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Contents Letter from the Publisher Interview Mark Waites

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Mark Waites, Interview page 8

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In the following, leading names from digital select their current Top digital designs (websites, apps, etc.). This issue’s selection comes from Ignacio Zuccherini, Head of Creative at Google LATAM. Interview Ignacio Zuccherini

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Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers, So here we are in what we – in Europe at least – hope to be the final days of the pandemic that has been shaking us up for more than a year. This is the first double-issue of Lürzer’s Archive since 2020 and a time to assess how we are left, having survived this difficult time for the ad industry and this magazine. There are signs that things are slowly going back to normal. The D&AD awards took place a few weeks ago, although under special provisions and with a digital award ceremony. On the upside, the quality of advertising out there seems to have increased to the point where D&AD meted out three Black Pencils (the highest honor) alongside 231 Culture, Design and Impact winners (63 Yellow, 190 Graphite, 390 Wood Pencils). On the whole, to me, D&AD has become rather confusing with its proliferation of categories. However, you will find quite a lot of the award winners featured in this new issue of Lürzer’s Archive, so I can’t criticise the judges’ taste! What is striking to me is that the medium of print advertising seems to be going from strength to strength in these difficult times. Be prepared to spot a lot of excellent print work from all around the world in the following pages. Many are making striking use of typography and illustration (such as the ads for Old Spice from Leo Burnett Madrid, one of which graces this issue’s front cover).

Judging from the content of 1+2/2021 (print and film), the agency that comes out on top in this selection of six months’ worth of work is Uncommon, London. They scored seven entries in this issue, followed by AMV BBDO with five campaigns, then Ogilvy UK and Noah’s Ark, Lagos, Nigeria with four each. So, enjoy and be inspired by this double issue of Lürzer’s Archive and I promise to see you again in less time than it took to publish this one.

Michael Weinzettl, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief 5


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adam@voorhes.com | robin@voorhes.com


Interview Mark Waites is the creative supremo and co-founder of Mother which has been one of the hottest creative agencies in the world for 25 years.

I’d like to know that in twenty five years time Lürzer’s Archive will still want to write about us. Director Hermann Vaske met Mark to shoot with him for his new film “Why Are We (Not) Creative?” He was assisted by Mark’s daughter Edith as “second unit”. In this conversation, Mark talks about his new plans to make movies with his company Mother Pictures. Mark Waites: Am I talking to you or am I talking to the lens? Hermann Vaske: No, to me. Okay. So imagine this: If I had bottomless pockets, like billions and billions of dollars, and I said to any director in the world “I can fund all your projects. Doesn’t matter how much they cost, I can fund them. But when each project is finished, I’m going take it and lock it in a vault. No one can ever see it.” I don’t think any film director would take me up on that. Because, it’s not enough to make. They want to, have to, put their stuff out there. For a lot of people creativity is a means of attention seeking. And approval seeking. I’m not saying that’s why I’m creative but I’m suggesting that that’s a part of it. You know, I once went to George Lois, the famous madman, and he gave me a book. And this book was called “Be careful George, be careful George”. Of course, his parents said that to him. And then he took a pen and inscribed: “Be reckless Hermann.” That was good advice. Because a lot of people, you know, are too careful, you know? I think then it comes down to fear. And fear leads to self-censorship. “What would the neighbours say, what would the press say, what will your parents say?”, you know? And then, then they don’t follow their creative thoughts. Yeah, and I’d like to think that at that point that they’ve killed themselves. We’re not going to be talking about them in years to come. You know when you and I stand there and talk about creativity, we’re not going to talk about those people because their work has been forgotten. So therefore, they’ve been forgotten. Because they were fearful. They chickened out. They chickened out. Yeah, they chickened out. And creativity needs courage. Yeah, probably. I mean sometimes, sometimes a great deal of courage, you know? It depends what’s at stake.

Lenny Kravitz for Stella.


What else screws up creativity? You mentioned fear? That’s a big one, fear. Because there are different types of fear. It’s about people who don’t want to lose their jobs so they don’t want to rock their boat. Certainly in advertising. People who don’t want to

upset big clients because they can’t risk losing their jobs. They have, you know family. What else? Freedom of speech? I think I’m right when I say that around the world there are more journalists in jail now than there have ever been? It’s like a bad time to be a journalist. You’ve got to be brave to be a journalist. Censorship? Censorship, yes … Documentary filmmakers who tell the truth or bring us the truth … I was just in HK you know, filming in the front row with Joshua Wong, the young leader of the protest and it was not amusing what I saw there. Don’t mess with the Chinese government. The Hong Kongers are even prepared to die … Wow. Humbling. We are lucky, what would we do without freedom of speech today? In what way is the pandemic hindering creativity? Last year I spoke to a well-known British writer when we were two weeks into our first lockdown and asked him “How’s you lockdown going?” He replied “I’m a writer, I haven’t been out of the house for 25 years”. I guess for some their creativity carried on as normal. I’m looking forward to what creativity the lockdown unleashes. In the 70s over here, we had a three-day working week and mass unemployment and out of that came snarling punk rock. We can respond creatively to anything. Who are today’s gatekeepers then? Who are today’s gatekeepers? I mean, leaders of the country of course. But also who decides what films we watch? I met some guy from Brazil who kept talking about “soft power”. He was really talking about propaganda. They want the right messages to go out. He worked for an oil company. And also, who has the power to inform? Totalitarian states, Silicon Valley? Total control, that screws up creativity. What about bureaucracy and institutions? We grew up taking freedom of speech for granted but we’ve slowly come to realize that there are incredibly dark forces at work in the world. Look at the way the Russians use questionable truth as a weapon and understand that you can detach people from the truth until they don’t know which way is up. And that’s the strategy, go around and destabilize the world. That’s basically why people are creative; I am who I am and I am not afraid to be different and, we should add, don’t ask for approval. Just look at the actions of Pussy Riot in Russia. They didn’t ask for approval before they entered the stadium at the World Cup … The banning of Pussy Riot was a wake up call. It was the first time many people realized the level of censorship over there … Humor is very important. There was a guy years ago, I believe he was Egyptian, who, before he was murdered, was known as “the most feared cartoonist in the Middle East”. And this was way before the Parisian newspaper, what was its name, Charlie Hebdo? The whole idea of being a feared cartoonist I think is fantastic because a great political cartoon can really nail a truth. And that can really be a … a joke that hurts. The reaction to the Parisienne cartoon proves that. They were also picking on some pretty tasty targets. Not to do that brings us back to fear again. Then there’s a much lower level fear. I’ve seen it around Mother, particularly with students on an internship. Everyone comes together to share their ideas and they’ll be embarrassed to show what has been going on in their heads. I’m used to sharing every bad idea that comes into my head but some people can be a little bit fearful, a little bit embarrassed, and that can hinder creativity. If you think about the extent to which artists talk about the state of their minds, some really do reveal a great deal. If you’re not prepared to reveal that much, that can really hinder you as an artist. That brings me to another subject. Can education kill creativity? Yeah I think so. The wrong education.

Anjelica Houston for Orange. Céline Dion for Instagram Shopping Campaign. Matt Damon for Stella. Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges for Stella. Darth Vader for Orange Gold Spots.



Interview Can you elaborate on that? I was once on a panel and someone asked me “Is a mentor a good idea? And I said a mentor is a great idea, but not a shitty mentor. You don’t want a mentor who is going to steer you in the wrong direction. Or allow you to get away with thinking that isn’t good enough. I think a good mentor will teach you standards. Experience is the finest education. I always tried in my career to work for the best companies I possibly could. You would continue in your education. You shouldn’t work for a company that can’t teach you anything. It starts in your family. Like Edith, here. Edith (Mark’s daughter): Hello. I think we have a young cameraman. Edith: Cameraman? Oh you’re right, good point – camerawoman … Or camera person? Edith: Camera person! Or Camera guy! Ok, camera person – second unit. But it starts in the family, education, you know. To engage and to … That’s where it starts. And it continues with education. But beware of getting the wrong teachers. Always. It’s a cliché, you know. A young mind is an empty vessel and be careful what you put in there. It’s a true cliché … I’m talking in clichés, I apologize. So at home, you know, when Edith shows you a picture and you hang it up on the wall, you know, and give some feedback. Absolutely! Do you want to come upstairs and see Edith’s action paintings? Edith: Action paintings? Oh yeah! Yeah, let’s go upstairs! You are providing vital information Edith, for the viewer … Yeah, yeah. You have to go a little slower for Edith to catch up with us … The dog (Norman) ran across one of the paintings. Camera pans. Edith, Jackson Pollock … So do you like to paint and do art? Edith: I like to do sports more … We didn’t get a white frame, so we painted it white … We found some canvases on the street. So we painted them white and well it was fun – it has to be fun. Was it fun Edith? Edith: Ya. That’s what I mean, kids to be encouraged at school, at home wherever ... Edith: I am also doing a parrot at school. Have you ever painted Norman? Edith: Noooo. We painted him, well … we got paint on him. That’s very creative … alright. So in creative education you need to uncork something. To uncork it, yeah, that’s a good idea. Or just, inject some fresh energy into it. Sometimes thinking on the same problem can get very boring. Day after day going around and around with the same thoughts a person can, kind of, get boxed into their own thinking and not see a way out. And at that time, it’s important for someone to come along and show them a new path. Somewhere else where their thinking can go.

Victoria Beckham for Great Britain. Peter Capaldi for Greenpeace. Patrick Swayze for Orange. Verne Troyer for Orange. Snoop Dog for MSM.


What is your advice to young creatives? What I think everyone should know, is what they’re getting into. Like, I don’t think you can just get up and be a stand-up comedian without understanding the history of stand-up. And I think it’s the same with advertising or filmmaking. Learn the history. Even if it’s a self-imposed school you need to know your stuff. Then you’ll know what’s been tried before, and how people broke it before. I know that sounds like dull

advice because it means homework, but I think it’s really important. It is important to know what you’re talking about. Rather than just expecting it to be good at it because you believe yourself to be so original. Really few people are. You need to know what’s happened before, so you know where to go next. What are your creative influences? I grew up during something of a golden era for British advertising. Collett Dickenson Pearce was an amazing agency doing great work for Heineken, Fiat, Benson & Hedges. For a young man wondering what career to choose it was a time when advertising was advertising itself. Great writing continues to be a huge influence particularly writing for film or television. My dream job would have been to be in the writers’ room for Seinfeld. Looking back at all the great campaigns you did, which have stood the test of time? I always see Mother as a crazy project that got completely out of hand. We started a long time ago with a daft name and an idea to put the creatives in charge and then did stuff because it felt right or made us laugh. Somehow all these years later, here you are still wanting to know more about us. It makes me very proud. And it means that Mother has stood the test of time. There’s been a lot of great work over the years from all over the world but I get most excited when I hear about an idea and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. We’re always thinking about the next thing. Tell us about your current company? I’ve set up Mother Pictures, which is a film and TV development and production company. Why did you venture out of classic advertising? Like a lot of writers in advertising, I’ve always looked to film and television for inspiration and wanted to give it a shot myself. In the past I’ve written and directed a couple of short films, had a storytelling project on Vimeo and executive produced a feature. I found it very satisfying to create something other than an advertising campaign. What films are you working on at the moment? We’ve optioned a book called “The Glamour Boys” which tells the true story of a group of mainly gay British Members of Parliament who were opposed to Chamberlain’s appeasement of Adolf Hitler. They’d been travelling to Weimar Republic Berlin (think “Cabaret”) throughout the 20s and 30s and were friends with, and may have had relationships with, the Brown Shirts, whose leader Ernst Röhm was himself gay. This meant they had front row seats to the rise of the German Nazi Party and were the first to raise the alarm. Just speaking out in opposition meant putting themselves at risk, as homosexuality was illegal here at that time. Chamberlain called them The Glamour Boys in an attempt to mock them. It’s a fascinating story. Have you been neglecting cinema in favor of TV? We haven’t neglected cinema at all. Television is an ever-growing market right now and represents huge opportunities both creatively and financially but I still love film. Films are often more experimental than TV, as some ideas lend themselves more to the shorter format or wouldn’t work over many episodes. Plus, I like having a start to finish experience in under two hours rather than staring at eight seasons of a television series – which can be daunting. What film projects are you looking for? I want to make projects that I’d choose to watch myself. I don’t want to repeat something that has already been made. There are lots of police procedural shows that I don’t watch and wouldn’t want to make but if we found a project which was doing something new with that form then we’d be interested. What does a project need to get you interested? It’s very broad but there has to be something there that piques our interest. This might be a revisiting of history, like „The Glamour Boys,“ or a place where two genres come together like never before, or a piece that contributes to a debate in some way – perhaps by offering up a point of view that we haven’t heard before. All with great characters. It’s always about great characters. What is your ultimate goal with the new company? To be solvent without selling out. Just like Mother I suppose. And I really want us to be known as a place where quality comes from. And I’d like to know that in twenty five years time Lürzer’s Archive will still want to write about us. I might be dead by then but Edith will be here.

