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November 2015

Naima BYE




Naima Naima has spent the last ten years creating an original repertoire and a distinctive sound which manages to avoid a simple classification within the world of jazz. Based in Valencia, the trio base their compositions on creating links and sonorous intensities among the three musicians, thus generating a perfect symbiosis between rhythm and melody, and also between experimentation and narrative. Naima explores the territory comprised between jazz,

Press ·Monographic en Radio 3 “Tres en la carretera” Conducted by Isabel Ruiz on 30/3/13. ·”A trio conspiracy” catalogued one of 2013 best Jazz albums on Distrito Jazz web ·Interview on El Pais newspaper regarding “A trio conspiracy” release (hp://

Mediterranean passion and popular contemporary musical styles. To great effect classics from the Pixies, The Smiths, Ellio Smith and Depeche Mode have been


included in their repertoire. This exploration has given

Enrique Ruiz

rise to 3 records: “A trio conspiracy” (Clamshell Records

Pianist. He undertook his musical schooling in Valencia and this included piano, modern

2013), “Buscas” (MilanaBonita 2010) and “Uno” (Comboi Records 2006).

harmony, composing and improvisation techniques. He has also successfully completed perfection courses on Improvisation at seminars throughout Spain, at the EMC of Madrid, and in the MOOC of Berklee College of Music, with musicians such as Kenny Barron, Arturo O'Farill, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mike Mossman, Michel Camilo or Gary Burton. Enrique has been part of Naima since the very beginning as well as being part of

The British producer Tony Pla, who has worked with jazz groups such as The Bad Plus, has participated as sound engineer in our last album, and Ray Staff, who has worked with bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Clash

other groups of World Music and Pop in which he has performed at various festivals all over Spain. He has also played the piano as a solo artist in piano bars and clubs in the cities of Amsterdam and Prague. Luis Torregrosa Drums. He carried out his instrumental schooling together with composing and

or Muse, has taken Mastering to a new level on Naima´s

perfection courses on improvisation at seminars with musicians of the caliber of Horacio

new album. In this piece of work, the power of a trio

“el Negro” Hernandez or Jordi Rossy. He was on the payroll of a great number of bands

playing the double bass, the drums and the piano is

and solo artists such as the Big Band of Godella or Soledad Vélez. He is an original band member and has been with the group since its inception 10 years

taken to joyous extremes. With a highly professional

ago. He is specialized in electronic music as well as new technologies applied to Jazz.

production, this disc is a striking example of the fresh-

Rafael Ramos Sania

ness, uniqueness and great potential being offered.

Double bass. Born in Valencia, he is self-taught in the arts of classical and modern double bass playing as well as modern harmony, composing and improvisation. He has successfully completed improvisation courses in modal Mediterranean music with Christos Kanellos. He has recently joined Naima.

Live Performances The group’s participation at the following festivals

Naima proudly announces that their next release “Bye”

stands out:

will be out on January 2016 on Washington DC based

·Jazz & Cookin´International Festival. VLC (2015)

company Cuneiform Records Records. And will be distributed

·Seagram´s XVIII Jazz Festival de Valencia (2014)


·Festival Deleste. VLC (2013)


·Godejazz, Godella Jazz Festival (2008)



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