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Tryin make my way, try to earn my rent day to day. Livin ain’t easy ‘get the money’ got the bills to pay. High Prices! Living at a standard when ya mind is always hampered When you’re pushing for a way out and you’re rising to a limit, Hitting Hard Times. Hard Times. Hard Times. Hard Times Strof.2

Gotta get lifted/ higher up, I just can’t float away. Symptoms of the pressure gonna break you send you on your way! Up People! When you feel the weight is falling and a voice inside is calling Don’t you give in to the pressure everyman has got his measure In those Hard Times. Hard Times. Hard Times. Hard Times Strof.3

They say to measure force but all they seem to do is take away. People work and suffer more than they would ever care to say Strange features! To face that has no name. to the world that knows no pain Where people are the same as a standard common frame Hard Times. Hard Times. Hard Times. Hard Times We’re sending out an S.O.S to people from the east to west we know we'd like find a way to change our world We’re sending out an S.O.S to people from the north to south we know we'd like find a way to change our world Hard Times. Hard Times. Hard Times. Hard Times

HOLD THE LINE KENNETH JAMES BAILEY Strof.1 Put me through there's an emergency please tell me now what to do! wait I'll get a pen and think some I'll take the details I'm glad I didn't run NOW start by telling me how it happened! when so fast I need a rewind Mr. if you keep your calm everything will be just fine! There’s some things you can't anticipate. There’s sometimes just leave them to faith Hold the line x 4. Strof.2

Operator# i wasn't racing! you kept me on the line and I'm still here waiting! I can't do much more than hope for an exit outside from this closed door! well now that you mention you want an exit tell me what’s on your mind! if you'd just respond on time everything would be just fine.

There’s some things you can't anticipate. There’s sometimes just leave them to faith

Hold the line x4 .

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello… well its all over the news some mixed up views literally dazed and well confused. ordinary people dressed up choose sarcasm found in an ideal muse an offer so good that you can't refuse that you’re left with a choice and it's not to loose… who's who , did you figure out who's who, rightwinged with a mask and face like a bat many of em flyin politically flat a celebrity states in the art of an act! the art is the biz of is the show, how about that! and so many people deluded answer that? well I can't really! well I won't really! I'll pretend you didn't ask me! went away, went away what do you mean went away? HOLD the LINE

Hold the line x 4

SEED ODE EART KENNETH JAMES BAILEY RAGGAMUFFIN VERSION Yeah e yeah, yeah e yeah ohh ohh ohh Yeah e yeah, yeaheah oh What dem say well, Seeda de eart mi jusa extract from creation Blatant rebel form against some typa education Dey don’t let di people see bout mental repatriation and Love a march out like mass exodus Bharn from frustration confidence hit di dus so by my delegation I don’t let nobody Tell mi trus, di right from di wrong no, if it seem like their justice is wrong Rise up! If you wanna you stand! If you understand! take a stand! Take a stand! Rise up! If you wanna you stand! If you understand! Then take a stand! Take a stand! See dem how dema walk ina society dema Promote to much hypocrisy dena talk bout democracy Listen when demma talk a piece a fallacy will dheir Conscience truly yield Dheir toungue their sword they wield How do we really feel when they dismiss the real deal? (How do you really feel when you) What does it mean when you seek from conspiracy, Poverty beat u shivering ten chills? Fill da peoples ead wid wrong typa information And dhat seem fi make society break out in segregation True as the colours da father son and creation I only know bout love mi na know bout segregation How long you whan fi stretch out di people Toleration wid di back biting cap off dem typa Slanderation. When you shine love as your guide Then the father will provide In my heart he will reside With love there’s no compromise True as the sun it will rise Rise up! if you wanna stand! If you understand! Then take a stand! Take a stand! Rise up! If you wanna stand If you understand Then take stand ! Take a stand! Yeah!


