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community Benefit & Annual Report 2012

Changing The Caring Experience.

Longmont United

NEW @ Longmont United Hospital da Vinci® Si™ Surgical System The da Vinci® Si™ Surgical System is the newest addition to our operating suites. This surgical system has features designed to provide efficiency in the operating room, many of which translate to patient benefits. The system itself offers enhanced 3D, high-definition vision with up to 10x magnification, superior visual clarity of tissue and anatomy, and surgical dexterity and precision far greater than the human hand. These technological advancements provide our surgeons with precision, dexterity and control that enable a minimally invasive approach for many complex surgical procedures. For most patients this less invasive approach results in a smaller scar, less pain and a faster recovery. da Vinci’s advanced level of technology takes surgery beyond the limits of the human hand. This acquisition complements our goal of extending minimally invasive surgery to the broadest possible base of patients. It can be used for a multitude of procedures, including, but not limited to: prostatectomy, hysterectomy, myomectomy, and colorectal surgery.

Da Vinci Surgery

Tiny Scars. Quick recovery.

Changing The Caring Experience...

NEW @ Longmont United Hospital Dedicated Cardiology Services

Integrated Physician Services

To increase access to advanced cardiology services, Longmont United Hospital implemented a new dedicated cardiology program. Doctors Murry Dresher, John Stathis and Linda Backup now provide exclusive practice coverage at Longmont United Hospital. This includes emergency call coverage and all other cardiology services. These highly experienced cardiologists have extensive knowledge in cardiac care from incident to rehabilitation. Their strong working relationships with the hospital cardiac staff present excellent care both in the catheterization lab and on the patient floors. Dedicated cardiology services have further strengthened our commitment to provide outstanding, patient-focused care during critical care times.

Longmont United Hospital further expanded physician services with the addition of a cardiologist (Doctor Murry Drescher), three obstetricians and gynecologists, (Doctors Butler, Martin and Reitinger), two family medicine doctors, (Doctors Hernandez and Johnson), and an internal medicine doctor (Doctor Fowler).

Longmont United Hospital currently offers two catheterization labs, and premier 3D non-invasive cardio echo technology, to perform cardiac studies.

Changing The Caring Experience...

NEW @ Longmont United Hospital TrueBeam at Hope Cancer Care Center In an effort to take some of the trauma out of a cancer diagnosis, Varian has produced a more caring experience for patients, the Varian TrueBeam™. TrueBeam was installed in the Hope Cancer Care Center offering radiation therapy that provides a more comfortable and quicker treatment for the patients with pinpoint precision. Radiation therapy uses radiation to destroy cancer cells. The Varian TrueBeam has the ability to synchronize dose management, patient positioning, imaging, and treatment during the therapy. The new image-guided radiation therapy cuts treatment time and enhances patient safety. TrueBeam allows ultra-accurate approaches to breast, prostate, and other cancers. TrueBeam even takes patient breathing patterns into account. From a physician’s point of view, TrueBeam increases accuracy in targeting cancer. From a patient’s perspective, TrueBeam means a better radiotherapy experience. Patients may benefit from:

• Less repositioning

• Shorter radiation treatments

• Reduced number of treatments

T ru e B e a m Fast & Accurate.

Changing The Caring Experience...

NEWS @ Longmont United Hospital Best Practices for Breastfeeding Award The BirthPlace at Longmont United Hospital was honored to receive the Colorado Can Do 5! Award presented by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The department’s goal is to increase the percentage of mothers who report some breastfeeding of their infants at six months of age from 61 percent to 65 percent. Supporting mothers in their breastfeeding efforts is effective and inexpensive early intervention to the prevention of obesity. The five best practices to receive this award and implemented at Longmont United Hospital were: 1. The infant is breastfed in the first hour after birth. 2. The infant is fed only breast milk in the hospital. 3. Th  e infant stays in the same room with the mother in the hospital. 4. The infant does not use a pacifier in the hospital. 5.  Hospital staff gives each mother a telephone number to call for help with breastfeeding after being discharged from the hospital.

Changing The Caring Experience...

Message to the Community


A year of planning for the new healthcare reform. A year of changing for a new healthcare industry.

