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Intelligent lighting for Industry 4.0


LUG for industry

See what you can gain and benefit from the support of experts with over 30 years of experience in lighting production halls, warehouses, parking lots and logistics centres. 3

Thirty years in the industry means thirty years of experience for LUG Light Factory.

1989-2019 Thirty years of experience. The story of LUG Light Factory began in 1989 in Poland. This was a time of great changes, which brought about a desire for freedom and created space for action. We have created a lighting brand inspired by passion, ambition and entrepreneurial spirit. We have made the dream of closed light in a beautiful form, created out of love for design and the latest technologies come true.

90 lm/W

50 lm/W



100 lm/W



Modern lighting for industry. Professional lighting for industry is as unique as the people who use it and the objects it illuminates. Focused on people and their needs. Taking into account the specificity of space and the tasks that are performed in it. Dedicated to individual needs while meeting technological standards. These are solutions designed for many years of use with a concern for the comfort and safety of employees.


LUG for industry

Smart lighting 2019. LUG products from factories in Poland and Argentina illuminate remarkable places in 70 countries. Thanks to our team, which already consists of 700 people, we are able to spread to new markets.

200 lm/W 120 lm/W





2020. High efficiency. Modern luminaires can already achieve four times the efficiency they could 20 years ago. In combination with modern solutions, they provide a quick return on investment, even within just five years.


Industry requires smart investments. Build, modernise, light. Smart LED solutions equal savings and environmental responsibility.

Hala 100-lecia Cracovia. (Cracovia Centennial Hall) 6

LUG for industry


Reduce spending on energy and assembly. Rising labour and energy costs require well-considered investment decisions. The combination of the high efficiency of LED luminaires and lighting control results in noticeably lower lighting bills. Energy-efficient solutions are supported by a well-thought-out assembly system, which significantly reduces the costs of preparing industrial facilities for operation as well as maintenance costs.

Take care of the safety and comfort of work. Ensuring proper working conditions is not only an obligation. Above all, it is a value whose importance cannot be overestimated. Lighting appropriate to precisely defined needs increases the efficiency of teams, increases work safety and reduces the number of accidents while performing duties. What is more, it has a significant impact on work comfort, positively influencing the well-being of employees. We guarantee high technical parameters and a competitive price.

Increase the efficiency of your investment. High quality lighting is an investment that pays off. A professional facility manager appreciates the importance of proper lighting in valuing the property they manage. Taking care of comfortable and failure-free lighting systems is one of the key elements to which they should devote their attention. Thanks to this, the funds invested in the project will quickly pay for themselves, increasing your prestige and encouraging you to make bold business decisions.

Reduce negative impact on the environment. By choosing professional LED luminaires, together with us you take responsibility for the environment in which you work and develop. LED technology means a lower energy demand and a guarantee of a longer lifetime for your luminaires. Out of concern for the environment, we have eliminated any hazardous factors. We have managed to do this even for those stages of production that can usually pose a major threat to the environment and to people.


High efficiency. Unrivalled power of LED solutions.



LUG products are lighting solutions entirely based on the achievements of LED technology. The highest quality of the diodes we use ensures their high efficiency and unrivalled parameters compared to conventional luminaires. Their extraordinary capabilities are complemented by a wide portfolio of lenses. The use of optical possibilities allows for a perfect lighting design, taking into account the most advantageous and individual light distribution for the room.


LUG for industry

acy POWERLUG LED. High efficiency with passive cooling.



LED in a new light. A full spectrum of solutions for your investment Smart lighting. Adjusting the lighting intensity to the optimal level increases employee concentration and reduces energy consumption. Production halls, warehouses, logistics centres – all of these spaces permeate each other, creating a coherent whole. However, each requires a different type of lighting. We can provide them.





The lighting must be adapted to the specific situation. Changing the light intensity and colour temperature can provide any place with the appropriate lighting.

Production hall. In low rooms where workstations are evenly distributed and in halls where work does not take place on a horizontal plane, it is necessary to use luminaires with a wide light distribution.


LUG for industry

Configure zones, adapt to the facility, save money. Detection of people and vehicles. Sensors control the lighting according to the number of people in the room. If no one is in the illuminated area, the lights are first dimmed and then switched off after a preset time. The whole process takes place automatically.

Solutions created on the basis of the principles of Human Centric Lighting reproduce the variable parameters of natural light, at the same time adapting them to the circadian rhythm.

Offices. Solutions created on the basis of the principles of Human Centric Lighting reproduce the variable parameters of natural light, at the same time adapting them to the circadian rhythm.

