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THE MAP OF LIGHT LUG Light Factory Sp. z o.o. is a leading European manufacturer of professional lighting solutions with over 30 years of experience.

LUG Light Factory Experts in Lighting LUG Light Factory Sp. z o.o. is a leading European manufacturer of professional lighting solutions with over 30 years of experience. The company specializes in manufacturing infrastructural and industrial luminaires as well as decorative lighting for internal and external illumination of public utility buildings, sales areas and architectonic objects. A technology company established within the LUG Group to design and develop a SMART City class system and various IoT environments integrations. The LUG Urban system will help you make a maximum use of LED technology and will prepare your city for the challenges of the future.





years of experience


branches in Poland


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city place making Returning the city to its residents Strengthening the nature of space Functional optimalization The highest quality light, combined with the professional support of LUG's designers, is a perfect complement to every urban investment that is part of the conscious creation of safe and modern spaces. The process of creating such valuable space is called placemaking, which means a creative approach to place design. Not just buildings and infrastructure, but above all positive feelings.

A new space of light. For the city and its residents. 2


Park space Meet the family of park luminaires that will allow you to illuminate even the most demanding bilogically active environments – from squares and alleys, through campuses and promenades, up to playgrounds and whole parks.

Bring out the nature of light LUG park solutions consist of two luminaire families. First shares the design DNA of the AVENIDA LED luminaire, which was awarded the prestigious IF Design Award. The second family coming directly from the PARQUE LED luminaire will soon surprise you with its thoughtful and bold design.

AVENIDA LED The simple form of the luminaire fits into a variety of architectural environments - both modern and classic. AVENIDA LED comes in two versions: omnidirectional way of lighting gives a pleasant, soft light that ensures even area light distribution in all directions. The lens variant allows to direct light taking into account four different directions. There is also a possibility to customize the luminaire with other optics to create unique lighting effects that will match the specific lighting project.


Two lighting ways: directed & omni-directional 4 independent lens modules will allow you to shape the light and illuminate every detail o f the park's layout Recognized design Confirmed quality of the best design which will give your space a character Durable construction Aluminum alloy with reduced copper content increases corrosion resistance (IP 66 / IK 10). Universal mounting 48mm, 60mm, 76mm pillars universal mounting Smart-Ready AVENIDA LED can be equipped with NEMA or ZHAGA socket

Efficiency up to 146 lm/W

ENEC certificate

AVENIDA HERITAGE LED Park luminaire designed for pole mounting (fi 60-76mm), hanging on a handle (fi 42mm) and hanging on a rope with a diameter 6-15mm, which oryginally refers to recognized AVENIDA LED desig, giving it a little bit more classicist look.

AVENIDA BOLLARD LED Decorative bollard luminaire available in two heights 1000mm and 500mm, sharing design DNA of the award-winning AVENIDA LED luminaire. Perfectly illuminates walking paths, park alleys, housing estates, squares, playgrounds, promenades, stairs and walkways.

PARQUE LED Completely new park luminaire with a larger size, designed for pole mounting (in several design variants) and for hanging on a rope with a diameter of 6-15mm. Higher power range (up to 13 000lm) and extended colour temperature availability (from 2300K).


Give the city back to its residents. Naturally.

Biologically active space is of particular importance. This is where we rest, get rid of stress, spend time with family and friends. We create original solutions to make the space both attractive and safe. During the day and after dusk. We prepare advanced 3d models, model light from 2d plans, provide light management systems and light in line with the spirit of Human Centric Lighting.

Design a new city map. With the use of LUG professional design services, you will realize a vision that will bring the city closer to its residents.


Requirements & data analysis Advanced 3d modeling Reduction of light pollution


Palmiarnia, Zielona Gรณra, Poland The project awarded with the Best Best Lighting Project of 2019, at which an amazing effect was achieved, which not only interacts with the architecture, but also constitutes its soul.



Architectural space LUG architectural lighting allows you to illuminate any type of building - from historic buildings to to modern offices buildings. Always with uncompromising quality. Design support and related services will allow you to unleash the full potential of investment, and product customization will help us achieve a unique effect together.

POWERLUG LED Easy to install universal floodlight with high efficiency and recognized design quality. The POWERLUG LED luminaire can be equipped with many types of dedicated optics - starting with typical architectural illuminations (25 °, 50 °, asymmetrical - narrow and wide) to area and street lighting (e.g. sports fields and roundabouts illumination). The luminaire’s casing is made out of injection molded aluminum with an ideally selected composition in order to effectively dissipate the heat generated by the LED modules and power supply system, thereby serving as a radiator. Thanks to this solution, the designers were able to maintain a sleek form of the body, ensuring appropriate drainage of water and minimizing the accumulation of dirt, which could have a negative effect on the proper cooling of the LED modules and shorten their longevity. The installation of the POWERLUG LED luminaire is exceptionally ergonomic. When designing the luminaire’s casing, the constructors at LUG took into consideration many aspects, including the requirement of making the installation process simple and quick, as well as possible for a single person.