The changes and challenges presented by healthcare reform required new approaches to healthcare delivery, new cost structures, and an active pulse on performance. During 2012, we successfully assessed the care for patients who return too quickly after a hospital stay (readmissions) as well as access to healthcare in the communities we serve. In assessing how to reduce readmissions, Longmont United Hospital initiated a pilot program, Transitions of Care, in late 2011. This program increased patient education while in the Hospital coupled with post visit communication and follow-up. Our goal is to ensure that both care and appropriate resources were in place for when a patient returns home. By the end of the 2012, we had enrolled over 300 patients in the program and reduced our readmissions by 5%. As a Planetree designated Hospital, our whole person, patient centered approach reaches out to the community by offering tools to help individuals manage their own health. From

education classes and preventive screenings, to annual physicals and expert care provided by family and internal medicine doctors, we are determined to help you take control of your own healthcare. As of December 31, we now offer family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics, gynecology and cardiology services at Milestone Medical Group. Our goal is to have the right doctor in the right location for any individual needing healthcare. At Longmont United Hospital, we continually strive to advance the care to every friend, neighbor, and the communities we serve. We stay focused on providing safe, excellent patient care and are ever mindful that the quality of our service is dependent on having outstanding employees, physicians and volunteers. We thank all of our patients and their families for entrusting their care to us and we welcome your suggestions in providing safe, excellent care.

Richard Lyons, Chairperson, Board of Directors Mitchell C. Carson, President & CEO

Changing The Caring Experience...

Providing Excellent Care Core Measures Providing excellent care requires open communication with the entire medical team on best practices for providing the best care for every patient, every time. Just one way to review our patient care is to review our core measures. This graph represents four hospital core measures that continue to be a priority focus in 2012:

• Heart Failure

• Heart Attack

• Pneumonia

• Surgical Care

These areas were chosen due to the high risk, high volume and the challenging processes involved in caring for these types of patients. The close monitoring of core measures have shown to reduce the risk of complications, prevent recurrences and treat the majority of the patients who come to a hospital for treatment of one of the conditions listed.

Core Measures


Year ended December 31



2011 2012




80 Heart Failure Heart Attack Pneumonia Surgical Care

Changing The Caring Experience...

2012 Financial Highlights We continue to maintain and advance the level of services while providing $40 million of benefits to the communities we serve. In 2012, Longmont United Hospital continued to maintain and advance the level of services, while sustaining its value as a contributing community resource, by providing over $40 million of benefits to the community. This result is $9.25 of benefit for each dollar of tax relief granted from being a tax-exempt non-profit 501(c)3 hospital. Longmont United Hospital provided $5.7 million in charity care, $6.6 million in subsidized healthcare services and over $25 million in unreimbursed costs of healthcare services received by low income and/or aging members of the communities we serve. As a contributing community resource, we also were successful in meeting our goal to provide and enhance local healthcare services and to optimize the healing experience of patients. For the year ended December 31, 2012, Longmont United Hospital had a margin of 1.9% or $3.1 million. Inpatient

days and outpatient visits were 30,995 and 127,789 respectively. Expenses increased by 5.2% as a result of higher salaries, purchased services and hospital provider fees. As a non-profit community hospital, we are continually challenged to manage rising healthcare costs and declining reimbursement. We actively strive to achieve and maintain a margin. All margins earned are reinvested in services, equipment, and facilities so we can meet the needs of the communities we serve today, and in the future. We are very proud of the Hospital’s caring staff and physicians who continually meet these challenges while providing extraordinary care and optimum patient satisfaction.

Neil Bertrand Chief Financial Officer

Changing The Caring Experience...

Longmont United Hospital Statement of Operations For the Year Ended December 31 (In thousands)

Condensed Balance Sheet December 31, 2012 & 2011 (In thousands)

2012 2012 2011 Assets Revenue Cash 13,681 Gross Patient Revenue 456,152 445,447 Net Patients Accounts Receivable 21,489 Less Contractual Allowances (254,634) (248,326) Inventories 4,454 Charity (22,203) (23,528) Other Current Assets 4,059 Provision for Uncollected Patient Accounts (14,581) (15,870) Total Current Assets 43,683 Net Patient Revenue 164,464 157,723 Other Operating Revenue 3122 3,204 Board Designated Funded Depreciation 73,031 Total Operating Revenue 167,586 160,927 Bond Indenture Funds 16,019 Expenses Total Assets Limited To Use 89,050 Salaries and Benefits 78,530 75,042 Net Property, Plant, Equipment 100,924 Supplies and Other Expenses 67,752 62,798 Other Assets 8,041 Professional Fees 6,374 6,296 Total Assets 241,698 Depreciation 10,225 10,324 Liabilities and Net Assets Interest Expense 4,315 4,460 Current Liabilities 24,398 Total Operating Expenses 167,196 158,920 Long Term Debt 98,851 Income from Operations 390 2,007 Unrestricted Net Assets 118,281 Interest and Other Non-operating Income 2,706 2,149 Restricted Net Assets 169 Excess of Unrestricted Revenue Over Expenses 3,096 4,156 Total Net Assets 118,449 Assets Released from Restriction 33 15 Total Liabilities and Net Assets 241,698 Net Change to Total Assets 3,128 4,171

