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PLANT Tag N Track For The Professional Grower And Avid Gardener

Plant Tag N Track Overview

Unlimited plants

Sort and display plants by botanical name or common name

Enter over thirty charactureistics for each plant

Track vendor where plant was purchased

Enter unlimited propagation notes

Enter unlimited price lines for each plant

Create a master price table and apply pricing to multiple plants using batch update

Create unlimited tag print lists and add multiple plants using batch update

Create plant "wish list" for future purchase

Assign a image to each plant. The image will print on signs!

Memory fields - Previous entries remembered for quick adding and editing

Add propagation notes to master calendar

Make appointments and schedule activities on master calendar

Numerous reports

Plant list

Propagation lists by propagation method

Bench signs and adhesive signs

Hang tags

Pot sticks

You've Heard It Before, "This Doesn't Cost You Money This Saves You Money." This Time It's Really True

Download The Free Trial Version And Watch The Video Tutorials. At The End Of The Day I Think You'll Agree:

Plant Tag N Track, Great Software For The Professional Grower And Avid Gardener!

Information About Gardening ---Information About Gardening. If you've ever spent hours hand writing hang tags and pot sticks or spent...

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