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London has a vibrant nightlife including clubs and late-bar bars. All major music acts stop in London when touring and many bands start their careers here. It is not always easy to get in one of these clubs/bars. Thomas (bouncer at The O Bar in Soho) and Flo (bouncer at The Millers bar in King’s Cross) talk about how they keep troublesome people out of their establishments. What kind of people do you see during the nightlife? Thomas You get all kind of people,

it’s very mixed.You get gay people, straight people, and transvestites. It’s really diverse. I mean, tomorrow night we have a transvestite festival over here. So: the good, the bad and the ugly. Flo I see a lot of tourists coming to

this neighborhood. During the week we have karaoke nights, this kind of night gets very crowded. People like the vibe in here so I see a lot of customers who return every week. Do you face a lot of trouble? Flo We don’t have a lot of prob-

lems. I have been working in this area

5 What kind of people cause problems? Thomas Well, the kind of people

that are easily offended, that had too much to drink. They sometimes get abusive. Some of them like to be a troublemaker and ruin the night for others. Flo People who argue with me

don’t get the chance to go inside. I see a lot of drunk people pretend not to be drunkwwwww. I don’t need to see your ID to turn you away, if you look too young, you won’t get in and don’t think of arguing, it’s pointless. It’s not hard; show us your ID without arguing.You make it easy for us, it’s for you own safety.

“Don’t think of arg it’s pointles uing, s” for seven years. We know who we should let in and who to keep out. It’s very important to stay focused the entire night and to be aware of everyone near the entrance. Sometimes drunk people want to come inside and they pretend to be ok, so that’s why you have to keep paying attention. Thomas During the week, almost

nothing really happens. In the weekend it gets really crowded here and that can lead to issues at the door. We sometimes reject people because we are full and that leads to arguing sometimes.

How do you resolve problems? Thomas it’s just important not to get engaged. Don’t start feeling sorry for them personally. Sometimes you have to get physical, but most of the time you try to find a different solution. For example, sometimes we give people a refund for the ticket just to get them away. But yes, sometimes things get out of hand. Sometimes we have to get the police involved, it happens. We have police on watch through these streets and sometimes they take ‘troublesome’ people away. How do you deal with troublemakers? Thomas Well, it comes with the

6 job. Sometimes people just don’t want to behave. Not because they are right, but because they are just living in their own reality.You have to restrain yourself, cause at the end of the day, this job is what pays your bills.You can’t be offended by anything; perhaps sometimes you have to restrain someone refusing to listen. Flo When I started working in 2003, I used to work in bars in North West London. In 2004, lots of Polish people came to London. They were too judgmental, causing lots of fights. When I started as a bouncer my friends used to work there. They taught me how to deal with problems. I learned how to react to any kind of problem because of my

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bills” friends. Step by step you get used to the situations. What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen by doing this job? Flo Nothing special, I saw a lot of

crazy fights through the years. The fights get harder and harder, one night someone almost died by a broken bottle.Yes it’s rough, but it’s just the way it goes. Thomas Being asked out by a



wine bar

t h g i n y b n o d n Lo ! t e g d u b a - on by Isabela Bonfim Capital of England, home of the Queen and an international financial center. London is known as a very expensive city. Consider the factor that you pay in Pounds, one of the most valued currencies of the world, and It is hard to believe you can get through the night on a low budget. We are here to prove the contrary. Collect your last pennies and prepare yourself for a − cheap − night of fun in London.

Stop 1: Sightseeing Our night starts early, at 5 pm. Before exploring the secrets of London, perhaps you would like to have a general tour of the city. That is why we start out by catching a sightseeing bus. No, we are not talking about those expensive tourist-crap buses. The idea is taking the most traditional Londoner way of transport: the public red bus. Besides being a great symbol, due to its double-decker format, you will get the best view of the city. Take line 88 to see Camden, Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and continue over Thames. Use your Oyster card and enjoy the entire trip for £ 1,40.


Stop 2: Dinner It is only 6:30 pm, but this is going to be a long night. So let’s grab some food before we proceed. There is nothing wrong with ethnic food and take-away in Chinatown, but tonight is a special night and you will not give in to popular options just to protect your pocket.You deserve the best. And the best is a combination of fresh food, a pleasant atmosphere and, of course, low prices. We introduce you to the chain Leon, with more than 12 locations over the main streets, offering fast food. Do not be fooled by the title. Everything is organic, healthy and tasty. There is table service and the menu includes much more than sandwiches, with plenty of veggie options. Dine affordable, but with class. Moroccan meatballs with brown rice and fresh lemonade: £ 5,75.

