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Hans-Gert Pöttering

at a preparatory meeting in advance of the Council meetings. From the EPP’s side, this informal meeting could involve the relevant ministers belonging to the EPP, the spokespersons on the committees and the rapporteurs from the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament, as well as—if they are allied with the EPP—the relevant Commissioners or cabinet representatives. The Party could thus form a link between the Council and Parliament in the practical legislative work.

European history for half a century. Our political family offers a credible, coherent and value-based policy programme. Through the interaction between the EPP and our Group in the European Parliament, we are enhancing our ability to successfully assert our political family’s ideas. Conscious of this strength and, above all, trusting in the validity of the values we represent, the EPP family will work resolutely in the years and decades ahead for the further integration of our continent and for the future of all Europeans.

Linking the EPP working groups to the European agenda It would therefore be entirely consistent for some of the EPP working groups to focus over the long term on issues which are suitable topics for thematic conventions. This new emphasis, combined with stronger input from experts nominated by the national parties, would result in the greater involvement of the working groups in the European agenda and, in turn, enable the EPP to bring its influence to bear more effectively on European decision-making.

Hans-Gert Pöttering is the Chairman of the EPPED Group in the European Parliament.

The right message Through our united programme and clear positions on the major issues in EU politics, we are already sending out the right signals to the Commission and the Council. I am convinced that through close and coordinated cooperation, the Party and the Group are well on track to further politicise the European decision-making process and thus make the EU more democratic and accountable. For thirty years, the EPP and the EPP-ED Group, which can look back on more than fifty years of successful parliamentary work, have led the way at every major stage of our continent’s unification. Through its resolute commitment to a more strongly integrated community based on democratic institutions, and its emphatic support for the enlargement of the Union, our political family has helped to develop and shape

Volume 3 - Spring 2006


European View_Transnational parties and european democracy  

European View_Transnational parties and european democracy

European View_Transnational parties and european democracy  

European View_Transnational parties and european democracy