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Path to the Light A Spiritual Journey with Ascended Master Godfre Ray King

Channeled by Dianna Gutoski

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First Printing, 2011 Printed in the United States of America

Table of Contents Forward Evolution Reincarnation The Ego The Search for GOD Awakening The Quest for Knowledge Physical Appetites Letting Go Is GOD an Angry GOD? The Act of Giving Questions Save the Earth Fortune Tellers vs. True Psychics Fear and Worry Live in the Present Choosing Your Profession Who Are You? Can You Really Help One Another? Miracles What is the Meaning of Alive? Hell and Heaven Happiness vs. Joy Is Religion Necessary? Damaging Energy Waves The Son of GOD Wisdom How Do You Choose To See Your World? Should You Fear GOD? Role Playing Fear of the Future Thinking for Yourself Remembering Your Life Attitude is Everything Kindness

Protect Yourself My Own Experiences with Protection Autumn Equinox Events Respect the Beliefs Is Having Fun A Bad Thing? About the Author ~Ascended Master Godfre~ Dianna Gutoski C. Liane Luini Other Books by Ascended Master Godfre Ray King

Forward When I was last embodied on earth I was chosen to be a messenger for the Ascended Masters. The series of books we published told about the Masters and their ways of working with the people of earth. These lessons are still available and are very important instruction for those seeking a spiritual path. I never thought that many years later I would be the Ascended Master giving the lessons to a new messenger, Dianna. This time I left out the stories and concentrated on meaningful lessons. These lessons are all geared to someone just beginning the Spiritual Path and searching for answers. There is no need to get overly technical or advanced until someone understands the basic premises of Reality. I realized that as the Earth accelerates her evolution into a higher form, many people will also be awakening to a higher version of their self. Teachers on earth are not always easily available. In order to grow and understand life one must have proper instruction. I have chosen to take on that role and teach the basics of what life is about and how a Human fits into the whole of reality. Sometimes the subject matter is similar in our lessons but each lesson adds to the whole. The concepts and ideas presented here are the realities that have been hidden by many who wish to control people. I offer you the freedom to know and believe what you may not have been exposed to. As we are reaching many people at all different levels of their evolution, the lessons will teach you what you need to hear. For many it will be a reminder of what they already know to be true.

I ask that you read my words with an open mind and heart. Feel the truth that is within them and let yourself open up to a most wondrous journey of discovery. The knowledge about who you really are and how this great Cosmos works. It is easier to play if you know the game. We welcome you on the Path to the Light. –Master Godfre

Evolution When most of you think about evolution, you immediately picture man evolving from an ape-like creature. That is understandable because that is what they teach in schools. Yes, evolution means change and growth—hopefully towards a better species. With evolution, species adapt to their surroundings in order to survive. Suppose you look at this evolution a little differently and you will see that Humanity has been on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years. Intelligent species have been on other planets and in other galaxies for maybe a million years or so. The whole universe is evolving, not just the creatures and beings that live in it. Look at the whole totality of Creation and you cannot begin to fathom how incredibility large it is. It is hard for a human to fathom our own galaxy—yet understand a universe full of many galaxies. What I am trying to say is that the term evolution concerns every living speck of matter in the cosmos. Because all of CREATION is energy and movement, nothing can remain static. I am sure that you already know that the stars and the planets are in constant movement. Coming back down to your Earth—everything is movement. Everything on earth, even supposed inanimate objects have a beginning, growth and use period, and an end cycle or death.

Now, as you grow as a Human, you evolve or change into a hopefully better being with more knowledge and wisdom. This process has been happening for thousands of years on this planet. Sometimes humans made great strides forward only to fall backwards again. Then slowly they go forward again. This is similar to what an individual may face with their many lifetimes in a physical body. Sometimes a soul in body makes the right choices and will learn a lot. Other lifetimes, wrong choices are made and it becomes a step backwards. Even within any given lifetime the process is the same. So many do not even realize this process is happening. They get lost in this physical world and personal growth means a school or a job. It may mean a better house, car or money in the bank. Yes, this is growth but not the kind that has any lasting effect. As has been said, “You can’t take it with you.” So, what kind of growth and evolution are we talking about? Think about what is permanent with you as a human. Your soul, conscious mind and memory, your emotions and feelings. Find what is the REAL you and concentrate your growth on that which is Eternal and you do take with you. You say—“why bother?” and “what are we evolving towards?” This is a tough subject to answer in a couple of sentences and we will discuss that more in depth later. For now concentrate on becoming a better human being and citizen. That is evolution towards having a better planet and a more respectable way of life. Respecting yourself, others and the planet with all of its many creatures and natural life. Together we can all evolve and grow into a better world for us to live in. At the same time, your growth stays with you in spirit and hopefully contributes to the whole of who you are. (6/28/10)

Reincarnation Do we only get one chance at life? That is a question so many people wonder and many religions try to convince us of that truth.

