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LUG Light Factory Sp. z o.o. is a leading European manufacturer of professional lighting solutions with over 29 years of experience. The company specializes in manufacturing infrastructural and industrial luminaires as well as decorative lighting for internal and external illumination of public utility buildings, sales areas and architectonic objects. A rich product portfolio, with over 6 thousand different versions of luminaires, allows the company for providing a comprehensive set of solutions for all kinds of projects. An in-house team of lighting designers, an R&D Department with a fully equipped laboratory and a Customization Section allow LUG for adapting its products to the individual needs of even the most demanding projects.


Development is not a goal. It is a fascinating journey. „The one thing that all great cities have in common is that they are all different” Technological revolution that we are witnessing makes it possible for us to re-define the common space. It offers us a unique chance to understand more and act more effectively than ever before.Responses to our pressing problems are closer than ever, and the light that liberated us from the darkness once, has still one more important urban story to write. Decisions on how our city will be shaped and in which direction it will develop in the future are made already today. Economic, social and environmental ambitions of cities reshape them in a process of a fascinating journey. If you are searching for the best solutions for a city and its citizens – you have found a partner who has reliable knowledge and vision to support you in your journey. This brochure is a brief introduction towards LUG comprehensive smart urban lighting solutions. We hope that it will help you to forge a path towards a vision for your citizens and your city’s future.

Michał Macewicz Product Marketing Manager LUG Light Factory


State-of-art urban lighting solutions

Everything starts from the modern lighting infrastructure of your city. This neural network, which makes it possible for you to derive measurable benefits right now, at the same time prepares your city for the upcoming changes. LUG’s comprehensive street lighting luminaires offer help cities create safer, more energy-efficient and future-proof infrastructure.




COMPREHENSIVE Wide range of Urbano family luminaires make it possible to deliver outstanding lighting quality and savings up to 50% on any road situation – from pedestrian crossings, cycle paths and parks, to city and express roads. Moreover, dedicated optics will help you provide optimum directed light flux in any lighting project.

TRANSPARENT We use only highest quality components in both design and production process to deliver best LED luminaires. We provide external certificates, approvals and compliance with international directives, as well as our own certified laboratory based tests to conform to partners highest expectations.

END-TO-END To guarantee only the best solutions, we have established LUG Light Urban – a team of expert knowledge comprehensively supporting your projects - from conceptualization, through financing and lighting calculations, to engineering and certification.







LUG LED luminaires are characterized by long life amounting to one hundred thousand hours, which translates into over a dozen years of effective and maintenance-free operation. LUG luminaires can be optionally equipped with dedicated smart controllers, making it a smart – ready solution for future investments.



A series of optics systems developed by LUG’s engineers allow for directing high quality light on the road in an optimal way. In new investments, this allows for arranging the light-posts every 45 meters. Whereas while modernising already functioning infrastructure (lamp-posts placed every 28-30 meters) a reduction of energy consumption by 30-40% compared to conventional technology is possible.

10-12 m 10-12 m 38 - 45 m





38 - 45 m

Optimally directed light increases the comfort of all road infrastructure users by improving visibility and colour perception as well as reducing glare eect.


LUG LED Luminaires



CONVENIENT MOUNTING = SAVINGS Operational expenditures accounts for almost 80% of total lighting infrastructure spendings. With LUG thoughtful engineering you will effectively optimize maintenance costs - fast and safe mounting guarantees seamless installation, whereas outstanding lifespan of the luminaires narrows down the number of necessary replacements.









New City Map. Simply delivered. Decisions on how our city will be shaped and in which direction it will develop in the future are made already today. If you are searching for best solutions for a city and its citizens – you have found a partner who has reliable knowledge and vision to comprehensively support you in your journey.

see our smart city animation


Professional LED luminaires compatible with leading smart platforms! 6



Smart lighting is the easiest path to smart city The city of the future is within reach for those who use our innovative solutions. We help to write urban stories at every stage of the project, sharing our long experience and passion for creating best lighting experience. We design “future-proof� solutions, as we know perfectly well that the passion for improving The City Map has no expiry date.

Benefits of Smart lighting Automatic notifications Real-time reporting on important maintenance parameters will result with optimized maintenance, better planning, reduced costs and extended lamp life.

Power metering Precise energy metering, which may be converted into detailed energy usage and savings reports.

Accurate real-time data Smart analytics per an individual light point or their groups presented with dashboards, heatmaps and charts will help you make better decisions about your infrastructure.

Remote management Programmed or ad-hoc ON-OFF cycles and dimming will give you control over individual light points or whole clusters.

Additional environmental sensors Hardware and software support for additional NEMA / ZHAGA devices will let you upgrade lighting infrastructure.

On-demand dimming Adaptive lighting schedule and advanced real-time dimming will result in further operational savings.



up to

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of life cycle cost is energy and operational



of life cycle cost is capital, financing

Save up to 60% on municipal operating expenditures!

Make the capital expenditures count!

With modern LUG LED lighting solutions you will cut energy bill by half, reduce your carbon footprint and avoid costly servicing which directly translates into lower operating costs of the lighting infrastructure.

Efficient LED technology with professional lighting calculations guarantees fast ROI and provides instant benefits in terms of energy efficiency, safety and financial stability. We can also help you finance the investment - contact our representatives to see the details!

IoT Controller

Plug&Play wireless lighting controller (iSLC) with dimming, metering and sensor input Lacal mesh clusterfeatures: self-healing self-configurating self-organised

data gathering management reporting


Data storage and distribution


Smart lighting platform

IoT Hub / gateway

Switchboard for a group of intelligent wireless lighting controllers (iSLCs)

Westerplatte , Zielona Gรณra, Poland


Smart City framework

Smart technology is a historic opportunity to rethink and reinvent cities on a more open, transparent, democratic and responsive model. LUG Light Factory helps transform cities into smart by integrating municipal systems, which simply translate into managing resources more efficiently. Mesh smart lighting environment is a first step towards smart city solutions.

Featured solutions


Lighting Lower energy consumption, cut costs, and simplify maintenance.

Environment Protect lives and infrastructure from environmental damage through hyperlocalized monitoring and predictive modeling.

Parking Generate revenue with demand-based parking while reducing the search time for citizens.

Safety and Security Accurately detect incidents and protect against crime through digital monitoring.

Urban Mobility View live street conditions to gain insight on how to improve traffic management.

Waste Management Manage, collect, and track waste bins to avoid overflow and health hazards.

An ever-growing opportunity

Smart technology reconcile citizens with their urban environment to boost collaborative, sharing and circular cities. With this huge balancing act between people and technology partnering is essential. We will help you translate all the modern challenges into opportunities!



• Big Data • Connectivity • Smart Lighting • Interoperability • Electric transportation • Waste management

• people empowerment • equity and social innovation • public safety and security • livability and resilience

• Smart mobility

• sustainable economy

• Urban utilities

• zero carbon emission

• Parkings

Partnership with Cisco

To support you with the comprehensive state-of-art Smart City solutions, we established a partnership with CISCO - global technology leader and largest networking company in the world. It gives us a unique chance to provide you with complete IoT solutions and municipal utillities integration to let your city flourish.


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FUTURE is SMART by LUG Light Factory  
FUTURE is SMART by LUG Light Factory