High-bay warehouses. Industrial areas. Industrial areas also include the lighting of squares and access roads to individual facilities. Luminaires should be designed to enable vehicle identification, efficient loading and unloading of goods, as well as improving pedestrian safety and minimising the risk of theft

Sensors control the lighting according to the number of people in the room. If no one is in the illuminated area, the lights are first dimmed and then switched off after a preset time. The whole process takes place automatically.


An illuminating project.

A professional design. The lighting design of your factory will reduce the number of lighting points, save energy, divide the space into zones by selecting the right lenses and the best solutions to ensure efficient and safe working conditions, taking into account existing or planned lighting infrastructure.

A team of designers for you. When selecting luminaires for your investment we ensure that they are fault-free and fast to assemble. We ensure proper resistance to chemical substances and mechanical damage, as well as exceptional tightness. In addition to high efficiency, longevity and appropriately selected optical systems, we provide an extended warranty period. 12

LUG for industry

What you gain: Professional audit of energy needs, documentation containing lighting intensity simulations, 3D modelling, certificates confirming compliance with norms, a layer with lighting, BREEM and LEED analyses, a project prepared in the Dialux and Relux applications. 13


LUG for industry

Where precision counts. Our lighting systems begin their work. Eksjรถhus, Sweden. 15

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LUG for industry

Modular design. When technology follows function.

omponent quality When designing our products, we overcome limitations. Thanks to its modular design, we adapt the product to your requirements at the stage of developing individual components. Using dedicated optics, we can light up even the most demanding spaces, taking into account light intensity and colour temperature. All this to ensure maximum comfort and safety for your employees.


70% Up to 70% energy savings after the lighting audit A comprehensive lighting audit and the implementation of recommended lighting system upgrades can save up to 70% of electricity costs.

Stages of conducting a lighting audit




Local review

Counting individual types

Preparation of the project

of luminaires in rooms,

taking into account the

counting their power

applicable standards.

and wear status.

In the event of a deficiency in the current installation, indication of the components to be fixed.


LUG for industry

The audit includes Evaluation of the current state of the lighting system. Possible modernisation activities, including: • their scope, • technical and economic parameters with an indication of the optimal solution, in particular from the point of view of

The audit helps

economic efficiency. A comprehensive lighting audit and the implementation of recommended lighting system upgrades can save up to 70% of

Define the upgrade method. Choose solutions focused on the

electricity costs.

best economic and energy efficiency. Obtain the possibility of project financing. Save up to 70% of electricity costs.



Preparation of an offer

Lighting intensity

together with a calculation

measurement on the

of savings and estimated

modernised facility,

return on investment, with

confirming design

appropriate assumptions


for use of lighting during the day.


Take into account every point of view.

High-bay warehouses.

Logistics centres. Vehicles require excellent

Warehouses require lighting of the space

lighting of shelves and access roads. The lens

between shelves as well as the goods on the

system allows you to illuminate exactly the

shelves. A dedicated luminaire allows for

places you need.

uniform illumination of both low and high areas regardless of the width of the shelves

A modern fast-assembly line designed to light up

and the space between them.

large commercial interiors, production facilities and warehouses. The necessity of rearrangement is not connected with replacing the entire lighting system, but only with changing a single module or supplementing the system with new modules from the LUG portfolio.

Recommended products

Recommended products




Dedicated optics, providing

Ideal for illuminating the

Dedicated for lighting

configuration flexibility.

spaces between shelves

the entrances to halls and loading bays.


LUG for industry

Production halls. Assembly halls. Industrial facilities require special lighting to ensure comfort and safety. Modern systems adjust lighting to the type of activities or conditions in which they are used. A variable mounting system allows for the adjustment of the systems to the defined requirements of the facility. Industrial luminaires, most often used in large-area warehouses and production halls, mounted on height-adjustable steel ropes, ensure appropriate lighting properties, i.e. parameters compatible with lighting standards while minimising the number of light points and, consequently, costs.


Recommended products LUGTRACK EVO


Smart lighting module with

Ideal for illuminating the

Dedicated for difficult

zoning. Automatic change

spaces between shelves

working conditions.

of colour intensity and temperature when motion is detected.


Office work. Corridors. We spend a lot of time at work. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the appropriate comfort of employees, using modern lighting systems adapted to the specificity of the rooms. We take into account the height and layout of the rooms where the modular system design works best. Automation will ensure the highest comfort of work and adjust the intensity to the needs of employees. Rooms requiring precise lighting will be equipped with modules with dedicated optics, which can be expanded to create scenes.

Recommended products LUG CLASSIC SLIM


The flush-mounted

Dedicated for work that

luminaire shines on the

requires precision.

whole surface of the shade.