Revised English version BAILEY KENNETH JAMES Strof1 Seed of the earth I’m extracting from creation Blatant rebel against some types of education they don't let the people see mental repatriation love is marching out like mass exodus born from frustration, when confidence hits the dust so, by my delegation I don't let nobody tell me the right from the wrong if it seems like their justice is wrong Rise up if you wanna stand if you understand take a stand take a stand! You see how they walk in society promoting hypocrisy to talk about democracy listen to the pieced fallacy will their conscious yield their tongue a sword they wield How can you really feel! when you dismiss the real deal? what does it mean when you seek conspiracy poverty beats you shivering with ten chills!

Fill the peoples head with misinformation, making society break out in segregation, True as the colours father son and creation I only know about love, I don't know about segregation How long will you stretch out the peoples toleration with back biting false information stop the slander "People when you shine love as your guide then If you believe in this the father will provide in your heart he will reside with love there’s no comprise true as the sun it will rise! Rise up if you wanna stand if you understand then take a stand take stand!

CINDERELLA KENNETH JAMES BAILEY Strof#1.Verse Hey Cinderella won't you wake up from your sleep; Can't you feel the glass is cracking under your dancing feet drunk your wine and ate your fill, now your prince has gone. Its been a long time awaited that your carriage finally comes Rit Stop Look Listen to clues you've been given. Cross a road secrets hidden cause they ain't done from stopping you, they ain't done stopping you this evening Strof#2 Verse Fat pumpkins sit on table tops and give the order to a billion mice that run around like starved flock A glass of wine's spilt and stains a table cloth. A candle falls and lights the frock of a woman that screams at her face in the clock!

Rit/chorus Bridge# tra-la-la-la- la- la-lar Three blind mice tra-la-la-la- la- la-lar Three blind mice tra-la-la-la- la- la-lar Three blind mice Strofa#3 Verse No bedtime stories I've left to tell. choose a rhapsody, a nightmare or a bat out of hell. Its way past the midnight hour and it's cast a spell Cinderella left to die as her eyes they swell. Rit/chorus Bridge#


KENNETH JAMES BAILEY Featuring Tiziana Quadrelli

Rit: Sometimes I'm the man you want sometimes I'm the man you need sometimes I'm hypersensitive sometimes I'm the cold in a freeze sometimes I'm as Bold as a Lion sometimes you'll find me in some doubt sometimes I'm sure about the one thing you’re the only thing that ain't a sometime Strof1. Every story has two faces you know how that goes from a problem starts an issue and well, the rest flows If we get into a point we'll walk a full circle, then we're better off knowing where we stand! closer, I'm not for attitude to get played give me no more drama like your called Mary J then we'll walk this interval to figure out a way to see the difference of night from the day baby if it's like this no telling how we'll find this if beginning's always ending to the start like a knife keeps on cutting through the heart of the matter, and Our teeth keep chatter just like we wanna flatter there's wall in front it's gonna take time if you wanna break ice you make up your mind if I'm the right man for you? Sometimes I'm the man you want sometimes I'm the man you need sometimes I'm hypersensitive sometimes I'm the cold in a freeze sometimes I'm as Bold as a Lion sometimes you'll find me in some doubt sometimes I'm sure about the one thing you’re the only thing that ain't a sometime

Strof2. What you want? I don't know baby but we both got faults while we're down on our knees, searching for an answer to a question that we've asked over and over like this we won't last. You say I put the pressure and say you can't see what life would be alone without a love from me. girl you've would make up your mind instead of wasting all of my time baby if it's like this no telling how we'll find this if beginning's always ending to the start like a knife keeps on cutting through the heart of the matter, and Our teeth keep chatter just like we wanna to flatter there's wall in front it's gonna take time you wanna break ice you make up your mind if I'm the right man for you?

Bridge (Female lead lyrics by Tiziana Quadrelli) Loving me I know it’s complicated But I’m the perfect lover you’ve dreamed on Catch me please, I feel that I’m falling I’m crying, praying that’s why I’m calling When I show you that I just don’t care When I’m throwing punches in the air Are you strong enough to be my man? Are you man enough to be my man?

