the National A&LLC Support Team during your term and how other areas can help you in order to achieve this?

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionare Goverment Relations Manager 1. Which projects would you propose to the government taking into account the regional issues? 2. Besides the government which organizations and entities would you approach? 3. Make a timeline where you show: a. Projects RaMaRe b. Incomes 4. Do you think you should have a portfolio for the government relations? if so, please create one.

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionare Information Management & Communications 1. Please describe in your words the complete TN and EP flow. Furthermore design a processes Work Flow using charts. After that respond please the following questions:

a. Which are the bottlenecks for both processes? b. Please provide professional advices in order to improve those processes 2. What is the best way to gain relevance and importance for IM&Comm both for national and local level? 3. What is the best methodology for managing the IM&Comm National team? 4. Propose an innovative solution that will support the programs. i.e. GIP, GCDP, TMP or TLP. 5. What does Internal Communication means? Please describe all involved processes.

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionare Incoming GIP 1. Analyze I GIP in AIESEC in Colombia using a SWOT, and define strategies to take advantage of strengths and how to capitalize threats in the external environment. 2. According 2015 Vision, how AIESEC in Colombia is running Incoming Global Internship program? Please establish minimums about Local and National

Implementation. 3. Please develop 3 innovative and specific products to generate growth for all

national entity. Define scope, target, country partners, pricing, execution timeline and positive Impact. 4. AIESEC in Colombia and our International Network have some challenges regarding matching processes in GIP program. Taking into consideration this situation, please define specific strategies and describe step by step, actions to ensure a better performance. 5. Please describe specific opportunities of Colombian market, establish and define the framework in each city where AIESEC in Colombia are present, and how to capitalize them from the Incoming Global Internship Program.

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionare Incoming GCDP 1. Please enumerate the goals you have planned for I GCDP for the period your applying to.

Based on those goals, explain your strategic approach in order to

accomplish them. (Be specific and prioritize strategically). 2. How do you plan to manage the national I GCDP marketing strategy? (By national

programs, projects, issues; at national level, local; etc). Based on your response, develop the national I GCDP portfolio, please have in mind the Business Model Canvas for I GCDP. 3. The current DT TN financial model is designed based on single TN selling. However, the I GCDP program aims towards the implementation of projects with high volume of experiences. Based on this, design and present the I GCDP financial model that you propose in order to achieve 2015. 4. As you know, the grand majority of the goals presented in the first answer, are going to be achieved by the local entities. Based on this, how do you plan to manage the LCs talent towards the implementation of the national strategy? (Be clear and specific) 5. Develop a social map of Colombia where you include: • Social trends.

• Companies supporting financially those trends. • Organizations working on those trends. (NGO) • Government actions on those trends.

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionare Talent Management 1. Team member program and team leader program have faced the initial state of understanding and implementation at national and local level fulfilling the minimums proposed for each program framework. How would you make this programs evolve? What additional value would you propose to each program in order to increase its quality and make it more desirable to the market? How would you connect them with external sector? 2. Talent Management processes in Colombia need to adapt and improve their implementation in order to be align with 2015 framework. How would you refresh the current TM processes in AIESEC in Colombia? Choose only those that you consider necessary and give a new and concrete idea to ensure that are implemented at local level. Processes: Talent Planning/Talent Coaching/Talent Tracking & Pipeline Management/Talent Review/Talent Performance Assessment/Talent Motivation(R&R)/Succession/ Education & Training /Planning/Transition/Recruitment/Marketing/Selection/Induction/Allocation/Goal Setting & Orientation

3. In order to get the best out of their time in AIESEC, we encourage our members to live a complete experience rotating between programs and AIESEC XP phases. Where do you see the key bottlenecks in AIESEC in Colombia generating complete experiences and managing talent flow? Please create a concrete strategy with punctual initiatives to implement at local level in order to increase the membership rotation between programs and phases and to manage talent flow. 4. AIESEC in Colombia productivity has reached a critical level, and we need to increase it on order to be more sustainable and to deliver rewarding experiences to our membership. What is your opinion about this situation? What are the main reasons you identify to explain it? Propose initiatives in order to manage this weakness and turn it into strength, take into account national and local procedures and practices. 5. Talent development programs are closely related to Team Member Program and Team Leader program quality and delivery. Which is your proposal in talent development programs at local and national level? Which is the synergy between them? Take into account all the stakeholders that can be related.