Modern architectural luminaire for ceiling and

Architectural luminaire for outdoor

wall mounting. Thanks to the use of a two-layer

applications, backlighting of the building's

optical system made of polyurethane resin,

surroundings as well as its facade.

it provides high resistance to harmful weather

It provides the possibility of power and


assembly configuration, while maintaining full homogeneity of the emitted light on the designed work planes.



Decorative architectural setting with high IP67

Highly effective industrial industrial luminaire

tightness, impact resistant (IK10), equipped with

you can successfully use as external

high quality sources LED light, which is

floodlight. Binding equipped with an optional

characterized by perfect lighting of architectural

accessory for suspended mounting on a rope.

values of objects, universal design, as well as the ability to control the color temperature of light.

Transform vision into reality. Full product customization LUG Light Factory offers extensive possibilities of modifying luminaires for the needs of project investments. The customization of LUG lighting luminaires includes changes of optical parts, photometry, frame color, dimensions and mounting method. We've created a customization department, in order to preserve the vision and architectural consistency of the designed objects



Strenghtening the nature of space. From idea to implementation.

When designing light, we always look at different variants and, in consultation with the Partner, choose the one that best reflects the nature of space, fits in with the environment, harmonizes with the local masterplan, accomplishes its goal. For this purpose, we use the latest methods of calculation and 3d modeling - so that the Partner knows the full potential of the space with which he or she works. Take advantage of LUG Light Factory's 30 years of experience in illuminating facades and buildings, which harmonizes perfectly with the surroundings, giving the space a unique character it deserves!


Hotel Europejski, Warsaw, Poland The main goal of the designers was appropriate exposing the architectural values of this exceptional object while maintaining proper elegance and subduing. Finally developed model met not only stringent maintenance requirements, but also surpassed investor's expectations.


Bałtyk Tower, Poznań, Poland Bałtyk Tower is a unique building that stands out from other office buildings in Poznań, not only due to its form, which changes depending on the viewer's perspective, but also due to its glass façade illuminated from the inside. To achieve the illumination effect, the architects concieved a unified line of light fittings throughout the entire facility. LUG Light Factory developed a solution to fully implement this concept, making it possible to maintain a similar style and, additionally, meet the extremely diverse requirements of individual tenants.


Infrastructure and transportation Meet the family of street luminaires that illuminate every road - from residential zones, access roads, parking lots, city centers and major city thoroughfares to traffic junctions, bypasses, expressways and highways To guarantee only the best lighting solutions, in the design and production process we use only the best components. Professional street lighting LUG luminaires are characterized by high efficiency reaching up to 155lm / W, L90Â 100 000h lifetime and excellent lighting parameters.

URBINO LED Lateral surface wind exposed: 0.039m2 Lifetime (L90B10): 100,000h Power: 23 - 160 W Luminous flux: 3,000 - 20,000lm A wide selection of optical systems Adjustable mounting (every 5 degrees) Wide range of modifications, including: DALI, DIM 1 .. 10kV, twilight sensor , NEMA / Zhaga sockets , iBLOC controller, knife switch, 10kV, NTC, tool-free access to the driver chamber, additional atni-corrosive protection for work in a saline environment.




Functional luminaire designed to illuminate

Street luminaires with an expanded optics

bicycle paths, housing estate roads, access

chamber and LED matrix of maximum 96

roads and roadways with less traffic. The

LEDs, allowing to

luminaire is not equipped with a glass -

effectively reduce installed power through

optical module is on the outside.

perfect luminous flux distribution. URBINO Plus LED is equipped in adjustable arm (-10 / +90 degrees) and clips closing.



Professional street lighting

Street lighting solution with a maximum

characterized by excellent

144 LED matrix, which guarantees the

lighting parameters, comfortable

highest luminous flux range up to 45,000lm.

and quick mounting, easy servicing

URBANO Plus LED is equipped in adjustable

and a slim attractive line

arm (-10 / +90 degrees) and clips closing.

TRAFFIK LED The infrastructure luminaire TRAFFIK LED is the essence of energy efficiency and productivity of the LED technology. Innovative approach to design combined with LUG’s many years of experience have allowed to create a luminaire with optimal parameters that will let you enjoy immediate benefits of the intelligent LED technology.


