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“In the enchanted village Clinging on the ravine, The earliest legends Skim the roofs with the wings of the hawks the atavistic guardian Of one case without time..!�

Tursi is..

an ancient village built around its castle during the V century of Cristian era. Tursi,as a whole, is distributed like a white sugar topping on a dripping hazelnut ice cream. It feels like climing over the steep hill. Indeed, a typical feature of Tursi landscape are the tuff columns that form the boundaries of the ancient part, almost totally abandoned nowadays.

What you will immediately love of Tursi is its initial reluctance to show its beauty, that suddenly comes out when you turn the corner: a lot of unexpected minarets make you wonder: “Where am I”. Smells and sounds can take you to “The Arabian nights”. Another mark of Tursi saracenic origins is its ancient name, Rabatana, that in Arabic means camp, the equivalent of the latin word castra (and the celtic burg), the same of the Morocco capital, Rabat.

Plunged in asperities, beautiful agrarian landscape surrounds Tursi from the northen windy hills to the fluorishing valley at South. Orange tree plantations spring everywhere and staccia orange variety is the symbol of local agriculture. Hospitality and courtesy characterize people living in Tursi, in some cases the proverb“l dej u dict e s piddjen u vrazz� becomes true; so it will be better not to socialize too much.

WHERE TO STAY AND EAT IN TURSI POETS’ PALACE (PALAZZO DEI POETI) The ancient canonic palace belongs to Popia family who have called it “Palazzo dei Poeti”. It was built at the feet of the castle, as one the several tunnels, in the 5th century it was the place where the guards lived as well as a safe exit for the lord of the Castel to escape from. The tunnel passing under the big hall was linked to the church in Rabatana quarter. The palace was enlarged in 1600. it had two levels as it is possible to notice looking at the façade in front of the church. This façade was completely built with stones and bricks and featured by a series of vaulted arches typical of this period. The third floor was built in 1834, as attested by important epitaphs, and it was the residence of the lord. The storage tank discovered was probably linked to other tanks in the Rabatana quarter which made a kind of water system.

OUR FACILITIES The restaurant The interiors of the hall, cosy and elegant, have maintained the original colours; the stone and brick barrel vaulted, the series of arches and the wooden-girder ceiling make the atmosphere suitable for each event.

The cuisine Good chefs make the past cuisine revive, reinterpreting old recipes; they innovate and refine traditional dishes in a continuous search of new emotions. The rooms  Accurately furnished, the hotel develops on two floors; on the first floor there are its hall and a big and relaxing terrace with a gorgeous view. All the rooms have a wonderful view and the suites, with big fireplaces, show a refined style and harmony between space and thoughts.

The Tavern & The conference room  Linked to the building, the tavern is a place where it is possible to listen to good music and taste the good wines made by the owners of the Palazzo dei Poeti. The conference room is as a link in the building. It is a modern room within there is balance between the ancient style and the modern technologies.

Our prizes


-         Single room from 50,00 € to 60,00 € -         Double room from 70,00 € to 85,00 €   Half board (Lunch or Dinner, wines and drinks included) -         Single room from 75,00 € to 90,00 € -         Double room from 120,00 € to 145,00 €   Full board (Lunch or Dinner, wines and drinks included) -         Single room from 100,00 € to 120,00 € -         Double room from 170,00 to 205,00 €  

The prizes include breakfast.

  Contacts:   Palazzo dei Poeti   via Manzoni - Borgo Antico Rabatana - TURSI (MT) ITALIA Tel. e fax 0835.532631 - 0835.532325


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