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How use correctly the technology

1.Avoid you technology hitting: if you hitting you technology a lot of times or very strong you provoke an expensive more. 2.Avoid the contact with the water: the 89% of the technology no is made for have contact with the water. If your technology have a contact with the water attempts to dry as quickly as possible. You can even put in rice and this first absorb water. 3.Avoid clean every so often: try to do not use water and thing that have a lot of chemical. Try clean with a pice of paper and slowly. If you made stronger can ruin specially if are touch. 4.I put it to charge: try to do not keep connected all day. The recommended are only put to charge 8 hours but is necessary the technology are off. 5.Avoid eat with your technology: to avoid accident try to do not eat with the technology around you because you can shed your juice, water o your food. 6.Avoid use a little things around the technology: try to dint use a little things around because can are dangerous for the technology and can ruin it. 7.Try to do not use the technology around the children: the children are curious and want touch and can ruin it.

8.Take care with the download: the application can have virus and you cannot know that, you only can take care. It is recommended read the cementation before installing something. 9.Do not reveal your passwords: is recommended do not reveal your password for you security and for avoid problems in the future. 10.For your health: for your health avoids use the technology a lot of time no is healthy use more than 8 hours on the day the computer and 6 the cellphone. 11.If your technology is connected with the internet: take care with the pages because can have virus and ruin your technology.

And these are some tips to use correctly the technology, and remember try to enjoy the life. Made some sport run, jump MOVE YOUR BODY!

you want to be fashion with the technology ?

Have the latest technology helps us to express ourselves better, have better communication from anywhere where you are. communication is one of the best things we can do, and do it in style is much better, have more and more tools as means to express, on the one hand to write the words and say what you think using only your imagination.

Lukanery is one of the largest companies of inventing technology that assists people of today to communicate more easily and at greater distances. Lukanery invented to more than 20,000 different types of cell phones, computers, digital cameras, printers, tools and more. Lukanery revolutionized the people of today increasingly innovate in their products for comfort buyers that and much more we offer in Lukanery, being a producer of technology globally had much influence on the population as positive, especially since that insist the young to take care of their planet. Lukanery is one of the few companies that help the planet by using solar energy to charge the telephoto. Lukanery has made technological projects to collect materials to avoid contamination because we discard the right way.

Lukanery offers this and a lot of things more because we always think in you, yes you. What you want? What you think? And the principal What you need?.

And for end remember that Lukanery’s company is your best option for buy the technology that you use all the day all the months and all the years.

The story of the cell phone

The story of the cel phone start in the Second World War the need for the military to communicate over long distances, for this reason Motorola created a cel phone hat worked with the radio signal.

First generation The first civil mobile systems begin to develop from the late '40s in the United States. Were analog radio systems used at first amplitude modulation (AM) and frequency modulation later (FM). The use of FM systems thanks to its superior audio quality and interference resistance became popular. The service was given in the HF and VHF bands. On 3 April 1973 the first call is made from a mobile phone, the Motorola manager Martin Cooper.

Second generation In the 1990s the second generation, using systems such as GSM, IS-136, iDEN and IS-95 is born. The frequencies used in Europe were 900 and 1800 MHz The development of this generation is a cornerstone of digitized communications. Digital communications offer better voice quality than analog, plus the security level is increased and manufacturing is simplified Terminal (with reduced costs that entails). At this time the source of several mobile communication standards: D-AMPS (USA.), Personal Digital Cellular (Japan), cdmaOne and GSM (U.S. and Asia.).

Third generation 3G born from the need for increased data transmission capacity to offer services such as Internet access on your phone, videoconferencing, television, and downloading files. At this time the technological development and enables a completely new system, UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System). UMTS uses CDMA technology, which makes it really reach high speeds (144 kbit / s up to 7.2 Mbit / s, depending on ground conditions).

Now The 4th generation, or 4G is the technological evolution that provides mobile user greater bandwidth allows, among other things, television reception in Upper definition. An example, we can mention the Nokia Morph concept mobile. Today there is a system level operating effectively only with some U.S. companies, called LTE. Furthermore, it is possible to manufacture using self Arduino5 phones.

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