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The About me that’s About Me Hey there, My name is Luis Alvarez and I made the magazine you are currently holding. Here’s some info about me that isn’t important but it will make great use of this leftover page -I’m a sophmore Computer Science Major -My favorite movies are Inglorious Bastards, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Her, and Girl, Interupted -I am a fan of nature and the color Red. -All of the artwork here was done by myself. -Anything else is relevant! My Email is if you want to contact me. Enjoy the mag!

1 - Even Tide


2 - Even Tide


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5 - Even Tide

Punished Snake This is a tribute of sorts to the Metal Gear series. The character in the picture is codenamed “Snake”, thus the snake skelaton surrounding it. The camouflauge backgroud is due to the fact that the series is rigorous on militaries and nuclear war prevention.

Programs used: Photoshop, Illustrator Personal Feelings: I am a huge fan of the series. I mean HUGE. Since I was like 10. The painting came out somewhat smudgey, and the colors could have been a bit brighter, but I think the outcome isn’t half bad. “What is it, Loyalty to your country, or loyalty to me? Your country, or your beliefs?” -The Boss

6 - Even Tide

7 - Even Tide

Dull Ceiling This painting is just a woman sitting in the rain. At first I wanted to make it really lifelike, but due to time restraints, i figured a simple color layout would work best. No shadows, no textures, just 9 colors and that’s it.

Program used: Procreate for Ipad Personal Feelings: This was pretty much just inspired by my obsession with rainy weather. Everytime it rains and I have free time, I tend to go to a park or garden and just enjoy the view.

8 - Even Tide

9 - Even Tide

Church of Holland This picture was really just brought up by a team effort thing I did when I was younger called “Project Holland�. Project Holland was a volunteer group inspired by a man named Holland who passed away after starting it. Holland helped recreate churches n multiple towns, which is what our volunteer group did, just help fix churches and other structures that were damaged or poor in design.

Programs used: Photoshop Personal Feelings: This was just a personal painting I did not too long ago and thought it would be cool to include it in this. Abstractly, this is just a metaphor that there is still life in people no matter how broken or damaged they are. Thus, the flowers and the grafitti.

10 - Even Tide

11 - Even Tide

Remnants This is really an idea based on near-absolute contrast. The combination of Yellow and Black really are made to stand out, like Taxi’s and School bus’s. It is made to revolve around that same “alert” theme that isn’t really done much in art, which is a damn shame because it looks neat-o.

Programs used: Photoshop Personal Feelings: If I had to be truthful, this was really a crossover of “that” titanic scene and pre-iphone apple commercials for their iPod line that was just silhouettes dancing to random music. It had no meaning, but it was just nice for a multi-billion dollar company to make such energetic commercials.

12 - Even Tide

13 - Even Tide

Fleeting Sunset This picture was made to be as California-esque as possible. Riding a bike in the sunset is such a nice view, so i tried capturing the joy of the rider as her hair flies back. The sunset was made with watercolor brush sets to accentuate a “mesmorizing” feeling.

Programs used: Photoshop, Illustrator Personal Feelings: The one thing I truly like about this is the whole “watercolor feeling” of it. How the white on the edges makes it feel like the whole thing was made on a paper is really wonderful to me.

14 - Even Tide

15 - Even Tide

Mujer Pelinegro This was just a random face painting I wanted to do. The title “Mujer Pelinegro” roughly translates to “Woman of black hair”. If you looked at the picture, you would understand why.

Programs used: Photoshop Personal Feelings: Please excuse how untalented I am at drawing faces, this is actually the first time I digitally paint a face so I was still wonky with it. At first, all I wanted to do was paint a rose, but it came out in a position where it could go on an ear, and thus a woman was created to finish the idea.

16 - Even Tide

17 - Even Tide

Varied Colour This was my most recent face, which compared to last page shows what 3 months of practice could do (which isn’t much apparentely). The main idea of the painting was just to make a dull looking person look bright and colorful. I also introduced the use of glossy skin tones which was a personal milestone I’ll probably forget about after I write this.

Program used: Photoshop Personal Feelings: Considering red is my favorite color, I actually like this. The wavy color-blur-eyethings are also something I was happy with. To be honest, this kind of looks like Scarlett Johanson but I wouldn’t want to offend her so all connections to her and this painting are denied.

18 - Even Tide

19 - Even Tide

Red Sun Down These two pieces are based on a western film and a take on what Mt Rushmore would look like in an ice age. The point was to make something interesting with the different shades of a particular color.

Program used: Illustrator Painting type: Monochromatic Personal feelings: I wished I worked on it more, looking at it now, it seems like it needed alot of work, especially the blue one. Blending was a technique I should have really implemented because the colors are way too hard for this painting.