2011 16,204 22,594 5250 3540 40,696 70,625 5,118 75,743 102,796 7,353 226,588 24,314 87,316 114,806 152 114,958 226,588

Helping People in the Communities We Serve Each year we help provide services to communities in need of food, healthcare, wellness, and education. AIMS Community College American Cancer Society -Relay for Life Arapahoe Community College Berthoud Chamber of Commerce Bicycle Longmont Boulder College of Massage Boulder County Business Hall of Fame Boulder County Civic Forum Boulder County Fair Boulder County Housing & Human Services Boulder Valley Care Network Boulder Valley Women's Health Center Carbon Valley Chamber of Commerce Career Development Center Center for Personalized Education for Physicians Colorado AHEC Colorado Assoc. of Medical Staff services Colorado Cancer Research Program Colorado Physician Health Program Colorado Public Radio Colorado State University Community College of Denver Community Food Share Community Health Resource Library Dacona, City of Denver School of Nursing Diabetes Support Group Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley El Comite

Erie Chamber of Commerce Firestone, Town of Foothills United Way Front Range Community College Girls Night Out Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement Hospice Care of Boulder and Broomfield Counties Institute of Medical & Business Careers Iowa State Justin Parker Neurological Institute Lactation Consulting and Community Outreach Latino Advisory Council Latino Task Force Livewell Colorado Livewell Longmont Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce Longmont Area Economic Council Longmont Community Foundation Longmont Community Justice Partnership Longmont Council for the Arts Longmont Entrepreneurial Network Longmont Senior Expo Longmont Surgical Mission Longmont United Hospital Foundation Longs Peak Council – BSA Lyons Chamber of Commerce Lyons, Town of Mead Chamber of Commerce Meals on Wheels

Mental Health Partners Metro State College Mt. States Children’s Home Niwot Business Assoc. OUR Center PIMA Community College PrestigePLUS Senior Wellness Red Rocks Community College Regis University Rhythm on the River Rotary Club - Longmont Salud Family Health St. Vrain Valley School District Sunrise Lions Club Teen Childbirth Education Class Teen Parenting Class Tiny Tim Center University of Colorado University of Northern Colorado VHA Disaster Fund Via Walk to Remember Women's Work YMCA

Changing The Caring Experience...

Facts about Longmont United Hospital Planetree Designated Hospital + Hospital Services + 2013 Board of Directors, Leadership Council & Medical Staff Officers 2012 Statistics 94,648 outpatient visits 33,141 emergency room visits 7,669 admissions 1,097 births Average length of stay: 4.04 days Over 1,250 employees Over 200 physicians Over 750 volunteers

Accreditations and Certifications Accredited by The Joint Commission Breast Diagnostic Center accredited by American College of Radiology Laboratory accredited by College of American Pathologists Diabetes Education Program recognized by American Diabetes Association Accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer

Important Telephone Numbers Main Switchboard 303.651.5111 or 970.532.4809 Patient Information 303.651.5111 Find-a-Physician 303.485.3553 Cancer Resource Line 303.485.3558 Health Center of Integrated Therapies 303.651.5188 Hope Cancer Care Center 303.651.5252 The Homestead 303.651.5222 Milestone Medical Group Cardiology 720.652.8400 Family Medicine Lyons 303.823.6535 or 303.651.5326 Berthoud 970.532.4644 or 303.651.5100 Niwot 720.494.7100 Internal Medicine 720.652.8400 Obstetrics & Gynecology 303.682.1112 Women’s Imaging Center 303.651.5160

Changing The Caring Experience...


Longmont United Hospital 2012 Annual Report F


Longmont United Hospital 2012 Annual Report F