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I was interested in the origin of my style. Normally, people talk about this in relation to their personality or culture in connection with the nature vs nurture debate. However, when it comes to fashion, it’s more a case of tradition vs trend. In regards to tradition, what of my family, it’s culture and tastes have influenced my own? Similarly, what of those fast moving trends have made a lasting impression on me? This booklet is an attempt to answer those questions through a combination of research into key members of my family and their tastes in regards to my own. Disecting my current wardrobe and tracing back the stories behind particular items will allow me make comparison and find the roots of my taste today.





When my father left college and began persuing his dreams of owning his own company, he soon adopted a business style to best reflect his business ambitions; bold, on trend and strong. He began working life in England then went onto spend some time in Italy which, along with his family history, geered him toward traditional prints for his ties but he kept a polished look with a grey suit, typical of the era. The uniform of the business world is smart and sharp, typically suits for men so I admire quirky touches such as my Dad’s ties. My fathers ever evolving business style is neat and professional and is what I believe began my obsession for blazers. Also, although most of my clothes are more simple nowdays, I think my admiration or the occasional quirky item also developed from from my Dad. My father still wears suits to this day but they are generally more toned down in colour and he rarely wears a tie because he says they’re uncomfortale and unecessary but my memory of them still lives on and I expect his young budding business man style to remain, even if just slightly, an inspiration for my style for years to come.


I’ve always thought my mum to be glamourous and she pays attention to detail. From her make-up to accessories, she favours something that stands out from the crowd and is beautiful over a plain item. This is why, when I stumble across old photos of her, such as the one featured in the collage above, I’m shocked. She doesn’t have curly hair, lipstick on or pearl earrings. Her glamourous edge is something she has developed over time and reminds me not to get caught up in trends but to be aware of what I like and expressing this through my sense of style. First impressions count so it’s important that you look good to feel good.


I was the first born in my family, I’m a girl and I’m the first child of another first child (Dad) which in Italian culture, is a big deal. Consequently, I was given plenty of attention and my mother took pride in dressing me up which lead to me developing an interest in outfits from an early age. I liked things to match in colour and numerous outfit changes would occur throughout the day because I got something dirty or just boredom. My style isn’t as girlie and over the top as it was when I was younger but it does still occupy some space in my wardrobe. My clothes aren’t as pink as I used to like them or as bright. But I do still own the odd floral print dress and shiny top which I tend to save more for family occassions. Young Luella wasn’t influenced much by her Dad, if at all, as Mum made herself my personal stylist for at least the first twelve years of my life.





1. Alfie 1.

2. Luella 3. Lui 4. Luigi 5. Suzanne



Alfie: Red Amy C: Red... Not sure why but I think because it suits you and your skin tone, hair colour and you wore a red dress to that xmas ball thingy. Amy G: Red Bysshe: Red Clemmie: Red Dad: Pink Gemma: Burnt Orange Georgia: I associate red with you for some reason. Hannah: Red Louise: Cream Lui: Green Madeleine: Colour wise, I’m going to go for red. But more a glittery red like that nail varnish we were talking about the other day, rather than bright red. Mum: Red, because thats what suits you.

Is there a colour you associate best with me?

Cream Pink Burnt Orange Green Red

Is there a particular outfit that i've worn that you remember more then others?

Georgia: I remember your red kind of dress... I dont really know how to describe it but it is patterned and quite Summery. Hannah: Blazers. Louise: Cream dress with lacy black tights, high shoes and red lips! you wore to Ilaria's christening (very nice). (Fig.4). Lui: Not really. Alfie: Maybe because its recent but the one when i came back home, the 40s looking outfit! Amy C: An outfit... Maybe your denim skirt, leggings and some kind of nice blazer and ballet pumps, not always together. (Fig.2). Amy G: (I'm terrible at remembering outfits... Might have to skip this one.) Bysshe: O most definitely, that polka dot dress you wore on our first date. Clemmie: Funnily enough the pirate outfit you wore to my 18th! (Fig.1). Dad:



Gemma: That with Chelsea

tweed boots.

uniform jacket (Fig.3).