Stop 3: Theater Almost 8 pm, it is time for culture. London is known for its great musical plays. Ok, let's accept that is an expensive pleasure.You can get unsold tickets for the same evening at the TKTS booth, in the middle of Leicester square. Even on sale, you will not pay less than £ 20. So, consider this instead:Visit Shakespeare The Globe. This theater was rebuilt a few yards from its original location, based on descriptions found in the author's writings. They offer only masterpieces such as Macbeth and Hamlet. And, if you do not mind to stand, you can watch King Lear at the house of the most famous writer from England for only £ 5.


Alternative option Maybe you are the type who does mind standing for two hours. No worries, there is a solution you as well. The Prince Charles Cinema is the only big independent movies theater in the centre of London.You may find some Hollywood releases, but most here is different: cult, arthouse and classics. If cinema sounds boring when you are out of your homeland, try out a session of "Singa-long-a", where guests are invited to leave their seats and sing with their favourite musicals. There are at least two sessions on weekday evenings, also for £ 5.

Stop 4: Late Night You toured, you ate and you went to the theatre. It is around 11 pm and now you are about to enjoy the night like youth. The bill is increasing and you have a commitment to your wallet, so the last tip is a Dubliner night in London at one of the O'Neill's pubs. This is also a chain, so you can probably find one close to your hostel. What is the difference between O'Neill's and other pubs? Absolutely nothing. It is Irish, it serves Guinness and it is awesome. It gets even better when learning that entrance is free and they play live music all night long. Cocktails: £ 4,75.

Total cost of the night £ 16,90 and lots of fun.

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borg by Merle Wester t and Maud de Groo London is known as a bubbly, vivid city. People from all over the whole world visit London to immerse themselves in the nightlife of London. Every night there is so much going on, you can visit the theater, go to a musical, visit a pub or go to a famous bar. But on the contrary, places you might expect to be busy by night actually aren’t. For example the famous streets of China Town or a local pub just down the street of a busy hostel. The photo’s in the following photo essay were all taken in London during the night. Some photo’s were taking in the subway stations. Others near Piccadilly Circus, one of the biggest entertainment areas of London, with some of the most famous clubs. In the photo’s the contrast of London’s vivid nightlife is captured by showing only almost empty streets and some other empty places.

d n i h e b l i a t k c

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By ÖOzlem Bu and Marije de lgan Roode Right in the middle of Soho, the most exciting nightlife area in London, there is a bar that you would easily pass by if you didn’t know it was there. The door looks like an entrance of a parking garage; if you look closer you’ll see the doorbell with ‘Milk & Honey’, one of the most famous cocktail bars in the world. “Milk & Honey is a place where you can separate yourself from the outside world.” At least, that is how Julian Brown, bartender at Milk & Honey, describes the concept of the award-winning bar. The bar was founded in 2002 and is owned by Jonathan Downey and Sasha Petraske. There is only one other location, in Manhattan, New York. What makes this bar unique is that it’s for members only. It is one of the first bars that does not publish its address and doesn’t use advertisement. “We get a lot of people who are sincerely interested in the drinks that we make. We really connect with the members because of this shared inter-

est. People who come here want to enjoy a good drink in a relaxed drinking environment. We are the first bar that is really ‘geeky’ about cocktails. Another unique feature is of course that we are a hidden bar. I’ve worked around the corner before and never knew this bar even existed.” When you walk into Milk & Honey, it feels like stepping into a hotel. There is a reception where the receptionist takes your coats and guides you to your table. The bar itself looks like you have walked straight into an old movie.You hear old jazz music, it’s dark inside and the leather couches give you the feeling of being in the 60’s. The bartenders


wear high waist pants with suspenders. The place is quite big; it has four floors and a rooftop, with a bar on each floor. The bartender gives you a menu, cucumber water and is able to tell you everything you’d like to know about the different cocktails. The cucumber water is a sneaky trick, because it actually makes you thirstier. Every cocktail bar has its ‘bartender’s choice cocktail’. Julian Brown’s choice is the ‘Penicillin’. This cocktail contains scotch, peated scotch, lemon, honey and ginger. The unique