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionare Outgoing GIP 1. Analyze O GIP in AIESEC in Colombia by a SWOT to determine the main bottlenecks at national level. a. Generate 3 strategies to ensure growth on O GIP experiences. b. Develop activities to decrease the delivery time of O GIP. c. Please consider the long term evolution of the program worldwide to concrete your international cooperation strategy. d. Establish your RA-MA-RE. e. Please create a timeline of activities where you identify what needs to be done during your term. 2. Please make a proposal for External Relations of O-GIP. Mention your activities on marketing and selling to ensure positioning of O GIP products at local level with the stakeholders. Then define the national education cycle for it and a measurable tracking system to be implemented at local level. 3. Please give a proposal of your National Support Team Structure that will deliver growth to O GIP at national level. What will be the functional and leadership development plan, and how will you manage and develop your team towards a high performance? 4. According to current national reality O-GIP, please mention 3 strategies to gain positioning of the O-GIP area at local level. What would you do to ensure high performance, commitment to results and passion of membership toward the O-GIP area at local level? At same time explain the possible results and define a local framework of activities to be executed at local level. 5. Complete Experience is a new concept based on the new AIESEC Experience. As MCVP O GIP your role as program manager is to ensure Upselling between the other two programs. Please develop a plan where you explain how you will achieve a growth in O GIP experiences. Do not forget you have to include the talent management processes in this plan.

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionare Outgoing GCDP 1. How can we increase the value proposition of our Outgoing Global Community Development Program? Please be clear, innovative and concrete with your strategies and initiatives.

2. How do you envision MC and LCs working with O GCDP National Programs in July 2013? Please address the MC and LCs separately.

3. What is your proposal to increase the average level of LCs results in Colombia for O GCDP? Please be innovative. 4. AIESEC in Colombia is ambitioning to grow more than ever before in the next term. How can O GCDP achieve such growth while improving the relevance of the experiences we offer and the sustainability of our results? 5. What can we learn from other countries to put O GCDP in Colombia in the Top 3 Global Rank? Please propose clear strategies and mention the countries they come from.

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionare LC Development 1. Define a proposal of improvement in LC development in Colombia. Have in mind: • Country goals and strategic direction • Budget • Number of LCs • Distance between LCs and MC • HR capacity of the MC • Operational capacity of LCs • National and global calendars (conferences and events, MC elections and transition) • Country culture 2. How would you support the growth of the extensions in Colombia according to MC Services and National Education Cycle, to make them more sustainable and give them the support needed to be full membership LCs in short time? Describe widely. (Keep in mind that we can have more than 6 new extension by the end of the MC 11/12 term). 3. Define at least three strategies to support the financial development of the LCs, based on University partnerships and GIP growth. 4. Which do you think should be the evolution of the SONA? Based on the refreshed AIESEC XP (EwA, ELD and LLC). How can all this be measure? 5. Make a proposal to: a. Manage the MC services, make them more effective and high quality for LCs, without affect your responsibility with the LCs development and the MC operations.. b. According to this, explain how would develop a National Education Cycle that support the LCs development (Take in mind the different level of development of LCs in Colombia.

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionare LC Development 1. Design one product of expansion to sell in different universities and organizations. Please describe the costs, benefits characteristics, etc. a. Which organizations would you approach to support the creation of new entities, what kind of products and programs would you sell? b. Which External Relations strategies would you propose to track and execute effective signatures for the expansion product you propose? c. Which other ways of expansion do you think AIESEC Colombia could develop. Be creative and propose concrete strategies. 2. What kind of agreement do you think is the ideal to sign with universities in new entities? a. What strategies do you propose for ensuring the signing of universities agreement in a short period of time? b. According to this, how do you think an Extension can ensure the delivery of LC Experience for more than one university? Be specific with your strategies. 3. What do you think should happen during the observation groups and interest groups to ensure the right performance during extension groups? 4. Create a Development Plan for the Extension Groups, that ensure their opening as LCs after one year. a. According to the previous point, create a development plan for executing with new LCs during their 1st year of official entity of AIESEC in COLOMBIA 5. Propose 5 concrete strategies of working with all MC Team 12-13 to manage and develop 15 new entities of AIESEC in Colombia. a. How would you ensure that for 2015 AIESEC in Colombia has more than 30 new LCs?

AIESEC in Colombia

Specific Questionare Marketing 1. Design a national portfolio of Engagement with AIESEC activities. That impact could impact a minimum 5000 youth people, 150 alumni and 300 organizations. 2. How do you see the MCVP Marketing role according to the refresh AIESEC experience, to support the operation of the program managers (GIP, GCDP, TMP and TLP). 3. How would you develop and run the Market research and Segmentation process at national level, for each program, based on the needs of expansion, the different

recruitment peaks and growth of each one of them. Also, explain how to manage it in the cities with more than 1 LC.

4. What are the main connection points of connection between Marketing and LLC? 5. How would you measure the ROI of the PPRR plan run by the MC?

AIESEC in Colombia


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