Madeleine: Outfits..I'm assuming not fancy dress but they're the ones that I remember the most! Other than that, I remember that black patterned scarf that I think is your mum's, probably because I really like it! Also your black dress from your 18th birthday, the one with the jewels on the front springs to mind. Also think of blazers, like your tweed one, or black one with the different material on the front, or the corduroy type one..Not really an outfit, more items of clothing! Mum: I like it when you’re more dressed up like when you go to Weddings, Christenings and go out with your friends becuase you wear heels.



How would you describe my style and has it changed since you've known me? Fig.2

Alfie: It has matured! If that makes sense... several transitions but my fave is now. Amy C: I think your style is quite unique and fasionable. (fig.1) You wouldn’t wear anything boring if you were going outside such as hoodie and plain jeans. it’s also quite arty. Amy G: You've always dressed in a very classic, classy way - you know shapes that suits your figure etc, but i'd say you're more vintagey these days! Bysshe: Loose, or casual glamour. You can adapt a flowing top into a snug and tailored look effortlessly. (fig.2) Clemmie: I don't think its changed so much as its the same sense of style that has grown up alongside you. Dad: Contemporary chic, you have developed your bespoke modern style as a result of maturity and your career path (uni). Gemma: Hipster before hipster became what everyone wears so i guess orginal kinda vintage hipster. Ummm more smart maybe but ive not know you tones of years! Georgia: I wouldn't say your style has changed too much, you have always liked to wear your own things as well as stay with the fashion. I think you have always liked experimenting etc. sinc



Hannah: I’d toned down

say the

classic, colours.

you've (fig.3)

Louise: Your style has always been very good, you've always made an effort when going out and always look stunning. Your style is always current. Your style has changed, i think its slightly more toned down and more sophisticated than it was in your teens, with the use of more jackets for one example. You always take a current fashion item and modify it to make it a bit different to how anyone else might wear it with the use of belt and other accessories making it your own gorgeous style, always standing out in a crowd.

Lui: Eccentric, and yes, you had an emo stage. Madeleine: Ooh the last one is hard!! I'm really not sure how to describe your style! Hmm.. You sometimes wear layer type things, so like a nice dress, with some cool tights, a jacket, scarf and boots, but I have no idea how you'd describe that?! I like how you'll wear something that used to be your mums because it always looks really good, but means no-one else will be wearing the same thing (as you haven't just bought it from topshop that week) if that makes sense? So I guess you could say slightly vintagey, but not in an old fashioned way...Your evening style is sophisticated and you always look really stylish. Errrr... maybe the fact I'm finding this so hard means you have quite an individual and varied style? Hard to define, clearly! Or maybe I'm just rubbish at this! You often wear lots of sparkly jewellery, like a couple rings or a necklace. (fig.4) You always have nice bags/shoes too! It has changed since I've met you but I think that's pretty expected in 10 years!

Fig.4 Mum: No, I don’t think your style has really changed. You still like abit of glitter but when it’s left to you, you dress like an adult where as I used to dress you up which is why I like it when you dress up more then when you dress down.

Family Suzanne (Mum) Luigi (Dad) Louise (Step-mum) Alfie (Brother) Lui (Brother)

Friends Madeleine Clemmie Georgia Amy C Amy G Hannah

Other Bysshe (Boyfriend) Gemma (Alfie’s Girlfriend)




Subculture - Preppy

‘The preppy look is a classic fashion that has been around since the early and mid 20th century. Preppy fashion is all about elegance. Some may consider it plain and boring but it also makes you look stylish in a very sophisticated way. Simplicity is one of the main characteristics of the preppy look. Nothing too complicated or fussy will look good when you’re trying to maintain the preppy style.’ The type of preppy style which I subconsciously formed throughout my school life, isn’t the polished Ivy league style portrayed in the media but rather a toned down English take on it. From my early teens I found myself accumulating Abercrombie & Fitch clothing and blazers of every size, shape and colour.