Jesse Eisenberg for Dr Pepper.


Ad Agencies

Ad Agencies

∆ Harrison & Star, New York ‡ Erik Vervroegen, Adam Hessel, Glenn Batkin 12

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Jeff Bartsch, Brendan Davis ≥ Phil Penman ∫ Alec Vianu 13

Ad Agencies

Ad Agencies

Samantha Marshall, Group Art Supervisor.

Jeffrey M. T. Alves, Art Supervisor.

Ayaz Sayeed, VP, Associate Creative Director. Marissa Cocuzza, Group Account Supervisor.

Roger Stephens, SVP, Creative Director. Matt Routh, VP, Director of Digital Innovation.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2103

1.2104 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Harrison & Star, New York ‡ Erik Vervroegen, Adam Hessel, Glenn Batkin

∂ Jeff Bartsch, Brendan Davis ≥ Phil Penman ∫ Alec Vianu 15

Audio & Video

GT Inspire 2. Now with a 10 hours battery. Campaign for Goldentec.



∆ Bolero, Fortaleza, Brazil ‡ André Mota

∏ Emilson Oliveira ∂ Julio Temporal ⁄ Maxwell Jr.

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

∆ Publicis Middle East, Dubai, Leo Burnett Italy ‡ Mohamed Bareche, Rafael Augusto, Thiago Gouveia 1.2101 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∏ Noor Akar, Tina Balaa ∂ Ayman Shehade ⁄ Salamágica




∆ Beat MullenLowe SSP3, Bogotá ‡ Duvan Villegas, Carlos Andrés Rodríguez Monroy, Sonia Barrera 18

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2102

1.2103 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∏ Duvan Villegas ∂ Duvan Villegas, Sonia Barrera


represented by fox creative la:818 558 1225 ny:212 375 0450 info@foxcreative.net

www.jeffludes.com jeffludes



Made in Japan. Created for Hungary. Nissan Tokyo. Print ad introducing a limited edition Nissan Tokyo to Hungary, mixing icons from both cultures. ∆ White Rabbit, Budapest ‡ Jim Seath, Istvan Bracsok, Levente Kovacs ∏ Marcos Mendes Tanaka, Zsofia Fribek ∂ Levente Kovacs, Adam Lenart ∞ Istvan Bracsok ∫ Zsofia Fribek

∆ Move Design, London ‡ Breno Cotta ∏ Antonio Fernández Manez, Victor Figueroa, Islam Nabil

Only a Land Rover can save a Land Rover.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2104

1.2105 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Breno Cotta, Luis Guillen ≥ Diego Arrigoni ⁄ Juan Pulido, Luis Niño




∆ Beat MullenLowe, Bogotá ‡ Duvan Villegas, Carlos Andrés Rodríguez Monroy, Sonia Barrera 28

∏ Andrew López ∂ Oscar Castañeda

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2106

∆ Thjnk, Hamburg, Germany ‡ Roman-Geoffrey Lukowski, Anika Kempkensteffen, Dzhulyetta Kretsu, Vita Lubinsen, Fabian Königer ≥ Tim Adorf ⁄ [zerone] 1.2107 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE


Banking, Insurances

Banking, Insurances

∆ Uncommon Creative Studio, London


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE


Banking, Insurances

Banking, Insurances

Individual is better. Also in banking.

∆ Publicis, Zurich ‡ Sascha Fanetti ∏ Nina Martens


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2103

1.2104 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Jan Kempter ≥ Arthur Moebius


Beverages, Alcoholic

Beverages, Alcoholic

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

∆ MullenLowe SSP3, Bogotá ‡ Diego Muñoz, Carlos Andrés Rodríguez Monroy, Juan David Pardo

It’s a cinch with Lürzer’s Archive online submission system. Simply upload your work at 1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∏ Julián Olivares, Laura Arcila, Nestor Benjumea ∂ Diego Muñoz ∞ Estudio Pum 35

Beverages, Non-Alcoholic

Discover the project on calendar.lavazza.com.

Beverages, Non-Alcoholic

∆ Armando Testa, Turin ‡ Michele Mariani, Federico Bonenti, Andrea Lantelme

∏ Andrea Lantelme ∂ Federico Bonenti ≥ Christy Lee Rogers

∆ Grupo Gallegos, Long Beach, California ‡ Dino Spadavecchia, Sharon Cleary, Jonatan Maldonado 36

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∏ Jonatan Maldonado, Dino Spadavecchia ∂ Sharon Cleary ∞ Jorge Gutierrez ⁄ Jorge Gutierrez 37



Smells like – if you had – departed from the most perilous port in the world on the most perilous ship in the world, after saying the most virile thing in the world. Then accidentally killed the Loch Ness monster in the middle of the ocean with the hook you forgot you had instead of a hand, …

Smells like – if you had – gone on board a ship more perilous than the Nautilus 1, more perilous than an Alaskan crab boat …

Smells like – if you had – Allen unconscious into the water after being hit by a boomerang you threw in 1937 that came back unexpectedly, then travelled for days on an eel, … – if you had lived the most epic seafearing legend ever told. Cover page.

Smells like – if you had – given the most epic speech to your abs before getting inside the beast that had eaten your arm, …


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Leo Burnett, Madrid ‡ Juan Frias, Gastón Guetmonovitch, Carlos Mañas

∏ Juan Frias, Vallivana Gallart, Rodrigo Sevilla

∂ Carlos Mañas, Marcos Romero ∞ Sara Alonso




∆ Ogilvy UK, London ‡ Juliana Paracencio, Daniel Fisher ∏ Liam Bushby

This is a representation of how far retouching apps can distort beauty. Harmful and readily available, 80% of girls are already using them by the age of 13. It’s no wonder their perception of beauty and their self-esteem are so distorted. Help reserve the damage. Download our new Social Media Confidence Kit.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2103

1.2104 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Alison Steven ≥ Sophie Harris-Taylor ⁄ Justin Shurmer



The Pain Dictionary visualises descriptions of pain from people with endometriosis by artists and creators. It is available on Bodyform’s Instagram story highlights, as an e-book, and a physical book.



∆ Abbott Mead Vickers (AMV) BBDO, London ∏ Lauren Peters ∂ Augustine Cerf

∞ Nadja Lossgott, Augustine Cerf, Lauren Peters ∫ Mario Kerkstra

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2105

∆ Abbott Mead Vickers (AMV) BBDO, London ‡ Jim Hilson, Toby Allen ∏ Nicholas Hulley, Augustine Cerf

1.2106 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Nicholas Hulley, Augustine Cerf ≥ Vic Lentaigne


Jody Xiong of The Nine Shanghai, Cresta award winner featured in The Journal


Inspire | Recognise | Reward First look scary. Then look great.


∆ Ogilvy, Singapore ‡ Marco Versolato ∏ Ria Ocampo, Marco Versolato

∂ Guilherme Camargos ≥ Ale Burset ⁄ Diego Speroni

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2107




∆ The Gate, London ‡ Lucas Peon ∏ Rob Bovington


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Stephen Webley ∫ Allison Ball




∆ Rethink, Toronto ‡ Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick, Joel Holtby 48

∏ Ryan Cookish, Rachel LeBlanc

∂ Mike Dubrick, Ryan Cookish, Rachel LeBlanc ⁄ Brad Pickard Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

∆ ‡ ∏ ∂ 1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

DDB Azerbaijan, Baku Vassilio Panagiotopoulos Shahin Aliyev Vassilio Panagiotopoulos 49



∞ Clément Soulmagnon

∞ Léonie Despres

∞ Laurene Boglio


∆ TBWA, Paris ‡ Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie ∏ Olivier Mularski ∂ David Philip Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2103

1.2104 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∞ Charlotte Molas ⁄ Younes Chekouh, David Locard, Clément Choblet 51



A-2, km 21, Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain.

Burger King celebrates Coming Out Day with a campaign that plays with its iconic name in a gender inclusive way.


∆ Fantastica, Bogotá ‡ Camilo Monsalve, Alejandro Gómez, David Gómez ∏ David Beltran, David Gómez

∂ Camilo Monsalve, Nicolas Tellez, Sebastian Buriticá ≥ Andres Martinez Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2105

A-7, km 1154, Vilaseca, Spain. Enjoy the unbeatable flame grilled taste on the road. Find our restaurants using the BK® app.

1.2106 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ David, Madrid ‡ Saulo Rocha, Pancho Cassis, Andre Toledo

∏ Felipe Antonioli, María Goucha ∂ Jaime Ludena ≥ Javier Tles ⁄ Ricardo Moreia 53



∆ adam&eveDDB, London ‡ Ben Tollett

∏ Jon Farley ∂ Alex Lucas ≥ James Day

∆ Mother, London


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2107

1.2108 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE



It’s green. It’s crunchy. It’s spicy. New Doritos Wasabi, inexplicably delicious.



∆ AlmapBBDO, São Paulo ‡ André Gola, Henrique Del Lama, Pernil, Fernando Duarte

∏ Lucas Andrade ∂ Bruno Bizuti ∞ Fábio Vido

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2109

∆ Leo Burnett, London ‡ James Millers, Andrew Long ∏ Steve Robertson, Cathryn Carey 1.2110 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Hayley Power, Phoebe Talbo ≥ Scott Grummett





∆ Leo Burnett, London ‡ James Millers, Andrew Long, Mark Elwood

∏ James Millers, Will Rees ∂ Andrew Long ∞ Sam Kallen

∆ DDB Aotearoa, Auckland, New Zealand ‡ Damon Stapleton, Ben Pegler, Gary Steele

Zac Lancaster Rory Mckechnie Toaki Okano Gordon Moir

∏ ∂ ≥ ⁄

∆ TBWA, Paris ‡ Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie

∆ TBWA, Brussels ‡ Jeremie Goldwasser ∏ Dieter Vanhoof

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2111

1.2112 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∏ Philippe Rachel ∂ Carl Harborg

∂ Thomas Devreese ≥ Jef Boes ⁄ Jef Boes




∆ Leo Burnett, London ‡ James Millers, Andrew Long ∏ Steve Robertson, Cathryn Carey

McDrive – All of us together safe.