Your city. Only the best solutions. Designing the light for cities which is just right is our passion. By implementing various lighting projects in 70 countries around the world, we have gained experience that allows us to find the optimal solution that not only meets all the required standards, but also provides adequate comfort to all road users and generate maximum savings.

Baseline study Road class selection Streetlighting project While looking for the best possible solution for the project, we use the latest visualization methods, calculate the impact of the light to the immediate area and customize the luminaires if need. All of this to meet the requirements, reduce the total installed power and provide the best lighting solution for all the traffic participants.


Effective and safe infrastructure thanks modern technology and experience.

Light for the city.

As it should be.

Traffic safety Compliance with the standard for road lighting. Comfort Adjusting lighting requirements to the needs of all the users. Reduction of unnecessary light in the immediate vicinity of the road. No light pollution. High color rendering index. Low operating costs he use of LED technology with high energy efficiency (reduces the energy consumption by ~50%), Lighting management system (additional ~25% reduction), State-of-art luminaire design (more cost-effective maintenance).


A2 Highway, Poznań, Poland The Berlin – Warsaw highway link on the section running along the southern tolls of the Poznań agglomeration is used by 60.000 vehicles a day. With multiple highway junctions and city entries, this 6 kilometer long highway is recognized as one of the most critical infrastructure in Poland, where top quality standards of lighting, managament, communication and reliability are crucial. That is why we are very proud that the LUG URBAN met all the requirements of highest quality and functional capability and was chosen among other solutions.



Investment support services Take advantage of 30 years of LUG experience and create valuable space. With no barriers. Thanks to the dedicated LUG services, you can easily regain control over the city infrastructure, gain confidence in decision-making process and access to financial innovations. Check what we have prepared for you!


Competence hubs

3d design and suport


BIM design & suport

Requirement analysis



Technical operatives

Financial model


Project optimization


Control systems

Financing innovation

Location of luminaires on the map

No cashflow burden

Measurement of electrical parameters

Immediate modernization

Luminaire control Defining alerts Generating and exporting reports


First of all - create a concept! Creating a lighting masterplan for the city requires an interdisciplinary approach and complementary knowledge of many specialists, and each city requires an individual approach. Take advantage of the LUG placemaking experience and create comprehensive and coherent projects with a vision!

Secondly - design! Draw on the knowledge and experience of LUG Light Factory expert competence hubs. We provide access to proven knowledge and the latest visualization methods thanks to which your project will gain character!

Thirdly - finance! In the face of smaller european funds in the new budget perspective and rocketing electricity prices that can raise the cost of maintaining traditional infrastructure by up to half, the local government must reach for innovative investment financing methods. Discover the innovative lighting as a service model and learn how to prepare for any challenges without undue delay!

Fourthly - manage it! Create an effective and friendly city. Automatically. Discover all the functions of the LUG BIOT intelligent control system, thanks to which you will reduce electricity costs and optimize the maintenance process, while creating a solid foundation of the future smart city.


Intelligent lighting this is where it all starts Discover the capabilities of the BIOTcloud system. Manage urban infrastructure, set process automatization rules. Use the innovative functions of the BIOTcloud system to create an intelligent city based on the infrastructure you already have.


BIOTcloud. The smart platform for you. Smart City workplace Regain control of the city’s infrastructure with the flexible URBAN system! Location of the luminaires on a map, luminaire control, measuring electrical parameteres, defining alerts, generating reports and much more.

Smart sensors Innovate and develop the URBAN system based on the dedicated Smart sensors! Air quality measurements, traffic volume measurements, waste management, parking space management – tell us what you need.

Services Benefit from our experience and create reliable system adjusted to the needs of your city! Design, consulting, integration, maintenance, updating, retention – because every city is unique.

SmartCity URBAN. The energy of the city in one place Use smart technology for automatic infrastructure management. Save on energy and maintenance. Increase the users’ comfort. Innovate to increase your competitiveness – we will help you diagnose your needs and provide the best solutions!


Our story began in 1989 in Poland. It was a year of great transformations, which released the dreams of freedom and created space for people with passion. The concept of a lighting brand inspired by passion, ambition and entrepreneurial spirit. The dream of father and a son, of light enclosed in a beautiful form, created for the love of design and an obsession with the latest technology.

LUG Light Factory ul. Gorzowska 11, 65-127 Zielona Gรณra www.lug.com.pl

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The Map of Light (EN)  

The highest quality light, combined with the professional support of LUG's designers, is a perfect complement to every urban investment that...

The Map of Light (EN)  

The highest quality light, combined with the professional support of LUG's designers, is a perfect complement to every urban investment that...