Sometimes I'm the man you want sometimes I'm the man you need sometimes I'm hypersensitive sometimes I'm the cold in a freeze sometimes I'm as Bold as a Lion sometimes you'll find me in some doubt sometimes I'm sure about the one thing you’re the only thing that ain't a sometime

FOREVER KENNETH JAMES BAILEY Featuring Wendy D Lewis Strof#1.Verse Precious is more than a moment here with you. Forever; you know that I'd love like no other could do! Where ever we go! what ever we do! you'll find I'm close to you whatever’s at stake whatever it takes. I won't let go of you! Rit/chorus On this road we'll walk together it makes no sense without you All we have is now or never I'll give to you my true true, true love!

(last ritornello)

Strof#2 Verse Closer let me get nearer to your touch. Cause baby, no other has made me feel the way I do with you . Where ever we go! what ever we do! you'll find I'm close to you what ever it takes this promise I'll make. I won't let go of you! Rit/chorus (InSIDE) Just in time for destination loving on this love train I'm gonna give you something you've got your place and there’s no ticket needed just relax let me take care of business Take it off! Cause we don't need the complex What it's not is over complicated This is real not over saturated Loving good but never overrated Light my fire cause for your love I've waited our desire won't be anticipated. Drive the hour into a sexual motion all I wanna do is give you sweet devotion Strofa# 3Verse Precious is just like a moment here with you Forever; you know that our love will see us through the storms Where ever we go! what ever we do! you'll find I'm close to you what ever it takes this promise I'll make. I won't let go of you!


Strof#1/Verse1. It's a crazy game baby, if you listen to the wind hear your name, say my name I remember faces like a faded shade they were too scared to face the day what u gonna do if the crimson grey comes and makes its way turning every stone to find you! there’s still time to pray and need to survive through what could be a perfect night! ritornello ('Wolf howl' inspired) Verse2/strof2# running too fast maybe too young too die on a race washed road there’s a gleam in my eye find a light just in time for my soaked cigarettes, so cold, so called! a flash from the gauge says I'm running on low my eyes are getting heavy and reactions are slow reaching for the bottle that I emptied for luck a jack in his boots falling down on a perfect night. Extra/Bridge the life you might just save could be a chance in a million touch me like you want to be life the my arms! more than you'd ever dreamt on a perfect night let go of the problem in your.... Strof3#/Verse3 crazy game baby it's a little life train you choose to stop, it might not start again I remember faces like a faded shade they were too scared to face the day what u gonna do if the crimson grey comes and makes its way turning every stone to find you! Every minute with you is a divine hideaway but the last won't be a perfect night!


In loving memory of Ricky Palmer and David Hodson.

Requim. All at once the wind would take Days grow old and pages flee all around seemed t’was lost until the broken pieces they turn to dust... Verse1 when I'm thinking of a hero just an ordinary picture frames their face. There was No need for the make-up cause everything was made up of you. What you strove to be inspired more than me I'm not alone! cause there’s greater need for passion that you leave and it's that you showed. Chorus/Ritornello Like rays of ultra violet you'll still shine through like time it keeps on moving we'll pass through. light we can't see is for tomorrow. so I'll live the day and still remember you! Bridge I'll be there to see you through Key change Chorus/ritornello 2 volte



What a difference one day in your eyes, it's true! the difference because of you it's in the way I feel I know you're always there always near not far from my heart and its a real start to know you’re angels are all around I said that it's you I know that its you I've finally found Said it's YOUR name I lift up to my highest ground no weapon formed against me can prevail your shroud shower me with your blessing Lord now!

Through the Phases June-August 2009

Kenneth Bailey

Compositions and ideas

Feb-Mar 2010

Kenneth Bailey

Arrangements and preproduction files

Mar-Apr 2010

Kenneth Bailey Enrico Lenarduzzi

Definitive Pre-Production conversion of files onto Different software with addtional samples.