∆ Scholz & Friends, Hamburg ‡ Oliver Handlos, Jens-Petter Waernes

∂ Hayley Power, Phoebe Talbo ≥ Scott Grummett

∏ Matthias Spaetgens, Jens-Petter Waernes, Laura Czyzewski ≥ Neumann und Rodtmann Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2113

∆ Buzzman, Paris ‡ Julien Doucet, Lilian Moine ∏ Nicolas Boudeau Boudeau

1.2114 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Caroline Ribemont ≥ Jef Boes ⁄ Jef Boes









Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2115

1.2116 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ DDB Colombia, Bogotá ‡ John Raul Forero, Juan Felipe Jaimes, Juan Luis Fernández

∏ Oscar Peña, Miguel Van Bommel, David Catolico ∂ Diego Tamayo, Diana Poblador

≥ Ale Burset ∞ Mariano Legname ⁄ Diego Speroni, Alejandro Cussó 63



Painted in 1656. Established in 1868.

∞ Gabriel Metsu

Painted in 1858. Established in 1868.

Painted in 1648. – Established in 1868. Campaign for Curtice Brothers Ketchup.

≥ Ursula Edelmann ∞ Gerard ter Borch

Painted in 1655. Established in 1868.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2117

1.2118 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∞ Jozef Israëls

∆ Ogilvy Germany, Frankfurt ‡ Florian Hucker, Felipe Galiano, Hugo Pareja

∏ Alexa Bortz, Hajra Tariq, Nur Solehin

∂ Helge Hoffmann, Shlomo Genchin ∞ Nicolaes Maes


House & Garden

House & Garden

∆ Uncommon Creative Studio, London

Five minutes after the US election result was announced, Danish furniture company Vipp published this ad on its social channels – a clever piece of newsjacking with a huge impact. Featuring Vipp’s iconic bin and an equally iconic hairpiece, it ignited the channels and obtained an organic reach of half a million within 48 hours.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen ‡ Sebastian Jensen ∂ Sebastian Jensen ≥ Benjamin Lajboschit Removes stains. Removes odours. Brightens colours.

∆ Publicis Ukraine, Kiev ‡ Ruslan Palamarchuk ∏ Roman Polishchuk ∂ Vladimir Litvinov ≥ Olga Zakrevska 67

House & Garden

Sodium benzoate: A preservative used in food.

Shaolin Kung Fu monks are known for their great physical power. These sculptures were erected in subway stations in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to advertise the strength of Nanfu brand batteries. 68


∆ The Narrow Street, Bangalore, India

∆ ‡ ∏ ∂

‡ Saji Johnny Kundukulam ∏ Saji Johnny Kundukulam ∂ Saji Johnny Kundukulam

The Nine, Shanghai Jody Xiong Jody Xiong Candy Chen

≥ ∞ ∫ ⁄

Zhang Xinhuan Liu Junhao Mo Hu Bingkai Yan

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2103

Don’t miss the connection to Concrete Art. A campaign for the Museum of Concrete Art, which is located near the Selnau railway station in Zurich.

1.2101 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Ruf Lanz, Zurich ‡ Markus Ruf ∏ Catherine Martin

∂ Markus Ruf ∞ Catherine Martin


Pharmaceuticals & OTC

Subscriptions now up to 20% cheaper!

Chronic fatigue holding him back?


Full Subscription from € 127 * Print Subscription from € 77 * Digital Subscription from € 89 Student Subscription from € 43 * Night sweats out of control? Inrebic for worsening myelofibrosis symptoms. Treatment option for a form of myelofibrosis. *Net annual rate. Shipping costs, which vary from country to country, must be added

1.2101 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ GSW, New York ‡ Nicholas Capanear, Ted Mendelson

∏ Sean Welsh, Andres Tavera, Jon Parkinson ∂ Tarra Austin

≥ Ale Burset ⁄ Gonzalo Arevalo Condemarin


Pharmaceuticals & OTC

Pharmaceuticals & OTC

∆ Havas Lynx, Manchester ‡ Rob Jenkins, Jon Chapman 72

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2102

1.2103 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∏ Rob Jenkins ∂ Dave Eyre, Angus Prior ≥ Harry F Conway 73


I am standing on a tidy ledge inside a boiling volcano. My camera sits on a tripod, because I need a long exposure shot … I check the images. They are all shaken …


It was a Pakistani neighbourhood that hosts Afghan refugees. Down by the river, a boy was diving into the stream, completely unaffected by the serious circumstances … My framing was off …

We followed wild dogs across The Kalahari Dessert. Their target was the smallest and most vulnerable calf I have ever seen. The little one was defeated … the lens that was given to me was in manual focus. That’s why I missed the shot. Nature’s course by Marina Cano, National Geographic Photographer Never miss a shot with the new EOS R full-frame mirrorless cameras. World renowned photographers were asked to share their stories about the photo that got away for this Canon campaign. The typography reflects what caused the shot to be missed – shaken, blurred or out of frame. ∆ ‡ ∏ ∂


This poster for the WHY mini kids digital camera uses a Russian doll motif to demonstrate the compact size of its 1.5 inch screen mini-camera.

∆ ‡ ∏ ∞ ⁄

The Nine, Shanghai Jody Xiong Jody Xiong Jody Xiong Mo Hu

Uncle Grey, Copenhagen Lars Samuelsen, Lars Dyhr Mads Alexander Nielsen Clara Therese Prior-Knock

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE




Witness Pierre Belhassen.

≥ Pierre Belhassen

Witness Emil Gataullin.

Witness Joel Meyerowitz.

≥ Joel Meyerowitz

Camera Leica M. leica-camera.com Witness Justin Mott.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2103

1.2104 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

≥ Emil Gataullin

∆ TBWA, Paris ‡ Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie

∏ Philippe Rachel ∂ Carl Harborg ≥ Justin Mott


Public Events

The short film Rododendron focuses on “the last spark” of the communist regime before it burns away forever. The poster brings the concept to life, showing the back of a Communist red star badge holding a single matchstick. 78

Publishers, Media

∆ White Rabbit, Budapest ‡ Jim Seath, Istvan Bracsok, Levente Kovacs ∏ Marcos Mendes Tanaka, Luis Paulo Gatti, Istvan Orosz

∂ Levente Kovacs, André Felix, Andre Nunes Bueno ∞ Istvan Orosz ∫ Istvan Bracsok Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

Campaign for Spyntyx, a platform for concerts via streaming.

1.2101 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ DDB Latina, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico ‡ Enrique Renta, Mauricio Cortes

∏ ∂ ≥ ⁄

Pedro Leon Lorena Berjes Ale Burset Longestline Studio 79

Publishers, Media

Publishers, Media

∆ Uncommon Creative Studio, London


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2102

If you look at the grooves of a vinyl record through a high magnification microscope you will see valleys of sound, where each and every song has a completely different physical landscape. This campaign for DublinVinyl.com uses the “geography” of classic songs that happen to be place names. Each photograph is made up of over 400 images taken over 4mm to bring the world of vinyl to life – along with a ubiquitous Google pin, of course.

1.2103 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ ‡ ∏ ∂ ≥ ⁄

Rothco, Dublin Jen Speirs Ray Swan Ray Swan Jonathan Knowles Gareth Pritchard


Publishers, Media

Publishers, Media

Happy ending, a porna podcast series. Now on Flair.be ∆ Mutant, Antwerpen, Belgium ∞ Coupables Regards

Posters advertising special screenings of films at Cinéma du Parc.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2104

1.2105 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ ‡ ∏ ∞

Les Evades, Montreal Charles Gagnon Martin Dupuis Mathieu Potvin 83

Publishers, Media

Publishers, Media

∆ ‡ ∏ ∂


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2106

1.2107 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

BBC Creative, in-house, Manchester Cross James, Tim Jones Michael Tsim Rachel Miles


Publishers, Media


Starting the year with a blank page. Happy new year, 2021. Back Cover Ad: Calcalist, Israel’s leading business newspaper, presents a blank page to celebrate the new year. ∆ ‡ ∏ ∂

You could be spreading harm and inciting hatred by sharing unverified information. – Stop the spread. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the persistent rise of ‘Fake News’ on social media. 86

No, No, No, No, No, Yes, Tel Aviv Gideon Amichay Yaron Itzhakov, Zeev Ravid, Gil Aviyam Ouriel Ferencz, Roni Schneider

∆ Adeptus, Lagos ‡ Bamidele Ariyo ∏ Olumaiye Aladeniji, Adebiyi Grillo, Bamidele Ariyo, Richard Mgbeokwii ∂ Tolulope Alawode, Naomi Oni, Olushola Oladimeji Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2108

There is always room for change. Ad for Ikea.

1.2101 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Leo Burnett, Riyadh ‡ Saadi Alkouatli ∏ José Pedro Bortolini

∂ Mohammad Omeira ∞ Nadeem Ghanem, Jafar Deep




Text on cash receipt: You went for Milk. You came home with (wait). Where’s the milk? So You. Go to the store (again). 35 mins. – Look for parking (again). 10 mins. – Wait for parking (again). 6 mins. – A spot! It’s too small. 3 mins. – How did the last driver do it? – Circle the lot. 5 mins. – Circle. 4 mins. – …

It’s hard to make bacon and eggs without eggs. – So you get in your car. – Hit every red light. 17 mins. – In bumper-to-bumper traffic. 13 mins. – Ugh, parade, road closed. 10 mins. – …

Now for the final hurdle: The checkout line. – Where the usual villains await. – 1 man, credit card doesn’t work. – He swipes. 2 mins. – … 1 lady, argues about discount. 4 mins. – …

What you need is in aisle 17. You’re in aisle C. … Makro Click. The real time of grocery shopping is time. – So go to macroclick.com.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2102

1.2103 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Leo Burnett, Toronto/ Leo Burnett, Bangkok ‡ Sompat Trisadikun, Anthony Chelvanathan, Lisa Greenberg

∏ ∂ ≥ ∫ ⁄

Natee Likitsuwankool Appanna Chetranda Chub Nokkaew Natee Likitsuwankool Chub Nokkaew 89



∆ Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), London ‡ Uche Ezugwu

∏ Luke Till ∂ Lawrence Bushell ⁄ Chris Labrooy

Weezy delivers in 15 minutes. The relaunch campaign aims to set it apart from the competition by borrowing from the traditional world of grocery.

∆ Otherway, London ‡ Martin McAllister ∏ Tom Moore


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2104

1.2105 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE



Circle K is a brand of Circle K Stores Inc covering 15,900 gas stations and coffee shops.



∆ Havas, Montreal ‡ Carle Coppens, Hugo Morin ∏ Michaël Bonnette

∂ Annie Ouellet ≥ Mathieu Lévesque ⁄ Jonathan Kemp

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2106

In the middle of the 2020 pandemic, attending crowded places can be a disaster. So, Colombians were invited to take part in Black Friday by staying home and buying online to avoid turning Friday, November 25 into a black one.

1.2107 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Sancho BBDO, Bogotá ‡ Mario Lagos, Daniel Calle, Andrés Luque

∏ Rodrigo Hernández, Diego Julian Rodriguez ∂ Jerónimo Trejos, Sebastian Suarez ≥ Pocho Giraldo



The human brain is a fascinating thing. – Although it only weighs 1.4 kilograms (about 3 pounds) on average, it consumes a good twenty percent of our energy. … eatclever. Feelgood Food Delivery.


∆ Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, Germany ‡ Stefan Wübbe, Tim Esser, Jan Hoffmeister

∏ Jan Altmann ∂ Tim Esser, Jan Hoffmeister

Ad Academy Brixton launches posters in Brixton.


∆ Mother, London

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE




Campaign for the Born licensing agency.


