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fizzy water

The fashion world is quite particular when it comes to drink. The staff drink cappucino’s as fast as they breathe (great news for me, extra trips to waitrose, my second home) and the clients insist on their coke being ‘diet’.The one thing I could never master while interning was the coffee machine. I felt the sales manager giving me dagger eyes every time I served a cappucino to a client which didn’t have the correct balance of coffee and froth or if I served it on a big tray instead of a small one.

It’s no shock that the interns do the shit jobs. However, ‘shit job’ had a whole new meaning the day we had to sort out the hangers. The afternoon proceeded as follows; Take down the 20/30 hanger boxes from the loft. Discard any black plastic hangers then sort the remaining hangers by placing the same ones together (baring in mind each box contained a rainbow of different hangers). Then put the boxes back into the loft. Great.

steamed rice

When Mirabel is in the office, feeding time commences at 1:15. It’s the same meal every time; chicken in cashew nuts and steamed rice from choys (a chinese restaurant down the road). Once collected and paid for using the petty cash, the food is served in their unopened cartons on a plate on top of a serviette on top a tray. If the meal is not put together in this way, the dragon is unleashed. Luckily I have never experienced this with the lunch. However, I have allowed water to spill onto the saucer from her green tea so I am no stranger to angry Mirabel.

During fashion week, when the showroom was exceptionally busy, I barely had time to sit down and have lunch. On the upside, I learn’t a few things about food. 1) Jelly beans may not be the most filling or nutrious of foods but the sugar content provides you with a sufficent amount of energy to move 20 boxes of stock up into the loft. 2) It’s always a good idea to have a spare pastry lying around in your bag incase of emergencies.

‘Why are you emptying the bins? The interns do that.’





This brand stands out in the showroom. Firstly becuase it is purely eyewear and secondly because of it’s bold and dynamic packaging. The target market is those in their late teens to early twenties. Super have proven to be very popular amongst the urban scene. For me, the brand is about making sunglasses more fun; the patterened boxes often being repeated on the frames. The brand is current and very vivacious.

There are variations of each style in terms of frame and lens. This gives the client more options to decide whether the colour will lie in the frame or lens, if at all. The variation of shapes and sizes contributes to the brands new success.



The showroom sells both missoni swimwear and scarves. However, I find the swimwear more desirable then the scarves because there is more variation between the collections. Also, the swimwear ranges from small bikinis to more modest ponchos and playsuits. Which differ in pattern with each new season.

Each piece is immediately identifiable as missoni due to their signature zig-zag pattern. I think they are the ultimate swimsuit brand becuase they stand out instanly on the beach or in the pool.

appendix all scans are of personal/found/ relevent objects

images for super are from either their website or blog

images for missoni are from online boutiques that stock the swimwear



Luella Del Basso


An insight into the illusion of glamour within the fashion industry taken from the perspective of me and my first experience interning.