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Torreon, Coah. Mex.

Portfolio 2019

Luisa Cabrera Industrial Designer

Luisa Cabrera Graduated Industrial Designer from the university ITESM Campus Laguna Dec 2017 Design skills: 521 8712111380 @luisafcabrera

Adobe Illustrador Adobe Photoshop 3D Modeling Graphic design Interior design Furniture design Experience design

Branding Rendering Sketching Conceptualization Creativity Time managment Visual communications

Professional Experience


Galería Juárez 2525 Art gallery in Torreón Coah. Mex.

Roles: social media manager, designer, event planner, art dealer and sales.

Art exhibition ‘Acontecimientos’ May 2018

Colective art exhibition inspired by events in our lives that transform us and make us who we are now as a person or as an artist.

Art exhibition ‘Rebirth’ Feb 2019

Rebirth graphic design

Estudio Juárez Art and design shop for the art gallery Galería Juárez 2525

Roles: social media manager, content creator, art director

Original content for social media and catalogs

Community Managment

Galería Juárez 2525



80/90 Creative studio in Torreรณn Coah. Mex.

Project: Cefini Sport Role: Designer Jun - Aug 2017 Graphic presentation for a rehabilitation and wellness center

Project: Cefini Sport Role: Collaborator Jun - Aug 2017 Interior and experience design for a rehabilitation and wellness center

School Projects


Guacamole Project: homeoffice furniture Date: Dec 2016 Desk created to fulfill the modern needs of freelancers and people who work from home.

M Chair

Project: Modular Chair Date: May 2016 Inspired by continuity and organic forms we created a chair that expresses transparency and stability


Project: Foodtruck inspired by international foods Date: Dec 2015 Concept and graphics for a waffle street stand.


Project: Toy for Dicactijuegos Date: May 2013 Toy designed for developing the mental, social and physical abilities of children. Cuvacity promotes a series of skills such as: problem solving, stimulate imagination, creativity, and teach children to think in 3D.



Profile for Luisa Cabrera

Portfolio Luisa Cabrera  

Portfolio Luisa Cabrera