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Introductions Hello. My name's Peter. What's your name? Janet. Where are you from Janet? I'm from Seattle. Where are you from? I'm from Madrid. Are you American? Yes, I am. Are you Spanish? Yes I am. Key Vocabulary

My name is... What's (is) your name ... Where are you from? I'm from... Are you (Spanish, American, German, etc.)

Hello and Goodbye - Three Short Conversations


Hello, Peter. How are you? Fine, thanks. How are you? I'm fine, thank you. Goodbye

Goodbye, Janet. See you tomorrow! Bye bye, Peter. Have a nice evening. Thanks, you too! Thanks. Key Vocabulary Hello... How are you? I'm fine, - OK, - well, thank you Goodbye, - bye bye See you tomorrow Have a nice evening, - day

Personal Information What's your surname (family name)? Smith What's your first name? Fred Where are you from? Atlanta, Georgia What's your job? I'm a teacher. What's your address? 34 White Street What is your phone number? 308-6730 How old are you? 54 Are you married?

Yes, I am. Key Vocabulary surname, family name, first name Where are you from? What's your job? address? phone (telephone) number? How old are you? Are you married? married, single, divorced, separated



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