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Graziano G. Ravizza Presents:

The Robofox and the Lithium Accumulator

Tale extracted from RoboToys Chapter 0x002

From an idea by G. G. Ravizza & G. Pisaneschi Texts by Graziano G. Ravizza Illustrations by Roberto Ronchi English translation by Alessandro Drenaggi & Laura Munari

Colouring by Pamela Brughera e Roberto Ronchi Digital Character Development by Alessandro Amati SoundTrack by Davide Gatti (GCP) Special Thanks to Paolo Borella, Julian Smart (Anthemion Software)

Copyright Š 2011 by G. G. Ravizza All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from the publisher. Based on First ePub Edition v.0.3-04-AO-PDF, September 2010 Revision June 2011

ISBN: 978-88-6435-011-0 Visit the RoboToys web sites:

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RoboToons Publishing - Varedo (MB)

Excerpt 0xFFE

The Robofox and the Lithium Accumulator


« Tiberius » « What?! » « Would you please tell me a story? » « A story? But I was asleep! » « Come on, just one story and then I’ll go to sleep and won’t bother you again » « Tell a robomouse a story to make it sleep? If my friends knew about this they’d think I’ve gone mad! All right, come on up. But be quiet, or you’ll wake everybody up » BoSMi backed up a bit and, making the slightest noise, jumped on Tiberius’s bed. « What kind of story should I read to you? » « How should I know? A nice one, with a happy ending » answered BoSMi, making itself comfortable amongst the folds of the quilt.

« Are Aesop’s fables ok with you? » said Tiberius, rummaging through the books on his bedside table. « I don’t know any of Aesop’s fables. I know Haexop’s ones » « Haexop? Such as? » « Such as “The Robofox and the Lithium Accumulator”. Do you know it? » « No » smiled Tiberius. « But I think I know where this is going. Go on, tell me! »

The robomouse started whispering: « A robofox with flat batteries saw a lithium accumulator which had just been recharged. It tried to stick it in her battery slot, but the socket was different, it wouldn’t connect: “Old technological rubbish. It would have run out of power immediately anyway!”said the robofox to itself, and off it went »

« Excellent! You’re very good at telling stories » Tiberius smiled. « I know, but you were supposed to be the one telling me a story to make me go to sleep» « You’re right, but tell me another one, come on... » BoSMi agreed: « All right, all right. I’ll tell you just one more. I can’t remember anything about myself, but have tons of fables stored in my memory... let’s look in the files... here it is, you might like this one: “Digisnow and the Seven Robodwarfs” » « Awesome! » exclaimed Tiberius, amused. « Do tell, do tell... » « So... once upon a time... » BoSMi had yet to begin the fable but Tiberius was already sound asleep. That day’s excitement had clearly worn him out. « Tiberius... Tiberius... Tibe! » whispered BoSMi. « Bah, he fell asleep. All right, then » The robomouse bit on the quilt and covered Tiberius up, then moved towards the end of the bed, crouched down and closed its mechatronic eyes, satisfied.

...Why a strange toy robot is telling a story to a smiling boy? This and more you'll discover in RoboToys Chapter 0x002. Already available for free... on the web.

visit: RoboToys (c) 2011 Graziano G. Ravizza

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