Many believe that you get one chance and then you die and go to Heaven or Hell. That is such an absurd concept taught by the churches to control people’s behavior. And so many people actually believe this! Well I AM telling you that heaven and hell are not actual places and what happens after death has nothing to do with either one. Now follow me on this: GOD created our Souls, the real you. This soul is Eternal life because we are created as a GOD spark—a part of GOD. I realize that this is a hard concept for some to absorb because you have been taught to believe otherwise. Keep that mind open and listen to me. This Eternal Soul exists in Spirit form most of the time and has a life without a body. You might have a regular job or you might take classes. There is no such thing as floating around on a cloud playing a harp. People who lead a harmful life do not go to hell—they go to Re-hab. I want you to understand that your soul in spirit is the real you. Now, where does this life in physical body fit into this picture? A soul can learn many more things if in a physical body. The challenges are many and varied and much tougher than existing in spirit. Life is about learning and experiencing and will include many tests and lessons. It is hard—it was never meant to be easy. While in body, we are born not remembering who we really are. We forget about our true spirit self and that whole world. From the time that you are a child, your whole life is about making choices. All day, every day, you make choices that will determine what you experience and learn. The key to a good life is making the proper choices. I am sure that you all know that, as everyone has made some unwise choices. There should be no judgment upon yourself for choices you have made. You learn a lesson from every choice. Some of you have a Spiritual longing inside, as you are missing that in your current life. This will lead you to search for something

to heal that longing. You will search for that re-connection with CREATOR and Spirit, as that is the real Truth in life. Others ignore the longing and fill their lives with many physical pleasures and material things. Many believe that these things will bring them happiness, but it does not work that way. Each attempt leaves you empty and searching for something else to make you feel joyful and whole. My friends, I tell you there is only one thing that can make a Human feel whole. It to find and reconnect with GOD our CREATOR—the Source of all life and energy. Now, I can already see some of you putting up resistance to this idea. You may have spent your entire life not believing in CREATOR. I can’t make you believe in anything and I would not even try. It is your choice. I AM here to tell you the Truth about life and hopefully get you thinking about it. Real truth is not found in any organized religion and I would recommend that you stay away from religion. They only want to control what you think and believe so that they can grow more rich and powerful. The search for GOD has been a Human trait since our very early beginnings on this planet or any other. We are all so much older and wiser that you can even imagine. Many beings have had hundreds of lifetimes in physical body. Think about that for a moment. It is the totality of who you are as a being. Understanding your history helps to know who you really are. Reincarnation is the term given to a Soul taking on another physical body to live. Each life will be different as you will have new lessons to learn. Your soul chooses your next physical life according to what they wish to experience. So, you see that even individuals in unfortunate circumstances made the choices to experience those things. There are no accidents—there is a reason to everything in life. This should also make you realize the Equality of everyone. Just because they choose a certain physical life does not make them better or less than you. No one is better

than another one as each life depends on choices made by their soul. Now, you have read my words and I hope it sparked some interest in the subject. I hope that all of you continue reading and research into reincarnation because it is the foundation of all life experience. Let your mind wander to consider the possibilities of what I have said to you. Be open to this Truth—in your heart you can feel the truth of it. That is all part of the joyous search to find the Truth about Life and yourself.� (06/25/10)

The Ego Some of you may have never heard this term before. What is your Ego? It is the part of you who has controlled you for all your life. It is the part of you that is ruled by emotions and desires and then gets you to make some wrong choices in life. It is the part of you that loves drama in your life and will create some out of anything. It is the you that judges others as well as yourself and then reacts to those judgments. It makes you feel angry, sad, fearful, ugly or beautiful in any given minute. Think of your ego as a director of a movie. This is the one that controls the action in your life. It can turn your life into anything from a grade B soap opera to a thrill seeking block buster. And your ego never lets you forget things that can trigger an emotional response in you. Sometimes it will urge you to do foolish things when intuitively you know that you should not do it. This ego will have you obsessing about the future or the past rather than letting you live in the present moment. You will recognize it as the constant chatter of dialogue running through your brain. It is a very big part of being human and it is like kicking an addiction to drugs. It feeds very heavily on the emotions rather than common sense and can be most powerful at getting your attention.