Lello Gnesutto

Sheet music

Mid Apr

Kenneth Bailey

Send musicians score and mp3 Logistics and organisation

May (2weeks total)

Enrico Lenarduzzi Thomas Dimasi Kenneth Bailey

May (9days)

Enrico Lenarduzzi Kenneth Bailey


May (1 ½ days)

Enrico Lenarduzzi

Recording Kenn Vocals & Saxes

May (1 day)

Enrico Lenarduzzi Kenneth Bailey

Editing Vocals & Saxes


June (8days)

Andrea Valfrè Kenneth Bailey



Alberto Roveroni



Kenneth Bailey Andrea Valfrè Enrico Lenarduzzi

Evaluation Mastering


Alberto Roveroni (Kenneth Bailey)



Creationsuite Kenneth Bailey

Cover design


Easy Replica srl (Kenneth Bailey)

Print CD


La Grafica Faggian (Kenneth Bailey)

CD Cover Print


Kenneth Bailey

Advert, Videos and Youtube channel

July- August

Elia Mercanzin

My space and Website design.


Elia Mercanzin Robbie Cosma Kenneth Bailey

Members room web links Code encryption Graphics and ideas


Kenneth Bailey

Distribution and Radio contact


Kenneth Bailey

DJ Contact for remixes


Kenneth Bailey

Making of Videos


Kenneth Bailey

CD Launch

PORTFOLIO NOTES Because of our times. This had been the quickest thing I’d written on the album, and the most complex. Funnily enough it was also the last thing written to conclude the album (Portfolio). I remember sitting in front of ‘MAC’ in the living room around 12:30am pleased I’d concluded the Ideas(August 09). I realised that I needed a sort of intro descriptive of the songs and their beginnings, not so easy. I can describe this track (intro) as different mind states. The idea is; expecting the unexpected; accept you know what the unexpected is… Recording this song was difficult for the musicians in terms of positioning on their instruments and a highly valuable lesson. I had always tried to have sounds and ideas coherent and realistic. Great job Miki, Nahuel and Leonardo for their natural sounds also the fusion with the electronic instruments gives a sort of B-movie feel, for me ‘Tarantino’ all the way!!!!!!!☺ In the editing phase, done at Taverna del suono’ (Enrico Lenarduzzi) It was often the case that the sound outside was in someway connected to whichever track we where working on (I was heavily into the project). Because of the times was again the last thing we edited, I always emphasized the importance of this song. It’s the first track with all the missing pieces. Well, as always working with Enrico he’s got a good listening ear and is instinctive. I said “man lets get the evening chorus of the birds on this track”, I could hear the chatter of the neighbourhood banter, screams of babies, some one preparing their evening meal… So into the summer evening we went, and spied on the sounds. Back into the Edit, the recording of Miki on the organ playing with the harmonics fit, like something natural happened. I had written Because of our times to fit onto Hardtimes like a connecting piece, as it began to fall into place it became totally magical. The sounds of everyday life, unaware of the sound that was approaching! Very much the same as the composition!

Hardtimes I wrote this song thinking in odd times and an off beat swaggered dance. Although it’s 4/4 the accent falls on the upbeat between 4 and 1 (played excellently by Frank Casale and good drum setup by Tom). It gives a type of movement like: a plate you’ve spun on the table, as you watch it rim side to side it bobbles. I suppose it’s the swagger you feel under pressure? I wasn’t thinking of Charles Dickens although it’s a very real subject and most of us know it. The beats and ideas where developed over Blues chords and structures (A) I tried to push them as far as beautiful dissonance. ABABCADB FINE