∆ Sander & Will, London ‡ Sander Vos, Will Grave ⁄ Xavier Segers

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2103

1.2104 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE




∆ LOVE or FEAR, London ‡ Dave Dye

77947495 Red Cross personnel during the Spanish Flu in the USA. 1207641189 Red Cross personnel during the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy. 98

∆ Havas Germany, Munich, Germany ‡ Nicolas Becker, Walter Ziegler, Michael Schöpf

∏ Christina Boag, Bettina Herz, Timo Cremer ∂ Daniel Boiu, Alexander Catapano ⁄ Lorine Hunt Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2105

The characters in this campaign are not so cleverly attempting to destroy the creative in an effort to avoid people signing up to Which’s free scam alerts.

1.2106 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ St. Luke’s, London ‡ Richard Denny ∏ Gatis Pakalns

∂ Polina Harkin ∞ Smith & Foulkes


Social & Environment

Social & Environment

∆ Harrison & Star, New York ‡ Erik Vervroegen, Adam Hessel ∏ Glenn Batkin

Hyacinth welcomes those facing HIV with love, not judgement.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Alex Avsharian ∞ Illusion ∫ Alec Vianu ⁄ Illusion 101

Social & Environment

Social & Environment

∞ Li Xinmo

Mileva Maric was a brilliant woman who contributed to the most important publications of her husband: Albert Einstein. But unlike him, she was forgotten.This campaign urges people to raise awareness by posting a selfie using Einstein’s famous ∞ Ale Giorgini tongue out pose and #NobelForMileva. 102

∞ Ale Giorgini

∞ Thiago Lacorte

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2103

∞ Teodora Jelenic

∆ SunsetDDB, São Paulo ‡ Marilu Rodrigues, Thiago Lacorte, Erick Moneró 1.2104 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∏ Thiago Lacorte ∂ Erick Moneró ∞ Isabee

∞ Kervin Brisseaux

∆ Will Creative, Vancouver ‡ Lisa Lebedovich

∏ Rory O’Sullivan ∂ Luke Devlin


Social & Environment

Social & Environment

John Lagey aka Johnny Kwango, 1920-1994. Pioneering professional wrestler who achieved national and international fame.

Fanny Eaton, 1835-1924. Model and muse to Pre-Raphaelite artists, whose paintings challenged the London art scene’s perception of beauty.

Adelaine Hall, 1901-1993. Britain’s highest paid entertainer in 1941 and one of the World’s most enduring artists, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. – Nubian Jak Community Trust – Black Plaque Project. Making black achievement, known achievement. – Blackplaqueproject.com

Just 1.6% of London’s official blue plaques celebrating notable figures of the past are dedicated to Black people. This campaign, co-created with Nubian Jak Community Trust, aims to end the posthumous discrimination of Britain’s Black heroes.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2105

1.2106 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Havas, London ‡ Andy Lockley ∏ Sam Adio ∂ Ken Abalos ∫ Lorenzo Fruzza 105

Social & Environment

Social & Environment

∆ Lola Normajean, Lisbon ‡ Leandro Alvarez, Caio Leska ∏ Pedro Martoli, Luis Ferreira Borges

In 2020 the world stood still. Our volunteers didn’t. Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2107

1.2108 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Caio Leska, Fabio Loureiro ∞ Patricia Mariano


Social & Environment

Social & Environment

∆ Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco ‡ Tyler Hampton ∏ Matt Miller ∂ Matt Keats


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2109

1.2110 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

≥ Jim Hughes ∞ Lena Pigareva ∫ David Waraksa ⁄ Meredith Ott, Alice Blue


Social & Environment

Social & Environment

Get vaccinated in New York.

Get vaccinated in Dubai.

Get vaccinated in Berlin.

Get vaccinated in Shanghai.


∆ Mortierbrigade, Brussels ‡ Philippe De Ceuster

‡ Hugo Suíssas ∏ Hugo Suíssas ∂ Hugo Suíssas

≥ Hugo Suíssas ⁄ Hugo Suíssas

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2111

86% of womens state that they have felt physically or verbally harassed in public transport. The social distance is an unfortunate solution. Join the fight against harassment at @fundaciónhonra. 1.2112 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Havas Worldwide, Santiago de Chile ‡ Joaquin Bascuñan, Fernando Condeza

∏ Toon Van Poucke ∂ Morgane a Choppinet ≥ Jef Boes

∏ Fabian Martinez ∂ Jorge Altamirano ≥ Nain Maslum


Social & Environment

Social & Environment

∞ Benson Chin

∞ Sattu Rodrigues

∞ Carlos Karan


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2113

∆ MullenLowe, Boston ‡ Tim Vaccarino, Weist Dave ∏ Marco Martins, Maciel Marcelo, Claudio Castagnola 1.2114 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Renato Barreto, Adam Cote, Paula Gete-Alonso ∞ Thiago Neumann 113

Social & Environment

Social & Environment

∆ Ogilvy Greece, Athens ‡ Panos Sambrakos, Aggeliki Kornelatou, Katerina Androuli 114

∏ Panos Pagonis, Vassiliki Christopoulou ∂ Daphne Martinou ≥ Kostis Sohoritis ∫ Panos Pagonis Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2115

For wild animals it’s torture to be fondled by tourists. Campaign for an animal rights organisation.

1.2116 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Ruf Lanz, Zurich ‡ Markus Ruf ∏ Isabelle Hauser

∂ Markus Ruf ∞ Isabelle Hauser


Social & Environment

Posters created by worldwide artists inspired by lockdown hair in aid of those who will still see hair as a source of many emotions. Each poster sold is a direct donation to Cancer Research UK. ∞ Daniel Semanas

Social & Environment

∆ Alex+Hugo, London ‡ Alex Mendes, Hugo Catraio

∏ Alex Mendes ∂ Hugo Catraio ∞ Jose Carlos Lollo

∆ TBWA RAAD, Dubai ‡ Walid Kanaan, Alexander Pineda ∏ Osama Siddiq 116

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2117

1.2118 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Alexander Pineda, Laila Alkaf ∞ Juliana Arboleda


Social & Environment

Social & Environment

∆ Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand ‡ Dave Brady

Microplastics in the ocean outnumber stars in our galaxy 500:1 Help us fix it. wwf.org.nz/plastics


Every dollar a dog donates (with a little help from you) can help save thousands of other dogs by funding breakthrough research in canine cancer. Learn more at acfoundation.org.

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2119

1.2120 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ McCann Health, New York ‡ Matt Eastwood, Tim Jones

∏ Harry Skelton ∂ Ellen Fromm ⁄ Reks Kok

∏ Oliver Trower, Fabio Rodrigues ∂ Jan Franks, Stephanie Berman, June Laffey

∞ Filipe Laurentino, Rogério Puhl ⁄ Fuze Image, Estúdio Norte 119

Social & Environment

∆ The Community, London ‡ Mark Hunter


∏ Adam Brewster, Stephen Vaughan ∂ Mark Hunter

Social & Environment

Social justice posters raising awareness of the shooting of David McAtee during the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor protests.

Change what’s broken. Breonna Taylor, 1993 – 2020.

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2121

1.2122 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ MIghtily, Louisville, Kentucky ‡ Rankin Mapother

∏ Pip Pullen ∂ Rankin Mapother ∞ Jon Shaw


Social & Environment

Social & Environment

Cornflakes. Onions. Milk (whole). Bread (brown). Hardly the most exciting topics of conversation. But it’s amazing how much easier talking becomes when we’re doing something else…

Get lost. – Two words you may have heard. – Last time you suggested a father daughter heart-to-heart. – So here’s a thought. – Get lost. – No, really…

You haven’t spoken all week not properly anyway. But you’d love to know what’s on their mind. Or if anything’s the matter. Maybe it’s time to hit the road just the two of you: Away from screens and siblings, slammed doors and sullen silences. Suddenly, conversation topics can be found as easily as old toffees in the glove compartment. The quiet camaraderie of a car journey offers a perfect chance to check in. So next time communication stalls: Go for a drive instead. The better we talk, the better we feel. Britain get talking. ∆ Uncommon Creative Studio, London


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2123

1.2124 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE


Social & Environment

Social & Environment

What started as a US initiative spread around the world, with international publications reporting on “We Keep Going,” and even requesting hopeful posters for their own city.


∆ Fred & Farid, Los Angeles ‡ Chelsea Steiger, Nicolas Berthier, Laurent Leccia Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2125

1.2126 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∏ Jocelyn Lam, Laura Beck, Bridget Callahan ∂ Hilary Smith 125

Social & Environment

Social & Environment

∆ DDB Egypt, Cairo ∏ Ahmed Osama

Supermarkets are causing mass deforestation for farmland that kills wildlife just to feed the meat we eat. 126

∆ Daughter, London ‡ Stuart Jackson, Rich Newell ∏ Stuart Jackson ∂ Rich Newell ⁄ Platinum FMD

∆ Area 23, New York ‡ Jason Graff, David Adler

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2127

1.2128 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∏ Guy Mannshardt ∂ Larry Kirschner ∞ Oscar Ramos


Social & Environment

Social & Environment

∆ Sancho BBDO, Bogotá ‡ Mario Lagos, Daniel Calle, Andrés Luque

∏ Rodrigo Hernández, Jhonny Victoria, Diego Julian Rodriguez ∂ Sebastian Suarez, Jerónimo Trejos

Observe the colour and condition of the scrotal skin. Touch and turn the testicles one by one, applying pressure. Consult your doctor if you notice uncommon colour, lumps or bumps. A Valentine’s message from Noah’s Ark agency.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2129

1.2130 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Noah’s Ark, Lagos ‡ Lanre Adisa, Abolaji Alausa, Maurice Ugwonoh

∏ ∂ ∞ ∫

Xaine Ingenius Abolaji Alausa Xaine Ingenius Xaine Ingenius 129

Social & Environment

Social & Environment

Senator Rodrigo Villalba during the final agreements of the Colombian armed conflict. Social leader Alfonso Correa murdered for working on the defense of human rights.

Senator José Obdulio Gaviria during the debates on the Colombian peace process. Peace activist José Abdón Collazos assassinated for helping victims of violence. 130

∆ ‡ ∏ ∂

VMLY&R Colombia, Bogotá Santiago Cuesta Alejandro Rojas Carlos Espinosa Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2131

In Colombia, threats materialize more than laws. Sign the petition to change this reality at amnesty.org.

1.2132 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ VMLY&R Colombia, Bogotá ‡ Santiago Cuesta ∏ Alejandro Rojas, Julián Sánchez, Andrés Cáceres

∂ Carlos Espinosa, Joan Borbón ≥ Andrés Anfassa


Social & Environment

Social & Environment

One day, she’ll perform at the Royal Opera House. One gene can ruin the dream.

Nominate a legend for the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame by September 15th at mahf.com/hall-of-fame-nominations.


∆ Harrison & Star, New York ‡ Erik Vervroegen, Adam Hessel, Glenn Batkin

∂ Alex Avsharian ∫ Alec Vianu ⁄ Salamágica

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2133

One day, he’ll go for gold. – One gene can block his shot. Cure SMA. SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) is a single gene mutation that robs our kids of the ability to walk, breathe, and dream. We’re only one gene away from a cure. Donate at CureSMA.org. 1.2134 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ GSW, New York ‡ Nicholas Capanear, Kerry Ciociola, Patrick Moos

∏ Nicholas Capanear, Christine Bringuez ∂ Ron Larson ≥ Alex Telfer 133

Social & Environment

Like rape, Female Genital Mutilation robs the victims of their innocence. Ask your lawmakers to adopt and implement the VAPP Act. Report all acts of FGM to 0812-467-0069. 134

Social & Environment

∆ Noah’s Ark, Lagos ‡ Lanre Adisa, Abolaji Alausa, Maurice Ugwonoh ∏ Lawal Kazeem, Gabriel Olonisakin

∂ Jesujoba Popoola, Mabayomije Akinyemi, Segun Odejimi ≥ Yekeen Ibrahim Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2135

Take a closer look and break the cycle of domestic violence.