20 - Even Tide

21 - Even Tide

Circa 1930 I decided to draw out a character that resembled the style of film noire, or something that looks old fashioned. The red color really pops out as a “hot” color in the picture, as if it just jumps and grabs you.

Programs: Procreate, photoshop Personal feelings: I have been a fan of Film Noir for the longest, ever since I first watched “The Big Sleep” as a kid. The style, the characters, the shadiness of everything, and the hyperrealism of it was mind blowing to me, and so I wanted to convey this kind of old fashioned vibe to this character. I really like the outcome.

22 - Even Tide

23 - Even Tide

Light in the Valley The lamp in the Valley signifies the complex struggles of the common creative being who wants to perplex a convincing reciprication of their absolute talents that often tend to go unnoticed. The creative then furthers on to advnance theirself to gain such approval and utter recognition from their peers and collegues, so that they can feel content at heart. They are the light in the lamp, that is enclosed by glass dimensions that not only mocks them, but they also have to live life seeing how others are getting the success they painfully desire.

Program used: Photoshop Personal Feelings: I was kidding about all that stuff, it’s just a damn lamp.

24 - Even Tide

25 - Even Tide

Hazy Arctic This painting was done as a way to show simple shadows in even the most basic picture. It just looks like a wickedly cold place to be, considering the sky in the back and the harsh-blue icebergs.

Program used: Procreate for iPad Personal Feelings: This was my first willing picture I did on the iPad, it’s nothing special so I don’t have much to say about it.

26 - Even Tide

27 - Even Tide

Frozen Founders These two pieces are based on a western film and a take on what Mt Rushmore would look like in an ice age. The point was to make something interesting with the different shades of a particular color.

Programs used: Illustrator Personal Feelings: Personal feelings: I wished I worked on it more, looking at it now, it seems like it needed alot of work, especially the blue one. Blending was a technique I should have really implemented because the colors are way too hard for this painting.

28 - Even Tide

29 - Even Tide

Cold and Bold I tried to emphasize the lights and darks of a glass as part of a class assignment. It was done in a couple of minutes, thus the lack of effort. If it were blended, it would look much nicer.

Programs used: Illustrator Personal Feelings: I did this in minutes, so this isnt anything special. It’s also one of the first paintings we did in this Art class. It needs blending so badly. “And I’m alone And I realize when I get home That I wanna go to my red and my cherry (wine)” -Amy Winehouse

30 - Even Tide

31 - Even Tide

Dry Contrast This high contrast style is really stylish. It goes against the “norm” and somewhat inverses the colors, at the same time limiting the amount of colors drastically. The black line behind the face further emphasises the contents of the style.

Programs used: Photoshop, Illustrator Personal Feelings: This picture seems really cool to me, and i primarily think it’s because of the black bar in the back. It just pushes everything forward and shows a sense of depth. I personally would like to work on this kind of style much more often. “This is a lime”

32 - Even Tide

-Luis Alvarez

33 - Even Tide

Color Trouble This painting was bizarrely inspired by the comic book character, Anti-Venom, from the Marvel Universe. Itis a character whos colors are black and white, but the pattern of the colors gives you the creeps. I took that concept, but instead of making mine look bizarre, I made it a girl with the same idea.

Program used: Photoshop Personal Feelings: I didn’t like how it came out, but the facial expression is exactly what i was going for. Something stone cold, yet wondering. “And you know you’re never sure But you’re sure you could be right If you held yourself up to the light And the embers never fade in your city by the lake” -Smashing Pumpkins

34 - Even Tide

35 - Even Tide

Cool in the 80’s This was a high contrast painting of what kind of looks like me but its only because I was just poseing my head so that there would be a “F**k yeah” kind of head tilt. The black bar in the back was done solely to bring out the colors even more.

Programs Used: Photoshop Personal Feelings: I do not condone the use of cigarettes, but I think this picture is pretty rad if that’s a word people still use nowadays.

36 - Even Tide

37 - Even Tide

Major Toms Place I decided to give a minimalist take on what a beach getaway would be in space. It makes no sense whatsoever, which is fine with me since it was just supposed to be a fun thing to do. The name is based on the Song “Space Oddity” by David Bowie, where the song describes an astronaut named Major Tom, who is stranded in space.

Programs used: Procreate for Ipad Personal Feelings: I would totally take a vacation on the moon if it weren’t for the whole “no oxygen” thing. “This is Major Tom to Ground Control I’m stepping through the door And I’m floating in a most peculiar way And the stars look very different today” -David Bowie

38 - Even Tide

39 - Even Tide

Poetry on Poetry I’m not a fan of poetry that has this format where words are seperated for dramatic effect. It’s not cute but Tina Fey is.

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