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CLIENT Graphic and web design agency

BRIEF Creation of a logo that communicates at the same time irony and competence. Creation of a business card, a headed paper and a headed envelope.

SOLUTION A logo with a face of a smarty pants was created, a person that usually knows everything about his subject. The subject, in this case, it’s graphic design, as the pencil on his ear suggests. This smarty pants ,unlike the others who belong to this category that usually have a foolish expression, has a shrewd smile, typical of someone that knows a lot more than the others. The red color of his glasses gives a touch of vivacity.















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amo Noi, si BRIEF A logo that could communicate power and elegance, that was not too feminine (to avoid make people think that an image consultant is just something for women).

SOLUTION When you think of power and elegance, you think of royalty, but just one crown was not enough (and it’s also a very common image for logos). So, there are two crowns in this logo: the crown of the royal couple of the chessboard. In this way, it conveys the idea that “Style means power and elegance, both for men and for women”.

, mo ssato e a a i p s i o o r t N os si del n CLIENT la sinte , i quello a d a Ameriga Giannone, m i r p prim lo che image consultant di quel and Personal Shopper, . o t c’è sta in Chile. o m mento o. o t Noi sia n m e o m r t a nos ni l in ogni rriso ed in og o s in ogni ato o incontr o m o a i m s a i i bbracci bb No a a i e n h g c o lto to, ogni vo la, ogni pian o r ogni pa poi dato. e raccolto one o se pers r m e a v i i s d i ille No ere di m te e che s s e ’ l l e n sta o, son che son no. an poi sar mo Noi sia rivelazione… e mistero ore to d’am mo

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CLIENT High school

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BRIEF Creation of a magazine for teens to be distributed in a specific high school, inserting content written by their students.

SOLUTION As the purpose of this magazine was to let students express themselves freely, the name decided for it, was “Young Voice” . The brightly coloured logo shows someone speaking on the megaphone as young people often do during protests.

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BRIEF In additione to the name, already decided, a clock (a simple clock, “soft”) and the slogan “take your time when you need it”.

SOLUTION As the ideas of the client were really clear, it was possible to reach an effective solution in a short time. A “soft” and stylized clock was drawn by hand and than vectorialized. For “Liber Time” a playful italic font has been chosen. The slogan is a simple serif font that make a good contrast with the other font.

take your time w

hen you need it

CLIENT Independent label of t-shirts and hats


CLIENT Charity association

BRIEF Creation a brochure to explain the main project of the charity and creation of a post card (totally different from the brochure line) in green, using given children’s pictures.

SOLUTION For the brochure, the colors of the Iraqi’s flag have been chosen and a good emphasis on the logo has been put. Pictures disclose different sides of Iraqi charities forum activities. The post cards catch the attention of the viewer because of the pictures, and this should help people to be more generous.


BRIEF Creation of a cover, a booklet, an inlay card of a music cd of a music collection.

SOLUTION It was decided to create a cd of music from the sountracks of fantasy movies. This is why the title contains the word “fantasy” but also the word “compass” that recalls a famous trilogy “the Golden Compass”. The font chosen is a nod to the one used for “The Lord of the Rings”.

CLIENT Personal practise


CLIENT High school

BRIEF Create characters for a deck of cards, which are part of a board game about mythological and historical figures of the city of Naples.

SOLUTION The style chosen for the characters is the cartoon or comic-book style but it also harks back to the classical iconography. The images on the cards would draw the attention of teenagers and stimulate their interest about the history of their city . The logo uses classic fonts, but is playful because of the way the letters are arranged (sotto&sopra means “up and down�).


BRIEF Creation of e teens’ cover books.

SOLUTION After reading every book, in cooperation with the editor, it was decided to emphasize one aspect of the story, transforming it into an illustration for the cover. The style used is reminiscent of comics and anime.

CLIENT “L’isola dei ragazzi”, italian publishing house


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