1.2136 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ thjnk, Munich, Germany ‡ Hans-Peter Sporer, Marie Sophie Legat ∏ Neville Pinsker, Claudia Kohlke

∂ Laura Giauque, Lukas Lerchl ∞ Simon Berger


Social & Environment

If planet Earth were the size of this ad, this drop would be the only fresh water left to consume. – Let’s save it. Only 0.025% of the Earth’s water is drinkable. 136

Social & Environment

∆ MullenLowe SSP3, Bogotá ‡ Carlos Sánchez, Jonathan Quimbay, Diego Morales

∏ Carlos Sánchez, Angie Peña, Jefferson Delgado ∂ Jonathan Quimbay, Diego Morales ⁄ Angie Peña, Jefferson Delgado Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2137

∆ BBDO, Kiev ‡ Anze Jereb, Dima Kishka

1.2138 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∏ Denys Kryvosheia, Rostyslav Vyshnevyi, Oleh Prystupa

∂ Dima Kishka ≥ Julia Weber


Social & Environment

1343 – 1353. – Life expectancy in Europe during the black death. 48. – 1913 – 2020. – Life expectancy of a trans person today. – 35.

Social & Environment

1958 – 1961. – Life expectancy in China during the great famine. – 44. – 1990 – 2020. – Life expectancy of a trans person today. – 35.

President Trump, March 6, 2018. White House in Washington, D.C. Your voice is stronger than oppresion. – Keep talking. Asociación Pro Libertad de Prensa. – Support our cause at aplpcuba.org.

1946 – 1954. Life expectancy in Vietnam during the war. 55. 1913 – 2020. Life expectancy of a trans person today. 35. ∆ R&G, São Paulo ∏ Rafael Gil ∂ Gustavo Costa Silvio Berlusconi, April 12, 2018. Quirinal Palace in Rome, Italy.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2139

1.2140 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Ariadna Communications Group, Bogotá ‡ Andrés Riaño ∏ Gabriel Perdomo Motta

∂ Andrés Riaño ≥ Bloomberg ∫ Pablo Henao


Social & Environment

Social & Environment

When facing a cancer diagnosis, you deserve comprehensive treatment – including your own team of specialists, advanced treatment options, and clinical trials. You also deserve to sleep in your own bed … Save Evian from Evian.

Save Puyehue from Puyehue. Commit to a planet free of single-use plastics.


∆ McCann, Santiago de Chile ‡ Jose Ignacio Solari, Renzo Vacarisas, Nicolás Soto

∏ Ana Ruiz, Diego Maraboli, Ignacia Iniescar

∂ Tomás Gutiérrez, Jorge Saint Jean ≥ Nicolas Aguayo ⁄ Gonzalo Arévalo

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2141

When you’re fighting cancer … You also need to be there for goodnight kisses, for homework help, and for Mom’s hug will do. That’s why Texas Oncology delivers expert Cancer care at more than 210 locations across Texas …

1.2142 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ The Loomis Agency, Chicago ‡ Tina Tackett ∏ Tina Tackett

∂ Kim Smith, Jim Green, Michael Tuggle ≥ Jeff Sciortino


Social & Environment

Social & Environment

Tick menu. Delicious knee-jerk. Hot calves. Crisp buttocks. Tasty belly. Delicious bald head. Spicy armpit. Ticks love well circulated body parts. Spoil the appetite of these blood suckers by following the tips at suvy.ce/zecken. ∆ ‡ ∏ ∞

Ruf Lanz, Zurich Markus Ruf Isabelle Hauser Isabelle Hauser

∆ Cossette Communications Group, Montreal ‡ Anne-Claude Chenier, Genevieve Duquette

∏ Alexandre Jutras ∂ François-Julien Rainville ∞ Owen Gent ∆ Hill Holliday, Boston ‡ Icaro Doria, Lucas Casão, Gui Rácz ∏ Gabriel Barrea


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2143

1.2144 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Jóse Baldin, Vinicius Fernandes, Patrick Matzenbacher ≥ Nidin Sanches ⁄ Lobo


Social & Environment

Social & Environment

El Plomo Mountain, Chile – 33.23356° S, 70.2144° W

Let’s talk the joy of later sex.

Easter Island, Chile – 27° 04’ 13.8’’ S, 109° 19’ 18.5’’ W Plastic is everywhere. Scan to stop the spread. Campaign for Greenpeace.


∆ Cheil Central America, Panama ‡ Mariana Peluffo ∂ Mariana Peluffo

∆ Ogilvy, London ‡ Andre (Dede) Laurentin, Jules Chalkley ∏ Andy Forrest

∂ Nicola Wood ≥ Rankin ⁄ Leo Thornborough

≥ Diego Salas, Santiago Mendez Isla, Segundo Luchia Puig ⁄ Diego Salas

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2145

1.2146 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE



Available at your local distributor, Amazon or LuerzersArchive.com

Proudly rising with Vietnam. Ad to launch the latest Biti’s Hunter sneakers collection designed in collaboration with VietMax, a living icon of Vietnamese street culture. 1.2101 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Dentsu Redder, Ho Chi Minh City ‡ Edmund Choe, Livio Grossi, Tien Khong

∏ Livio Grossi, Christian Gaziamodo, Ngoc Pham

∂ Thanh Ngo ∞ Illusion ⁄ Illusion




Karate at your fingertips. And in the entire body.


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2102

1.2103 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ BNDO, Belém, Brazil ‡ Diego Friás ∏ Farajânio Santos

∂ Victor Amorim ∞ Farajânio Santos


Travel & Leisure

Travel & Leisure

Save the bird of paradise. – Go shopping again! #EndangeredWaysOfLife #SaveJena

Save the sore muscles. – Go to the gym again!

Save the night owl. – Go back to town! The city of Jena ran an initiative to promote fun but “endangered” ways of life that need to be saved after lockdown.

∆ ART-KON-TOR, Jena, Germany ‡ Constanze Morigerowsky ∏ Julia Netz, Anika Zwickel, Nicole Haschke

Nature is precious. Visit insectarium Montréal. espacepourlavie.ca ‡ Diego Franco ∏ Diego Franco ∞ Bruno Carvalho ⁄ Diego Franco, Bruno Carvalho


Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∂ Berit Tolke, Roland Weber ∞ Elisabeth Siegesmund


Travel & Leisure


∆ Designate Communications, Brighton, United Kingdom ‡ Dan Fagg, Faye Carre ∏ Faye Carre, Tommy Allen-Cleary, Mat Scott

∂ Dan Fagg, Tommy Allen-Cleary, Mat Scott ≥ Kevin Meredith ∫ Mat Scott Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2103

The work featured in the following spread has been nominated for the Lürzer’s Archive International Student of the Year Award 2021. This is an annual award whose winner is chosen by our readers.

Find out more at

Students Contest

Students Contest

∏ Yunxuan Wu

∏ Shrilakhshmi Vinod, Andy Cruz ∂ Shrilakhshmi Vinod, Andy Cruz


∏ Jack Lyons ∂ Jack Lyons

∂ Jessica Mastorides ƒ S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, Syracuse ◊ Mel White

ƒ Miami Ad School, Berlin ◊ Florian Weitzel

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

ƒ S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, Syracuse ◊ Mel White

1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE



Levi’s jeans modelled by original wearer. Ad for Levi’s.

Ad for Classic FM.


∆ Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), London ∏ Steve Hudson

∆ ∏ ∂ ≥

∂ Victoria Fallon ≥ Nick Knight

Campaign for Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Amsterdam.

∂ Tyler Whisnand, Johan Kramer ⁄ Anthony Burrill

Bainsfair Sharkey Trott, London Brian Connolly Steve Haugh Nadav Kander Ad for Pepsi.

A spread featuring a selection of print ads that were all originally showcased in Lürzer’s Archive a quarter of a century ago in 1996.


∆ KesselsKramer, Amsterdam ∏ Erik Kessels

Lürzer’s ARCHIVE 1.2101

1.2102 Lürzer’s ARCHIVE

∆ Abbott Mead Vickers (AMV) BBDO, London ∏ Greg Martin ∂ Patricia Doherty ≥ Mike Russell

Ad for Parmalat.

∆ ∏ ∂ ≥

DM9DDB, São Paulo Erh Ray Grupo ABC Tom Arma


New Books

New Books Her Dior.

Viral Cartoons from around the Globe published by Benevento 298 pp, £ 24.99, $ 35

On what we’re hoping to be the eve of the end of the COVID-19 crisis comes Paper. Pen. Pandemic, a critical review of the pandemic in more than 400 cartoons. “Leaders and decision-makers in business and politics face difficult tasks every day, because solutions are required quickly. But are the governments’ measures to contain the pandemic justified and appropriate? Cartoonists from all over the world have asked themselves these questions.” Their drawings and paintings in this illustrated book comment on current events. They are straight to the point and contain a good dose of humor. We get takes from international cartoonists and illustrators such as Joe Dator, Jason Raish, Gerhard Haderer and Bruce MacKinnon. who all take a stand on the handling of COVID-19. This is all beautifully put together. Subjectively speaking, however, we all might be the tiniest bit tired of this subject after the massive – if surely relatable – onslaught of information over the past year.

© Rebecca Hendin / Dario Castillejos / Marilena Nardi / Andrei Popov / Benevento

Paper. Pen. Pandemic.

Maria Grazia Chiuri’s new voice. published by Rizzoli New York 240 pp, € 85, £ 75, $ 95

The author of this book, Maria Grazia Chiuri, has been the creative head of Dior since 2016 where she followed in the footsteps of designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Gianfranco Ferre and John Galliano. She started at Fendi in 1989, where she designed handbag lines. Only a year later, she joined the Italian fashion house Valentino. Featured in ”Her Dior” are the images of 33 women photographers who collaborated with Dior and the fashion house’s magazine, as well as magazines such as i–D, Tank and Purple. The book highlights the work of these artists who are a part of the history of contemporary photography and celebrates the innovative and feminist spirit of Maria Grazia Chiuri. It was released on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2021.

The New Beauty

A Modern Look At Beauty, Culture, and Fashion by Robert Klanten, Andrea Servert, Kari Molvar published by Gestalten 256 pp, € 39.90

In recent years, the beauty industry has shifted the conversation towards the individual in a way it hasn’t done before. The New Beauty is a contemporary look at the universe of beauty, as told by New York Times wellness and beauty writer Kari Molvar.It provides a relevant insight for those linked to the beauty industry, which is in a moment of transformation, as concepts such as wellness, feminism and inclusivity become equally important. The book explores this shift from historical, scientific and journalistic perspectives. It will not only appeal to industry insiders, but also to all those readers with an interest in feeling well in their own skin – and letting the world know it. ”While people, and women in particular, have historically been enticed into this industry to achieve rather rigid ideals set by society, the current conversations brands and consumers are establishing embrace individuality and celebrate identity … From using makeup as a means to challenge gender, to the link between hairstyling and community-building, or the rituals of skincare as a form of self-care, we are rediscovering beauty as a way of defining who we are and what we value.”