Sweatin Blues Is a blues (funky type), I wrote this song around 3 years ago before I started professionally in music. It was a hot summer day in the park where I studied often. Inside “BOX1” was far too hot! While studying it came to me, a type of funky idea so I tried to write it out as best as I could (It didn’t look that sweet on paper). It became the first song I used to register with SIAE. 3 years later and I still hadn’t gone back to the song. When thinking of this portfolio of work, I heard it in a slightly different way. In fact writing it out on the MAC gave me the opportunity to hear it in played and it further inspired my thought process. That idea for the reggae dancehall beat came at the end of the process of writing the track out. It was a section I enjoyed very much writing and playing. (Great solo by Carmelo here)

Hold the line Continuity is important; well at least I think so! This song was written for when you need to keep or hold strong. It's based on a telephone conversation. The caller and the operator! This again has some sort of blues, soul, and Motown sound and obtains a very instinctual process which later moves into a reggae type chat. The decision to use the guitar (Nahuel) as an adlib instrument really functions here, not everything can or should be written?

Seed ode eart This song follows because of its ragga-reggae style. It’s based on the idea of the loop stations of the 80’s in Hip-Hop, acquiring structure from its distant realties cross the Atlantic. The classical direction taken here gives a movement and different density compared to conventional procedures taken toward this type of music. The djembe sounds (Ernesto Da Silva) bring the song alive as real instruments are made to sound almost electronic in this track. A special thanks to Marco Catinaccio who filled in the position of drummer on this track and Hold the line, by trade he’s a percussionist. Check out his ‘Batuque Branko’.

Cinderella Following the style sets of the 80’s I put together an intro broken records, vinyl scratches, harps a fairy tale setting for what I wanted to be ‘complete irony’. I’d imagined ‘ a ballroom dance’ held in a great hall with Cinderella slowly getting drunker and drunker till she couldn’t actually drink anymore, all the while a series of other events took place, giving this tremendous fairy tale a bizarre setting and sudden ending. A steady RnB beat and bass (Leonardo) carried onto a classical setting. This is one of those tracks you come to love or hate and went through few changes, those it did have where small and very effective. In the studio (Taverna del Suono) in the pre production phase, there was a young man called “Kemp” who works with Enrico. He mentioned he liked the song but it needed a pause or something. I went to the toilet to refresh my ideas, by the time I came back I realised he was right and I made changes immediately to have a break where I say Stop! Look! Listen.

In a smile A sentimental ballad in a jazz standard form, it starts as it ends. “Love songs” In this song I tried to keep the components as few as possible (great playing from Stefania Paterniani). The tenor sax seemed the right instrument for this song, which again highlights classical hints and the RnB bass line. I wanted it natural just like looking into a smile.

What U Want? Great! An argument, this one was actually beneficial! Sometimes you just can’t please the other half! Sometimes you have to be missed to be needed? RnB, Hip Hop influences later charged with modern jazz rock (Grand on drums Stefano de Rosa). In this song I found the sound of the chorus great in unison, but I wanted a little spice and not as nice. So I added a voice stoned and spoken… The second dilemma was how to finish the track. Almost with perfect timing another blazer, to be fair it was quite a few months later. Ignition turned to recognition and I found the ending of the track. Initially I had written that the guitar played a series of 16ths aggressively, it was actually in recording that Enrico suggested feedback and longer strokes on the guitar, that coupled with some improvisational skills of Michele Bonivento rendered the arrangement full. This song was difficult to write and equally difficult to arrange as were Forever and Ultra violet. Their harmonic structures and tempos, style of lyrics and rudimentary parts that had to be tailored before they came together. Tiziana Quadrelli filled the project Criteria perfectly. I went to meet her I Bologna to discuss what I needed after she’d agreed to work on this project. I explained that I wanted her to write lyrics on the melody I’d written for the bridge section for female vocals. I needed a woman’s perspective, following the idea of space and the overview of her part in the song.