This ego is not a separate entity from you so you can’t blame it on someone else. No, it is a huge part of human make up that has to be put aside in order to find any peace and clarity in your world. It is a very hard thing to get rid of or get under control. It can become a battle. The more you try to fight it, the more it will try and control you. I am telling you now that this can be a lifelong project, but it is necessary to do so if you ever have hope to discover the Real you. Many books have been written on this subject and all have some good ideas for you to try if you so desire. Before you even try to gain control, you have to teach yourself to be observant and watch yourself. Self observation is one of the most important steps you will take on the path to Spiritual growth and Joy. I am not going to give a discussion on how to do all of this: that is for another time. My purpose today is to make you aware that the You that you think You are is NOT the real You. Do you follow me on that one? It is an actor in the movie script of your life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take back control of your own life? To really be in control and understanding yourself and all of the memories from your life. Everything that has ever happened to you will affect how you think and act today. Observation, questions, remembering and trying to understand how you came to be the one that you are today. (06/30/10)

The Search for GOD There are questions that we all have concerning a Supreme Being that most of us call GOD. Every religion on this planet has a different name for the Supreme Being. Nearly everyone acknowledges the fact that there is a Supreme Being that created our world and everything in it. Our whole universe did not happen by accident as some scientists would have you believe. Modern man did not evolve from tiny life forms in primordial ooze. There

are some people that still doubt that there is a GOD but I believe that universally, most do admit to a belief in a CREATOR Being. This is where it gets tricky. Scientists want physical proof of this GOD being. The proof is all around us in our lives. It is just not the proof that they want to see. Because this Being cannot be “seen,” all religions have their own ideas about it. What CREATOR looks like or what name to call IT is not what is important. To know in your heart without a doubt that this CREATOR is real is of supreme importance. This is where Faith comes into play in our lives. We feel in our Hearts that GOD is Real and we have Faith in the validity of this. So, once you establish in your own mind that there is a GOD/ CREATOR Being of our world, the questions start to come forth. Many just accept whatever their religion tells them. Too many others are free thinking and do not listen to any organized religion. These are the people that ask intelligent questions about who or what GOD really is. How do we find it? Can we talk to GOD and does GOD hear us? Endless questions come to you if you are one that seeks knowledge about Reality. I believe that everyone has the free will to decide for themselves what they will believe about CREATOR. It is an individual decision. Some will spend an entire lifetime looking for that answer and as a Human, they should. A Human is “programmed” genetically to search for GOD and the Truth about life and their self. What if I told you that we are all a part of GOD our CREATOR? How many could accept that fact and live with it comfortably? How would it change the way you live your life if you knew that you were truly a part of GOD? Everything in the cosmos is Created from a part of GOD. Think about that—contemplate it until you truly understand the truth of this.

Every Soul whether living in a body or in spirit, is made from a GOD spark from our CREATOR. Each soul is an individualized different expression of our CREATOR. So, if your soul is a part of GOD; when in physical body that soul entity expression in that physical body is a part of GOD. Therefore we are ALL part of GOD. That makes us really all Equal in value in GOD’s eyes, as we were all created from the Perfection that is our CREATOR. Belief systems may vary among the people but it really does not matter. No one is more “right” than another and therefore all religious fighting should cease. It does not make any sense to fight over who is more correct about what our CREATOR is. Our CREATOR loves us unconditionally and equally—therefore so should all of you in body strive for that. GOD just wants you to acknowledge ITs Presence and ask IT to be a part of your life. Seeing that IT is already a part of your life anyway, GOD wants to be an active part of your life. Acknowledge our CREATOR as being very real and ask wholeheartedly for GOD to work with you as a partner in your life. I guarantee you that it will change your life! This can be a totally silent bond between you and GOD or you can actively shout it out in a church. It does not matter to GOD. The search for GOD is very individual and you should never force your beliefs on another. All must come to make their own choice. GOD is not hidden away in a far off place and only talks to the priests. Remember that GOD is right with you every day. Our CREATOR’s fondest wish is for you to talk with IT. The churches would like you to believe that not everyone can talk with our CREATOR. That is so NOT true! Whether in prayer or just conversation, it does not matter. I recommend a combination of both. Consider GOD a best friend that you can talk to about

anything at any time and one that will care about you no matter what. Our CREATOR is not one to be feared or one that is apart from us. It is just the opposite. Knowing that you are a part of CREATOR gives you the strength to get through anything. It has been said “You will never walk alone,� as GOD is always with you. (07/02/10)

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Path to the Light, A Spiritual Journey with Ascended Master Godfre Ray King  

The Introduction, Forward and four lessons from the full book by Godfre Ray King.

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