Invisible Jumpers

Joseph Ford Knitting by Nina Dodd published by Hoxton Mini Press 54 pp, £ 12.95

Joseph Ford, the photographer and author of this highly amusing – if slightly scurrilous – publication confesses to being a big fan of optical illusions. For this series, he matched people to their surroundings through custom-made knitwear. “Knitting is the ultimate analogue medium, complete with imperfections and replete with detail. At a time when it’s often assumed that any photographs out of the ordinary are the result of Photoshop or CGI, it’s satisfying to work with a slow, hand-crafted medium,” says Ford. “The results aren’t perfect – there are often bits that don’t match up… Each of these pictures took weeks to research and plan. I worked with an amazing knitter, Nina Dodd, who hand-made all of the knitwear. Each picture began with an idea – could I photograph someone blending into cherry blossom or disappearing into a cliff edge, for example…” The results as showcased in Invisible Jumpers are quite startling, with the locations of the photos ”needing to be places that weren’t going to change too fast, as the knitting takes a few weeks. It would be terrible to prepare a sweater and then not be able to get the shot because the location has altered beyond recognition.” Michael Weinzettl 158






1. Apple AirPods “Jump” Great cinematography and soundtrack keep this spot for AirPods just this side of a tired cliché and even make it quite enjoyable.

2. Ford Trucks UK “Heartbeat” Thousands of red Ford vans stream through the streets and motorways of the UK. Supported by a pulsating soundtrack, they represent the beating heart of the economy. Super stuff: “When life stops business stops.”

3. Jeep Compass “Jeep Iconography” The Jeep Iconography film was designed to bring alive the iconic look of the Jeep front grill: oIIIIIIIo. The team used hundreds of indigenous, native, primal, outdoorsy and exploratory elements to create the legendary visual signature of Jeep.

∆ Abbott Mead Vickers (AMV) BBDO, London ‡ Martin Loraine ∂ Martin Loraine ≤ Nicolai Fuglsig, Nicolai Fuglsig ± MJZ

∆ Wunderman Thompson, India ‡ Senthil Kumar ∏ Sourish Mitra, Aneek Ray ∂ Arjun Mukherjee, Anurag Acharya ≤ Arjun Mukherjee

∆ TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Los Angeles ≤ Sam Brown ± Imperial Woodpecker, New York


7. Churchill “Slide” A very “chilled” commercial for Churchill Insurance, in which we see a portly British Bulldog making his way down a giant fairground slide on his belly. So slow is the tempo, in fact, that suddenly it appears to stop all together. Fortunately, with a little push the doggy can continue its downward slide. VO: “Should life come to a stop, we’ll give you up to £100 for immediate expenses. So you can keep moving.” ∆ Engine, London ‡ David Dearlove, Richard Nott ∏ Jason Keet ∂ James Hodson ≤ Sam Pilling ± Pulse

8. Beagle Street TV “Golden Arch” This spot for Beagle Street Life Insurances depicts a miniature English toy town. The camera zooms and a gentle, grandfatherly VO tells the story of exhausted new father Roy and the mistakes that can happen when you least expect them to: “Get your life covered / for come what may / visit Beaglestreet.com and get your quote today!” ∆ Creature, London ∏ Josh Dando, Steven Dodd ≤ Noah Harris ± Agile Films


4. Skoda Door Protection “Epic Option” A young couple park their Skoda in front of a restaurant. Unbeknownst to them, their actions are watched closely from inside by sinister mafia types whose car is in the next spot over. Tension mounts as the couple’s car door opens wider and wider. Before it can hit the Mafia vehicle, the door guard protection saves the day. Pay-off: “Skoda’s door guard protection. Even our smaller options could save your life.” ∆ Rosapark, Paris ‡ Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-Francois Sacco ∏ Sébastien Mertens, William Verdel ∂ Sébastien Mertens, William Verdel ≤ Zoran Boukherma, Ludovic Boukherma ± FIRM


5. Volvo “Climate Change Is the Ultimate Safety Test” A spokesman takes us on a tour of Volvo’s impressive safety tests and then heads up north to the Arctic Circle, where he asks whether a 100foot drop qualifies as the ultimate safety test. A nearby glacier collapses, interrupting the film with a stark reminder that the biggest threat to our safety isn’t on the road. It’s climate change, which is why Volvo is switching to electric vehicles. ∆ Grey, London ‡ Sam Haynes, John Gibson ∏ John Gibson ∂ Sam Haynes, Javier Campopiano ≤ Ivan Zachairas ± Smuggler

6. Yolt “Outsmart your lizard brain” Yolt is the financial app using neuroscience to outsmart your brain biology. This integrated campaign focuses on the lizard brain, an evolutionary throwback responsible for your most impulsive and financially dubious decisions. ∆ Uncommon Creative Studio, London ≤ Chris Boyles ± Private Island

9. Heineken “Perfect Match” Can true love survive a rugby match? The couples in this Irish commercial for Heineken seem to be perfect matches – until the game starts. Of course, Heineken beer helps to bridge any gaps, restoring harmony to their relationships. Mostly. ∆ Publicis, Dublin / Publicis WW ‡ Bruno Bertelli, Guy Lewis, Ger Roe ∏ Livio Gerosa, Ger Roe ∂ Peter Dobbyn ≤ Karien Cherry ± Outsider


10. Guinness “#Looks like Guinness“ Featuring the classic song “Always On My Mind”, this ad for Guinness celebrates the moment when pubs and bars up and down the country can welcome back punters after months of waiting. Shots of black objects topped with white lead to the ultimate black and white object that has always been on our minds is revealed: a pint of Guinness in a pub, with our mates.

11. Dom Pérignon x Lady Gaga: “Enter The Queendom!“ Directed by photographer Nick Knight this elegant, luxurious spot showcases Gaga decked out in lush colors and textures, classic and avant-garde elements, that blend and pop like a kaleidoscope. This is The Queendom – a world of creative freedom and the launch of her collaboration with Dom Pérignon.

∆ Abbott Mead Vickers (AMV) BBDO, London ‡ Nadja Lossgott, Nicholas Hulley ∏ Jack Watts ∂ James Cambridge ≤ Chris Balmond ± Outsider

∆ TBWA, Paris ‡ Neel Majumder ≤ Nick Knight ± GE Projects

12. Intima Body Pants “Let your body flow” A beautifully made spot for a range of underwear designed for any flow your uterus throws at them. This spot shares all the ways a period can manifest itself for women – the good, the bad and the messy – and how Intima Body Pants is a sustainable, stylish option. Just bleed, wash and repeat, wear after wear. ∆ Abbott Mead Vickers (AMV) BBDO, London ‡ Jim Hilson, Toby Allen ∏ Augustine Cerf, Lauren Peters ∂ Augustine Cerf, Lauren Peters ≤ Femke Huurdeman ± Canada London





13. Tena “Despair” In Arabic, “Age of Despair” is the traditional name for menopause. This spot, shot like a music video, is part of a campaign launched in the Middle East by incontinence brand Tena to challenge misconceptions around menopause and change the phrase. ∆ Abbott Mead Vickers (AMV) BBDO, London, Impact BBDO, Dubai ‡ Paul Shearer, Jim Hilson, Toby Allen ∏ Marie Claire Maalouf, Irina Siraeva ∂ Sarah Berro ≤ Camila Cornelsen ± Big Kahuna Films

14. Dove Cosmetics “Reverse selfie” According to research, 80% of girls are using retouching apps by the age of 13. This heartbreaking fact forms the basis of the new global campaign for Dove. A sequel to the groundbreaking “Evolution”, it tackles the new enemy to the self-esteem of millions of young women and girls around the world. Young girls are being retouched and manipulated more than ever but instead of the media distorting their images, girls are doing it to themselves.

15. Supercell “Brawl Stars New Year” Commercial for Supercell’s Brawl Stars, a team battle mobile game that anyone at any level can participate in, and, most importantly, enjoy. ∆ Mother, Shanghai ≤ Diao Yinan ± Keypoint Production

∆ David, Madrid ‡ André Toledo, Saulo Rocha, Pancho Cassis ∏ Pedro Sattin ∂ David Krueger ≤ Juan Cabral ± MJZ


19. Wrigley Extra Gum “Get your ding back” In this TVC, Extra Gum is encouraging us to get our “Ding” back as we look ahead to a non-lockdown world. Making light of socially distanced restrictions lifting, the ad is a humorous take on our return to everyday life and the situations in which Extra Gum can bring you confidence – from battling the daily commute to getting intimate with a new love interest. ∆ Energy BBDO, Chicago ‡ Pedro Pérez, Josh Gross ∏ Nick Ball ≤ Nick Ball ± MJZ

∆ Ogilvy & Mather, London ‡ Juliana Paracencio, Daniel Fisher ∏ Liam Bushby ∂ Alison Steven ≤ Benito Montorio ± Independent, Absolute Post

20. Tide “The Jason Alexander Hoodie” The face of Friends’ star Jason Alexander displayed on a messy teenage boy’s hoodie undergoes all kinds of trials and tribulations until the boy’s mom asks him to put it into the washer. With Tide detergent of course. All this to the soundtrack of Joe Scarbury’s early 1980s hit “Believer it or not.” ∆ Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, Woven Company, Woven Company ‡ Adrian Chan, Daniel Lobaton, Paul Bichler, Lauren Varvara, Becky Porter, Lauren Varvara ≤ Jeff Low ± Biscuit Filmworks



16. Burger King “Confusing times” These are confusing times, right? So, this is the perfect time for the Impossible Whopper, which is meatless but still gives you the full Whopper taste.



17. Dr. Oetker Pizza Ristorante “Diamond Record” With no new products planned in 2020, this campaign draws on Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante Pizza’s brand heritage of romance. Diamond Records gave hopeless romantics a chance to turn their words into a custom love song and to win a $10,000 diamond engagement ring. ∆ Giants & Gentlemen, Toronto ‡ Alanna Nathanson, Natalie Armata ∏ Steven Kim ∂ Brandon Tralman-Baker ≤ Brandon Tralman-Baker ± Brave Productions, The Inlaws

18. McDonalds “Good times are coming” Short and sweet, this topical spot for McDonald’s sees a kid sitting in the back seat of a car, moving along a street at nighttime. Looking somewhat morose, he is listening to all-tofamiliar facts about life under COVID on the car radio. He noticeably perks up when a reflection of the iconic Golden Arches appears in the car’s window – a little bit of back to normal at last. ∆ TBWA, Brussels ‡ Jeremie Goldwasser ∏ Dieter Vanhoof ∂ Thomas Devresse ≤ Jef Boes

23. Nikon Lenswear “Everything starts with a detail” Nothing is more important than a detail because, in life, everything starts with a detail … An adventure, a friendship and of course … a love story. ∆ La Chose, Paris ‡ Eric Tong Cuong ∏ Mathieu Viollet-Bosson ∂ Antoine Defaye ≤ Pantera ± SOLAB

21+22. Tide Cool Water “Tide cold callers” Who better to convince consumers to go cold (water) than Ice-T and actor Stone Cold? In these spots, the duo call up 80s and 90s icons Vanilla Ice and Mr T to convince them of the environmental and economic benefits of using Tide Cold Water in their clothes wash. As part of this campaign Tide is turning its signature bullseye logo blue across social media. ∆ Saatchi & Saatchi, New York ‡ Hunter Simms, Thompson Harrell ∏ Preethi Balakrishnan ∂ Kelsey Boylan ≤ Aaron Stoller ± Biscuit Filmworks


24. One Plus/Hasselblad “Lunarland” The playful moon brings a little light and a lot of magic to unsuspecting scenes; a small notion that makes a big difference in photography, and the answer to a simple question: what if we just let more light in? This feel-good film launches the partnership between OnePlus and Hasselblad. ∆ Mother, Shanghai ≤ Michael Gracey ± Unlisted, Finch

25. Moonpig “The Moonpigs have landed” “You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when someone sends you something thoughtful, and the unbeatable satisfaction of finding the perfect card for an upcoming occasion? We wanted to take those feelings and turn them into something visual.” And so they did. The result is a delightful animated piglet in this commercial for online greeting cards. ∆ Creature, London ‡ Ben Middleton, Stu Outhwaite-Noel ∏ Megan Egan ≤ Ben Reed ± Agile Films






26. BBC Radio 2 “One of the family” To the soundtrack of Janet Jackson’s “I love your smile”, we see families assemble for a series of awkward 80s and 90s style family portraits complete with crimped hair, double denim and spandex. Hidden among them are Radio 2 DJs, who are like “one of the family”.