Subculture - Mod

‘These teens wanted a new style and or image and want to break the formal tradition being worn by their parents. They aimed at being “cool, neat, sharp, hip, and smart” by embracing “all things sexy and streamlined”, especially when they were new, exciting, controversial or modern. The mod style or movement has been described as streamlined, narcissistic as well as androgynous.’ It wasn’t until I moved away from home and began my foundation course amongst a hub of varied creative types, that I took a solid interest in this subculture. The key elements I used and developed into my own style were the sharpness and androgyny, associated more with the male mods.


Subculture - Hipster

‘The hipster, by its very definition, is indefinable. The whole point of being a hipster is to avoid labels and being labeled. However, it can be argued that there is a certain aesthetic and philosophy that can be attributed to this otherwise indescribable subcultural group.The hipster aims to pull away from labels that have come before while at the same time appropriating a mélange of pre-existing styles, influences and symbols.’ This is my most recent influence as the confusion surrounding it’s aesthetic and purpose reflects that of my own current style. Elements of both the Preppy and Mod styles are still apparent in my outfits but I have adopted a more grungy edge to my image, mainly through the increase of black clothing.

Fur Coat

This coat belonged to my Nan and she passed it down to me. It’s a fox fur coat which makes it quite taboo. Although I wouldn’t purchase one myself, I feel that this fur coat holds sentimental value as it has been looked after, worn and loved. It is currently housed in my wardrobe where it sadly moults. However, I can’t bring myself to throw it away because I have developed a sentimental attachment to it.

Ball Gown

I wore this dress to my leavers ball. The event consisted of a sit down meal, drinks and dancing amongst friends and our families. The colour is a bold coral and the dress is floor length so is one of the more impractical pieces I own. Infact, it has remained in it’s bag since it returned from the dry cleaners where it was taken after the event. It is a constant reminder of a joyful farewelll party I experienced with my friends and that is probably all it ever will be.

Crop Top

This crop top is long sleeved and has a polo neck, finishes at the waist and is bright orange. It’s the most hideous garment I own and to this day can’t work out what attracted me to it or why I bought it. I got it on holiday in Italy several years ago so can only put it down to it being a consequence of severe sunstroke that affected my vision. I have never worn it but I’ve never seen a top similar so can’t throw it away just out of a developed fascination with it.



From a very young age I was bought and wore lots of gold jewellery. I think it’s an Italian thing. Consequently, I have alot of it. Mainly small gold hoop earrings. All of my gold jewellery is kept together in a small wooden jewellery box.


Colour Key

Skirts Shorts T-Shirts Vest Tops Blouses Jumpers Other Tops Shirts Blazers Cardigans Jackets Playsuits Coats Dresses Shoes Trousers

B l a z e r Samples A selection of blazers that I currently own. The appeal is the tailored shape and panelling. The diverse colour, patterns and materials are good for variation and choice. I think the main reason I like them so much is because they make any outfit smarter and they can be worn in different ways all year round.


At the start of this process, I wasn’t aware of how much of my past was present in my wardrobe. I wanted to find out where my taste and style aesthetic had come from. I can now see that the past is more involved in my everyday design choices than I thought it was but on the otherhand, I’m not trend driven either but rather a complex mixture of environmental influences from my friends and changing locations. It’s impossible to be as clinical and decisive as I wanted to be at the beginning, all I can see is that an individual’s taste is a complcated conversation between the past and the present. It is never a static thing.

Subculture quotes Hipster Mod Preppy Imagery All photographs belong to my family and were collaged by me All the scans featured are my own




An experiment of my personal style. How much of my current style has remained from tradition and how much of it has been influenced by trend...