“Milk & Honre is a place whe te a you can separ m the yourselef fwroorld.” id


selling point of our cocktails is that they consist of fresh ingredients. Every afternoon, they squeeze oranges, lemons, limes and pineapples by hand. They even press their own ginger to make their house ginger beer. They don’t use any juice of extract that they didn’t make themselves. This is because the drinks taste fresher and better that way. The bartenders put most of their glassware and all of their mixing glasses in freezers set to -30C to keep drinks cold during the preparation phase. Since the bar is a very exclusive place that really cares about the quality of the drinks, it’s not that easy to be a bartender here. “It takes a

16 lot of hard work. This bar is owned by a company called the Rushmore Group. This company includes award winning bars and restaurants like Milk & Honey. Since I used to work for this company, I got to be a bartender here. But people all over the world come here to work at Milk & Honey.You have to know a lot about cocktails.You need to have attention to detail. We’re very specific about knowledge, you need to be able to make cocktails that are not on the menu. A lot of people ask for specific ingredients instead of a cocktail from the menu. This brings the guest and the host closer together. What is interesting is that there are a lot more male bartenders than female bartenders. We don’t know the exact reason, but women don’t apply for this job.” Milk & Honey won many different awards. Not only because of the quality of the drinks, but also because of the unique atmosphere the bar has. This is probably because of the peculiar house rules of the bar. Some rules stand for itself, like no fighting, don’t wear hats and no loud behaviour. Some of the rules are pretty unique. One example: “Gentlemen will not introduce themselves to ladies. Ladies, please feel free to start a conversation or ask the bartender to introduce you. If a man you don’t know speaks to you, please lift your chin slightly, and ignore him.”

You have t

a lot aobokutnow cocktails . You need t o attentio have detail.n to You would think that because of the economic crisis, Milk & Honey would be suffering from the consequences. This is completely incorrect. Milk & Honey has been doing great. Julian knows the reason: “People always drink, especially when they are depressed, and the crisis can make people depressed. So, there is no reason to worry, we’re doing better than ever, thank you crisis.”

And the s how must go on! By Wafa Harrag London’s West End has been the beating heart of the city’s theatreland for hundreds of years. With over forty commercial theatres jostling for space in the streets of Soho and Covent Garden alone, millions of visitors enjoy this endless stream of performance. In Europe, many agree that London is the place to be for musicals.You have the choice between so many famous stories like The Lion King, Les Misérables, Billy Elliot or Wicked. Whichever suits your tastes the most, you can always find a great show. We tried to find out how huge this phenomenon is and stopped by at one of the most famous musicals of the moment. At the entrance of a huge theatre around nine in the evening, we see many excited people lining up with their tickets waiting for the doors to be opened. It was noisy, busy and messy, but we managed to talk to Kevin Wilson, employee at the Lyric Shaftesbury near Piccadilly Circus. He told us more about the

success of “Thriller - Live”, a musical tribute to the King of Pop: Michael Jackson. “First of all, we don’t know how long a musical can last in our theatre. There are contracts signed between the Lyric Theatre and the producers of this show, which is always temporary. For this one, it is a little bit different. It started in 2006, before the death of Michael Jackson, and it has been sold out every week since the beginning. It was originally supposed to last six months. As long as the show finds its audience, it won’t stop. And to satisfy people who can’t come to London, the producers decided to also go on tour in other countries. That’s how big this musical

18 is now. We are very lucky because it doesn’t work every time and the competition is quite important in this area. You have the Misérables over there and it also works very well. Michael Jackson was loved by so many people and his music is appreciated through generations and since his death, we won’t deny, it works even better…”

he show As long as t ience, finds its aud op. it won’t st Greatness has a price, of course. We were curious about how much we needed to spend in order to experience all of MJ’s classics on stage once more. Kevin was also very honest about this: “It can be really expensive, but all seats allow to see the same show so you can find prices very affordable. Still you have to be quick, because it goes very fast and it is better to book months in advance.” He adds to that: “Sometimes you can also buy tickets for half price through our official

resellers in town. These tickets are usually sold out in a few days.” Having heard that it is possible to buy a ticket for less than £10 in London, we asked him if it is true. He laughed and answered ”Yes, you can find that, but at the Lyric it is not possible to plan that because of how the seats are placed. Between you and me, it is much better to pay a £30 ticket and have a real seat, because shows can last more than 2 hours… Or you might have strong legs and it is good for you (laughs)”. Musicals are clearly a very important part of London it would be a waste not to take the opportunity to see a well-produced quality show. “Human Nature” likes entertainment and you don’t need to “Scream” about the price, because finding a cheap seat is “easy as 1, 2, 3”.

all seats allow to see the same show so you can find affordable prices very

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