27. B&Q Retailer “We Will Grow Again” As a year of toughing out the pandemic and a grinding winter in lockdown is coming to an end, B&Q wants to salute the resilience and re-emergence of the people of the UK, as the first bloom of spring is welcomed in this colourful, hopeful new work: ‘We Will Grow Again’.

∆ BBC Creative, Manchester ‡ Kit Dayaram ∏ Sarah Fox ∂ Adam Reincke ≤ Max Seidentopf ± Riff Raff

∆ Uncommon Creative Studio, London ≤ The Sacred Egg ± Riff Raff


28. Ikea “Bedroom” Jolly animated spot to the theme of “Hello baby girl” to “Goodbye Daddy’s girl” which presents the transformation of a young girl’s bedroom over the years with the help of 60 designs by Ikea. ∆ Leo Burnett, Riyadh ‡ Saadi Alkouatli ∏ José Pedro Bortolini ∂ Mohammad Omeira ± Canja Audio Culture, Caustik Studios

32. Amazon “Pompei” What a gift it is to have Amazon Alexa at your disposal when your inquisitive offspring needs to know some historical facts and dates. Some of which, you may not have paid attention to while at school. ∆ Droga5, London ‡ Jonathan Thake ≤ Andreas Nilson ± Biscuit, Biscuit


∆ Ogilvy & Mather, London ‡ Jules Chalkley ∏ Andy Forrest ∂ Nicola Wood ≤ Rankin ± Rankin

34. Cura Viva Long-Term Care “Rosemary’s story” An elderly German woman narrates her life story, brought to life in 3D animation. We learn about Rosemary’s life, from her childhood during World War II, escape from – and return to – East Germany behind the Iron Curtain and how she finds happiness later in life. Her story serves as a reminder that a career in long-term health care is an opportunity to not only help others, but also to become part of their history. ∆ CR+K, Basel ‡ Christian Bircher ∏ Christian Bircher, Filip Wolfensberger ∂ Wolfram Scherer ≤ Guto Terni ± roofstudio.tv


29. Spotify “Choose your Spotify” Bonnie Tyler’s overwrought “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is central to this Brazilian ad for Spotify. Awoken by her downstairs neighbour’s outlandish rendition of the song, a woman turns on her Spotify to listen – and sing along – to the original. Super: You don’t choose your neighbour’s show. But you can choose your Spotify.

30. Wiener Linien (Vienna Public Transport) “Wouldn’t it be nice?” Travelling on Vienna public transport is a groovy psychedelic paradise, according to this beautiful Heinz Edelmann-inspired animated spot with a Beach Boys cover for a soundtrack. Praising the ecological benefits of using Vienna’s public transport: “Wouldn’t it be nice?”

31. airtel The Smartphone Network “Rainmaker” Inconsistent and unreliable data can be frustrating. They are too erratic to be relied on. Using the traditional rainmaker as a metaphor, airtel Nigeria shows why it is foolhardy to believe falsehood when a more reliable alternative is within reach.

∆ CuboCC, São Paulo ‡ Marina Erthal, Luiz Mastropietro, Fabiana Falcão ∏ Heloisa Lima ∂ Raphael Fiuza, Guto Campello ≤ Rafa Quinto ± Barry Company

∆ Traktor, Wien ‡ Alexander Winsauer ∏ Sebastian Freudenschuss ∂ Robert Wagenlechner ± Bounty Studio

∆ Noah’s Ark, Lagos ‡ Lanre Adisa, Abolaji Alausa, Maurice Ugwonoh ∏ Mitchelle Defounga, Adeyemo Maya, Adetola Shode ∂ Jesujoba Popoola, Mayokun Ajayeoba ≤ Bruce Paynter ± Ark Resources


33. Relate “Let’s talk the joy of later life sex” Relationship charity Relate teamed up with renowned British photographer Rankin to shine the spotlight on the unseen – sex and intimacy in our later years – in this beautifully filmed and spicy campaign. Judging from it, there is a lot to look forward to in our golden years!

35. Cover Up “Mask up” This public service spot from Nigeria reminds people to remain vigilant about wearing a mask, even as the COVID vaccine is becoming available. The spot opens on what appears to be a dead body lying in a hospital bed covered in a sheet. The sheet slowly reveals a man wearing a face mask. And he’s alive. The final message: “Cover up or be covered”. ∆ Noah’s Ark, Lagos ‡ Lanre Adisa, Abolaji Alausa, Maurice Ugwonoh ∏ Lawal Kazeem, Gabriel Olonisakin, Yekeen Ibrahim ∂ Mabayomije Akinyemi, Segun Odejimi ≤ Segun Oladimeji ± Underdog Productions

36. Formula E “Change.Accelerated” Formula E exists to accelerate sustainable human progress through the power of electric racing. The only sport certified net zero carbon since inception, Formula E was founded to counteract climate change by accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. This spot aims to capture this unique sport’s ability to excite next generation sports fans by combining exciting on-track action with its role as a catalyst for positive change around the world.

37. Free Streets Now “Ban rubber bullets” During the street protests of 2020, we saw how so-called “non-lethal” rubber bullets can not only prove lethal but physically and mentally debilitating as well. This film simply and effectively demonstrates their potentially devastating impact. The team said, “We were concerned that perhaps the rubber bullets would not be as damaging as we expected, but then we shot the watermelon and the phantom camera operator quietly said ‘Oh, my god’.”

∆ Uncommon Creative Studio, London ≤ Marcus Söderlund ± Academy

∆ Wunderman Thompson, Austin, Texas ‡ Steve Miller ∏ Gene Blakeney ∂ Tom Miller ≤ Dan Brown ± Royale Film Co. 165



The curator of this issue’s Digital section is Ignacio Zuccherini.

It is a fact that the world changed forever. It was an honor for us to have Ignacio Zuccherini, Head of Creative at Google LATAM to select his favorite new digital work. Michael Weinzettl queried the brilliant Argentinian about this and that.

“#LibroVivo” (Live Book) was an experiment that allowed thousands of fans to watch best-selling Argentine author Viviana Rivero write a spin-off to her new novel live via Google Docs.


Hello Ignacio, can please you tell our readers about yourself? My job title is Head of Creative at Google LATAM. I was Global Creative Director at Google Cloud on a 2 year gig in San Francisco from 2017 to 2019. I wanted to become one of the first creatives to truly understand what we, as an industry, can do by combining storytelling with AI. Brainstorming with AI developers, engineers, and actual code (because yes, you brainstorm with lines of code and datasets) was fascinating and changed the way I see our future. I was then offered the opportunity to focus on a different challenge and I saw it as a big opportunity. Every two or three years, I need to feel “Impostor Syndrome” and become the dumbest person in the meeting room. What my job entails: the team I work for is changing paradigms and evolving from co-creating world class campaigns on Google media in partnership with the most important customers and agencies, to also focusing on optimizing and automating digital creative content. IMHO, a good part of the future of the creative industry will have to do with learning to work in pairs with algorithms – to scale and streamline the impact of our work. I believe advertising will need to embrace “Centaur Duos’’ (a concept invented by Kasparov who, when defeated by Deep Blue, created a new type of chess in which champions rely on algorithmic suggestions and predictions to decide their next moves). Bernbach invented the creative duo. I think about the future of creative teams as more like a trio: Art Director + Copywriter + Algorithm. The main challenge I face in my role is quickly understanding and embracing all the new normalities that crystallize every six months. For example, today it’s actually hard to become a relevant consultant for your clients if you don’t understand what’s happening with blockchain, decentralization, metaverses, NFTs, the creator economy, the disaggregation of work, creative effectiveness, virtual currencies and microtransactions – just to name a few.

Can you tell us about your background? How did your career evolve? It says on Linkedin that for a while you were a student of philosophy – from 1999 to 2003 and have got a B.A. Had you at that time already worked in advertising? I spent most of my teens drawing and playing rugby. When it was time to go to college, my father told me “There’s something that may connect with your passion for scribbling: the ad world”. I started my Bachelor in Comms and in my last year I was fascinated by a philosophy professor who gave us a Semiology master class. I then decided to drop advertising and become a sophist. Spent almost five years studying ethics and metaphysics to discover the only way to get a scholarship was to play politics (something I’d never do since I believe in hard work). The other option was to become a high school teacher, so I decided to go back to advertising that seemed a lot more fun and definitely cooler. Both passions (advertising and philosophy) never mixed until I joined Google and the dots began to connect naturally. I am very grateful for what I grasped studying Philosophy. I basically learnt to think – and understood that nothing that exists, exists outside of a concept created by someone at some point in history. Everything is an interpretation. Everything is an idea. How did all of these things – studying philosophy, continuing in the ad business – come about? What motivated you to go into the digital arena? How far back goes your interest in the digital side of advertising? Around 2010 I started feeling FOMO about what was happening in tech. I saw companies solving real problems whose products or services didn’t need advertising at all to become mainstream, going from nothing to IPO in a matter of a very few years. I felt that technology could “uberize” our industry and that sparked my interest. I started taking courses, learned the basics of coding, and started reading about artificial intelligence and the algorithmization of everything – from the DNA strand to music creation. It was a fascinating journey that continues to this day (I “read” two or three books a month while doing the dishes thanks to audiobooks). I finally understood that technology and advertising is a perfect and complementary marriage and I set out to become an ambassador in our industry with the aim of helping rebuild our métier, from creative companies’ business model to the services we offer and how we measure the results of the content we create. Can you tell us a bit about the time with the various agencies you worked for? It all started with J. Walter Thompson, right? Sure thing, it all started back in 1999 in Argentina. Back then J. Walter Thompson was an ad transatlantic. The sexiest agency in my home country around the 2000s was Agulla & Baccetti (I would even go as far to say it was LATAM’s most radical agency, and one of the most out of the ordinary places on earth to work in advertising). Luckily for me, four of A&B’s creative leaders joined J. Walter Thompson. That literally changed my career. From Leandro Raposo, Pablo Colonnese, Pablo Stricker and especially Santiago Lucero, I’ve learned every, single, thing. They were my mom and dad in advertising. 5 years after that I was invited to join Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi and I was lucky enough to understand how you take an independent agency from a challenging economy like Argentina’s, to the top of the world. I understood how Cannes Lions and big ad festivals work, and how you build a top 5 or top 10 Gunn Report agency from scratch. Pablo del Campo is a magician.

For “See What The Cloud Sees” for the New York Times. Google Cloud teamed up with The New York Times to transform their 100-year-old analog archive to digital.