Forever Yeah it’s a romantic ballad with a modern interpretation, that’s never perfect. I wanted to show this effect with the classical Guitar that‘s interrupted, however it still creates a subtle entrance. (Great Classical guitar from David Beltran Soto Chero) It’s in 4/4 tempo that finishes in a 5/4 section. In the middle of the song is a marvellous duet with Wendy D Lewis, in fact when I was writing this part of the track, I had in mind 1. Wendy (what if she’d said no?) and 2. House music. So this part opens another section that can be taken for remix in an entirely different direction onto the electronic scene.

Perfect Night This story was written and constructed in an electronic format. Digital patterns, loops and live drum and djembe (Frank Casale and Ernesto da Silva).I tried to write something of dark intensity with light movements that don’t stop the energy created by the mood of this tune, which is essentially Soul driven. It’s essentially about someone being misunderstood because they didn’t leave themselves chance to feel and be understood. The second verse is inspired by the James Dean story. When working in the pre-production phase Enrico became aware of the various sounds I’d used in the arrangements about the rain sound then I showed him the text, It was a proud moment for me because I had achieved to convey an the image of what I was thinking with evident with the lyrics. So we started looking for rain sounds, its was Enrico’s idea to use them as a shaker. This for me was great thinking!

Ultra violet This song was written in memory of R. Palmer (cousin), also for Dave Hodson a family friend. I’d intended to give proceeds to charity I’m still looking into how it’s done. I considered the tremendous influence people and things have on me direct and indirect. It’s possible you think the same or similar. With illnesses sometimes we rarely have the reassurance that someone can still try, or generate the positive energy they need for themselves. I remember how these people and others I’ve known highlighted the importance of life, how their courage became reciprocal of their family. The style of this song is Soul, Gospel and Classic. Ultra Violet reflects hope, movement and light. (Some natural inflections by Leonardo)

One Day This is a Gospel track with soulful cogitations. (Great playing from Carmelo venuto on double bass and Michele Bonivento on keys) It’s an acknowledgment and not meant to be a full blown song. I wrote it around 8years ago walking through the streets of Milan one night. It was the first time I had travelled to Italy and found myself locked outside of the youth hostel. It was a spontaneous composition that came walking through subways of a city completely unknown to me. Better than totally bottling it in front of the unexpected!

360° unexpected colours unexpected

ACTS OF ILLUSION Acts of illusion provokes a mysterious concept. I refer to Acts the songs; as Playwrights, scripts, actions and depictions. In this case they are individual thoughts and ideas gathered and written at different times, and not periodically like most albums. I’d realised from the first sketches that when various people heard them it was difficult for them to link the songs together as an album, partially because the song styles were so diverse. This was the biggest part of my work in the arrangements phase, making everything fit together. My challenge was to make a conscious link through each composition. This is when I decided to divide the work into a type of portfolio, showing what I can do today in music; hopefully it’ll be a lot better if I’m to continue working tomorrow. The idea of the portfolio brought into mind the image of a spectral book. Fundamentally it’s how we put an image together with all that we don’t see, a sort of illusion to the naked eye what’s there? “Its not like we see the world as a collection of objects without relation or relevance to a specific picture, we only do this through a process of elimination when we’ve formulated an idea about what picture we want to see”. I found myself looking at a prism and Newton’s law of refraction. Much of the artistes in the seventies were into this theory, bands I’ve yet to look at ‘Pink Floyd’ which inspired in some way the CD print and Alan Parsons who’s disc I heard after the last day of Mixing which sounded like some things I’d written only 30years before me. However everything around us is made up of a spectrum of colours only through refraction do you get a complete image. For me these songs are the refraction of complete idea, that’s the main reason for finding the phrase “BO-Pop”. I wanted to give an immediate sensation or taste to the music proposed on this Disc, I don’t see it as a new style of music but a new angle of view. Mine like one of many that are probably looking at the same thing. Music and music’s for everyone… Kenneth Bailey

Diary of Acts by Kenneth Bailey  

Songs Lyrics of "Acts of illusion" by Kenneth Bailey

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