LUG for industry

Underground car parks. Parking facilities. Provide safety for vehicle users and pedestrians. Properly selected lighting does not cause glare in low rooms – it provides comfort and safety. Excellent visibility of the parking space and access roads means not only an even distribution of light intensity over the entire area, but also properly selected parameters and lenses. The lighting control function and the expansion with automation modules are also important to ensure the highest standards and comfort.

Parking facility automation The tracking system is an adaptive wireless lighting control solution. The self-learning algorithm provides higher comfort and convenience and saves energy. The system starts learning from the moment the power is turned on. The device constantly learns movement patterns, so it will adapt to possible changes such as: changing the layout of partition walls. In addition to increasing the light intensity in a predictive manner, the system dims it according to the actual movement.

Recommended products ATLANTYK OPTI LED


Versatile product with

Where quick assembly

excellent lighting

is important



Access roads. Loading areas

Recommended products

Loading areas and road transport are exposed to numerous risks, both for employees and vehicles. We know how to reduce the dangers associated with work by ensuring proper



For smaller outdoor

Ideal for access routes


and car parks



Lighting for facilities

Reduced power floodlight,

and open and closed areas

mounted on horizontal

lighting of parking lots, access roads and loading areas.

Smart control Thanks to the wireless communication of the sensors built into the lighting, the system anticipates users’ behaviour, being one step ahead of them.


LUG for industry

and vertical surfaces

One lighting, multiple configurations. Seco Warwick. Ĺšwiebodzin 25

The numbers speak for themselves. Seco Warwick, Ĺšwiebodzin, Poland


LUG for industry

Optimisation is the greatest method of saving money.

When designing lighting, we overcome limitations. For more than 30 years we have been a manufacturer in the segment of professional lighting technology with high technical and utility requirements. Our product offer includes groups of industrial and sports lighting luminaires: outdoor – for illumination of buildings, streets, car parks or facilities as well as indoor – used in showrooms, offices and shops. These products combine modern design with functionality and excellent lighting parameters, confirmed by numerous quality certificates and complying with European standards. The procedures of the quality system ensure maintaining lasting customer satisfaction and a high quality level of services and products. The result – saving time in the design phase, ROI analyses, cost and energy optimisation.

Production hall. Case study example.

High ROI. Huge savings, Immediately. LUG CRUISER2 LED Plus

High bay conventional luminaire

204 W

450 W

18 239 PLN

26 098 PLN

Cost of purchasing a lighting system The cost of purchasing a lighting system based on luminaires equipped with conventional light sources is higher.

0,205 kW

0,405 kW

Luminaire power consumption. More power translates into higher electricity consumption, which results in higher costs of system use.

182 425 kWh

402 408 kWh

Total annual energy consumption

€ 45 607 / year

€ 100 602 / year

The choice of lighting systems based on LED technology allows for significant savings in operating costs.

Up to 58% less energy consumption per year.


Adjust your lighting rhythm to suit your employees’ needs.

Human Centric lighting mimics the changing parameters of natural light and adjusts them to circadian rhythms, working conditions and tasks to increase employee productivity and reduce energy consumption. The main functions of smart lighting are to provide the optimal level of light, maintained automatically. Control system adapted to changing requirements and full automation of control.

Human Centric Automation When designing or modernising lighting in industrial facilities, it is worth taking into account technological achievements related to programmed control. Their use allows for the creation of appropriate working conditions in a multi-shift system. The smart control system will adjust the light intensity to the available amount of daylight and the needs of the people working. Adjustable light intensity

Colour temperature

Control the intensity of individual luminaires,

Adjusting the colour temperature from 2700

groups or the entire lighting system.

K-6000 K allows you to adjust the subjective perception of the light output emitted by the

Lighting intensity control allows you to adjust

luminaire to ensure the right mood and

it to the specific requirements of the tasks being

increase employee productivity.


Scenery Lighting programming allows you to get the right scenery for your planned activity or situation. Call up a scene manually or automatically.

Groups Control system for individual luminaires, groups or multiple groups of luminaires. Luminaires can be part of one or more groups.

Building management systems


Lighting control can be integrated into

Security system

different systems in the building:

Fire system Emergency lighting Front door


LUG for industry

Bałtyk Tower, Poznań. 29

LUG Light Factory Gorzowska 11, 65-127 Zielona Gรณra, Poland tel. 68 45 33 200, lug@lug.com.pl

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Intelligent lighting for Industry 4.0  

See what you can gain and benefit from the support of experts with over 30 years of experience in lighting production halls, warehouses, par...

Intelligent lighting for Industry 4.0  

See what you can gain and benefit from the support of experts with over 30 years of experience in lighting production halls, warehouses, par...