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By Luis Delfin

Along the busy highway, a tiny cottage made from sticks and stones was there, and inside were a family of three; mum, dad, and a little boy named Bryan.

Ever since Bryan was born, his parents would tell him stories about themselves when they were in school.

But they weren’t happy stories at all. They were about the days they were bullied. They would talk about the toys that were stolen, the teasing and laughing and how many times they cried and cried.

As Bryan grew up, his parents continued to tell him those stories. Bryan was so sad for them, he decided to make his family proud, by bullying others. When they were telling him there stories, he took note of what the bullies did to them and practiced them everyday.

Since Bryan’s 5 years old now, he’s ready to go to school to show off his knowledge in the art of bullying

“Make us proud son!”, his dad said as they said their goodbyes. “Try not to become like us honey”, warned his mum. “I won’t!” Bryan replied as he zipped into class in a blink of an eye.

School wasn’t fun at all for Bryan. All he did was sit down and read. The books were about moral lessons like making friends and how stealing is wrong, but all he wanted to do was to find a victim to bully.

At lunch, Bryan was sitting all alone, when all of a sudden, a little girl approached him. “ Hi, I’m Madeline, what’s your name?”.

Bryan bellowed, “Leave me Alone!� and he grabbed her backpack and threw it in a puddle of mud. Madeline was so upset, she bursted into tears and ran away. Bryan felt so good after doing that and he continued to bully innocent little children for the rest of the day.

When his parents picked him up, he told them his stories about how he bullied the other kids. He was expecting his parents to be as happy as a team who just won the Grand Final but instead they looked disappointed.

When they arrived home, dad was explaining to him it’s never good to bully. “But I just wanted to impress you guys”, Bryan cried. “yes, but what have they done to you?” his dad said with his head down, “ you should always treat others the way you want to be treated!”.

Bryan thought about that for a while. What has he done? How can he make up to it? He knew he had to apologise when he went back to school.

When Bryan went to school the next day, he tried to talk to everyone but they couldn’t stand close to him, so he yelled as loud as he could “I’M SORRY FOR BULLYING YOU GUYS!”. All of a sudden, the children popped out and decided that Bryan can be a good friend after all.

After this experience, Bryan realised something he should have known before. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

The Bully from the Highway  
The Bully from the Highway  

The story is about a young boy named Bryan who just started kindy, decides to bully others. Why did he decide to do this? What will happen n...