Were any of these agencies, Grey, Saatchis – doing any traditional type of advertising (print, film) or were you involved from the start with digital projects? No, I was 100% focused on traditional advertising. Purely film, outdoor, print and radio ads. Until around 2010 no one in Latin America had managed to crack the internet and understand what to do with it. What is your impression of what the pandemic has done to the industry? Do you think Digital has fared better than other media? It is very difficult not to sound redundant answering this question. I think it will take years to fully understand the consequences of the pandemic. It is a fact that the world changed forever. It is a fact that we went through the most accelerated period of consumer education on digital services ever. In fact, it was the fastest and boldest education period in the history of the world. In the digital arena, the changes we expected to see over the next 10 years all happened all at once in a 12-month period. There’s this quote I love: “There are still people who ride horses.” That means nothing disappears forever. Traditional media will continue to exist and, I humbly believe as a creative, will always have their own power and grace. But the digital environment is finally taking the place it was meant to be. Who are some to the people you’ve met over the course of your career that have impressed you most, and why? I was influenced and inspired by a lot of people. Some of them are: Santiago Lucero, Leandro Raposo, Pablo del Campo, Daniel Fierro, Mariana Hernández, Sebastián Valverde, Johanna Calic, Edwin Rager, Gastón Bigio, Jonathan Gurvit, Guillermo Tragant, Mike Yapp, Vinícius Malinoski, Rudi Anggono, Luis Gaitán, Paola Escalante, Jaime Mendoza, Ben Jones, Philip McDougall and Robert Wong. Some of them inspired me with their alien creativity. Others with their courage. Others with their intelligence to ask the right questions. Or their ability to reduce very complex problems to three words. Or their extreme humanity. Or their people skills. And their goodness. What they all have in common with each other is that they don’t look like anyone else. That no two people were alike ever. That they broke once and for all the mold with which they were created. And although they have never worked in our industry, the biggest influence in my life, even as a creative, have been my children: Silver and Ama. What projects of yours are you proudest of? The past does not exist. Or at least I tend to ignore it. I always look ahead. If I succeed, if I can add my two cents to the construction of a new paradigm in our industry, one that will emulate what Garry Kasparov achieved in chess, that the best in the world manage to work in duos or trios with algorithms, that will be the project of my life. The one I will be most proud of until the very end. What does Ignacio Zuccarino do for fun? Right now I’m fascinated by sports that connect with nature. I’m especially thrilled by mountain biking and kite surfing.

“ColorMaps” was a project to showcase the 2000+ color palette of Mexico’s leading paint company Comex in a new way, one could also say, by a Google Street View hack.


Balenciaga Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow is a video game designed especially to introduce the Balenciaga collection of this season. Each player chooses an avatar and takes it on a hero’s journey set in the year 2031. A store exit leads to a busy street and further on to a dark forest in which a secret rave is going on.

Ignacio Zuccherini: “Play a videogame to know their new collection”. ‡ Demna Gvasalia ± Streamline Media Group, Dimension Studios videogame.balenciaga.com




Good Fortune Burger The Toronto-based restaurant chain Good Fortune Burger has come up with a method that is as funny as it is original to attract customers. All dishes have been renamed office items so that customers can declare them as a company expense.

Bye Bye Bicycle No money to promote a new album? The indie band Bye Bye Bicycle found an inexpensive and at the same time effective way to do so: They added information and teasers about their new songs to their old song titles.

Bloxbiz Founded in January 2021, Bloxbiz is the first dynamic in-game ad platform in Roblox, a meta-game that allows players to create their own games. Bloxbiz enables game developers to monetize their games with advertisements.

Ignacio Zuccherini: “A restaurant in Canada has renamed items so that customers can expense them”.

Ignacio Zuccherini: “An indie band renamed their previous songs to use them as ads to announce their new album”.

Ignacio Zuccherini: “There’s people buying digital real estate within metaverses. There’s also people selling ad spaces there. Will popular games within $RBLX become ad subsidized platforms?”

∆ ‡ ∏ ∂

∆ Milk, Gothenburg, Sweden ∏ Niklas Olovsson, Andreas Bergendahl ∂ Anders Malm, Anders Holmström

OneMethod, Toronto Amin Todai, Max Sawka Cameron Fliegel Sophia Wilby, Nate Houseley

‡ Sam Drozdov, Ben Khakshoor bloxbiz.com

bit.ly/3p2xVcA instagram.com/goodfortuneburger

PS5 This short film was shot live for the launch of the PlayStation 5 in collaboration with Netflix to create a true gaming experience. It attracted over 200,000 live views, with a total of 3.3 million people watching it within 24 hours. Ignacio Zuccherini: “A Russian Doll campaign: a PS5 ad within a Netflix ad within a Twitch streaming within a Netflix short film (oh, and filmed live)”. ∆ ‡ ∏ ∂ ≤

FCB&FiRe, Madrid Alba Vence, John Lavin, Pepe García Pelayo Zurrón Jaume Balagueró, Manu Díaz Jaume Balagueró

Barilla The worst thing that can happen when cooking pasta is that it overcooks. To make sure that doesn’t happen, Barilla has created a special Spotify playlist with songs that take just long enough for the pasta to be al dente. Ignacio Zuccherini: “Barilla’s Spotify playlists last exactly as long as your pasta requires”. ‡ Demna Gvasalia ± Streamline Media Group, Dimension Studios

Nathan Apodaca Nathan Apodaca, one of last year’s biggest viral stars, is auctioning off the original video of himself skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” -- without sound, but for a paltry $500,000 as an NFT (NonFungible Token).

BudZero With a variation on the well-known slogan “Don’t Drink And Drive”, Budweiser is promoting its new alcohol-free beer: “Don’t Drink and Buy”.

Ignacio Zuccherini: “Nathan Apodaca and the tokenization of influencer marketing (Direct-To-Consumer content creation disintermediating agencies and production companies)”.

∆ David The Agency, Miami

Ignacio Zuccherini: “This holiday, pls don’t drink and buy”.


‡ Nathan Apodaca open.spotify.com/user/w2p1oq867ns7jele6g3lw66fk consequence.net/2021/03/ fleetwood-mac-skateboarder-selling-tiktok-video-nft/?new=true

vimeo.com/528517884 170



Edeka Finding a partner especially in times of a pandemic is not easy. But a branch of German Supermarkt Chain Edeka had an original idea a while ago, which through Corona received more attention: “Single Shopping”. At the entrance, every person looking for love could pin a red heart containing a unique number on their clothes. At the checkout, people can leave their phone number for other numbers or have them called out on the intercom. Ignacio Zuccherini: “A Bavarian supermarket is helping shoppers find love amid shutdown”.


Injective Protocol This controversial event was organized by a group of anonymous “cryptocurrency enthusiasts” and streamed live on YouTube. The digital token representing the work, a 2006 Bansky picture called “Morons” that could be understood as a critique of the art market, was finally sold for US $ 380.000 through NFT (non-fungible token) technology. Ignacio Zuccherini: “A blockchain company bought a Banksy piece, made a digital copy, then burned the physical piece – to prove that art’s value can be digital instead of physical”.

MyHeritage A genealogy platform brings faces in historical photos to life. “Deep Nostalgia” uses drivers that consist of a fixed sequence of movements and gestures. This creates short videos in which your ancestors smile, wink or turn their heads. Ignacio Zuccherini: “An online genealogy platform created ‘Deep Nostalgia’, an emotional and creepy AI-powered campaign that allows users to animate faces in still photos”.

‡ Lubalin bit.ly/3uaWncH


Ignacio Zuccherini: “A badass way to stop the Twitter DM bad behaviour”. ‡ Zoe Scaman, Alex Morris (Very Serious), Oliver Finel (Very Serious) nftthedp.com

Ignacio Zuccherini: “Social media drama transformed into songs. Another way to prove that, entertaining, advertising is oh so behind of content creators that it hurts”.

‡ Ryan Parnas, Gil Perry

bit.ly/2S0408P (english) bit.ly/34AzUeC (german)

Nft the DP A creative and rather nasty response to the habit of some men to send dick pics to known or even unknown women. This website converts these pictures into NFT art, with the sender as the artist. If he wants his “artwork” removed from the internet, he has to buy it.

Lubalin With over 3 million followers and 27 million likes on TikTok alone, Canadian Lubalin became a superstar almost overnight. In this performance, he sings dramatic chat conversations.


We’re Not Leaving In an unprecedented action, a group of amateur investors on Reddit launched an operation to push the GameStop shares, that included a digital ad in NY Time Square. The copy “GME GO BRRR” refers to a popular internet meme that uses “Brrr” to describe the sound of a money printing machine. GME is the stock’s ticker symbol on the NY Stock Exchange. Result: The share price rose from around US $ 40 to over $ 400. Ignacio Zuccherini: “Redditors double down and buy space in Times Square to continue trolling hedge funds. The most avant-garde hackers on the internet crowdfund the use the oldest medium to advertise themselves”.

Robinhood Robinhood Markets, a US financial services company headquartered in Menlo Park, California, offers digital platforms through which one can trade stocks, ETFs, options and cryptocurrencies.After apparent massive price interference, they suspended trading in Gamestop (see previous page), among others, and were promptly punished by the internet community. Ignacio Zuccherini: “After delisting GameStop and AMC, Robinhood has gotten over 100,000 one star reviews in one hour on the app store, now set with a 1 rating. In other words, don’t fuck with the internet”.

Netflix Netflix is imitating a social network that’s all the rage among teens to stay up to date. The streaming giant has introduced a “Fast Laughs” feature for mobile users, modeled after TikTok, that delivers a neverending feed of comedy videos. Ignacio Zuccherini: “And the inbreeding of the big platforms: the tech giant adds a feature to its application, through which it provides you with short clips of its comedy stand ups emulating TikTok”. about.netflix.com/en/news/fast-laughs-is-here

bit.ly/34xQuMi nypost.com/2021/01/30/redditors-buy-times-square-billboard-asgamestop-stock-saga-rages






1 Adam Hessel 7 Campaigns

1 Rafael Gil 5 Campaigns

1 Mother, London 12 Campaigns

1 Markus Ruf 7 Campaigns

1 Dimitris Vikelis 5 Campaigns

2 Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London 9 Campaigns

3 Rodrigo Almeida 5 Campaigns

1 Jaime Duque 5 Campaigns

3 Ruf Lanz, Zurich 7 Campaigns

3 Tim Hawkey 5 Campaigns

4 Eduardo Tavares 4 Campaigns

4 The Newtons Laboratory, Greece 6 Campaigns

3 Giannis Sorotos 5 Campaigns

4 Uncommon Creative Studio, London 6 Campaigns COPYWRITER

3 Rafael Pitanguy 5 Campaigns

1 Daphne Martinou 6 Campaigns

6 David The Agency, Miami 5

3 Nicholas Capanear 5 Campaigns

1 Markus Ruf 6 Campaigns

6 Harrison & Star, New York 5

3 Rafael Gil 5 Campaigns

3 Ronald Larson 5 Campaigns

6 GSW, New York 5 6 adam&eveDDB, London 5


ILLUSTRATOR 1 Illusion 4 Campaigns

1 Ale Burset 15 Campaigns

2 Jody Xiong 2 Campaigns

2 Carioca 5 Campaigns

2 Alexandre Collares 2 Campaigns

3 Lindsay Siu 4 Campaigns

2 Marcos Siqueira 2 Campaigns

1 O Positive 5

2 José Nestor 2 Campaigns

1 Somesuch 5 3 Biscuit Filmworks 4


3 Jon Lloyd 3 Campaigns 3 Moreira Studio 3 Campaigns 3 Istvan (Steve) Pinter 3 Campaigns

6 BBDO, New York 5


3 Alex Telfer 4 Campaigns

2 Illusion 8 Campaigns

6 Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London 5

2 Anders Martin Jensen 2 Campaigns

3 Tim Tadder 4 Campaigns

1 Diego Speroni 11 Campaigns

6 Area 23, New York 5

CLIENT 1 Ikea 11 Campaigns

4 Blink 3

2 McDonald’s 9 Campaigns

4 Blinkink 3

3 KFC 5 Campaigns

4 MJZ 3

3 Burger King 5 Campaigns

4 Pulse Films 3

5 WWF 4 Campaigns

4 Smuggler 3

3 Rafael Gil 3 Campaigns 3 Michael Corridore 3 Campaigns


Campaigns: Number of campaigns published in Lürzer’s Archive. International rankings for the year 2020. The full rankings can be found at LuerzersArchive.com

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