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Collaborative Collective Sh ow 2015 f









S t u d i o 2 4 - 8 1 G a r r y S t r e e t W i n n i p e g ~ M a n i t o b a ~ R3C4J9 ⚜ 1 . 2 0 4 . 6 9 1 . 6 1 1 2

Grollé fine Art in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is one of the newest and most beautiful art galleries in downtown Winnipeg. It is one of the few commercially artist run galleries in North America open to other artists, representing a variety of nationalities. The gallery represents professional artists who have been personally selected by Ludolf Grollé, where the relationship is deemed to be reciprocally compatible. Ludolf Grollé is both an artist and an art lover, who pursues his love of art with unbridled passion. To this end Mr. Grollé immigrated from Europe to Canada, and in 2014, opened his art gallery on the Canadian prairies.

Collaborative Collective Sh ow


Detine Clyde Finlay Ludolf Grolle Manny Martins Karman Inga Torfadottir Margaret Switala

“I don’t want to follow the market but lead it.” “I have my own business model and would like to help other artists by recognizing their vision and who they are as an artist, and help with their professional development and promotion through representation and sales.”

In my mind an artist should be always be proud of their creation and should take every opportunity to have their work seen, by as broad an audience as possible. If art is not shared it remains incomplete. Through these experiences I’ve developed a certain curatorial philosophy. I usually don’t select pieces. I look for artists whose work inspires me, and invite them to show what they want. I respect their creativity, and give them a chance to display their own vision. Theme shows are fun in the sense that some boundaries are set that will create a cohesive experience in the exhibit, but will still give the participants a chance to innovate and show their own character by their unique approach to a common subject. It evokes the energy of synchronicity and highlights unexpected connections.


As visual artists, we are on an infinite adventure to pursue self - expression and step into the endless journey to find our unique creative process. Through this creative struggle, our personalities echo and it is inevitable that in each work of art that we strive to create, we consequently leave a piece of ourselves.


Thank you for coming to our gallery today and for helping support the artists. This particular show is to help the artists raise funds for their International exhibit in Gorlice, Poland, and in Toulouse France, later this summer.

We hope that you will support us by taking a piece of our art, and in turn a piece of our heart, away with you today. We thank you all for coming to our show.

Our work has been selected to be shown. 6 of the Grolle fine Art artists plan to show 10/12 works each. The Director of the Manor Kawacjan a.k.a Muzeum Dwor Karwacjanow i Gladyszow has personally invited each artist and his letters were forwarded to the relevant art councils. The dates for the exhibition where our work will be shown are from 4th. September 2015 [Vernissage] to 19th September 2015 [Finissage]. We plan to fly to Krakow Poland on the 29th/30th of August 2015 and then travel on to Gorlice - a 2/3 hour journey, with all of the participating artists; arriving on the 2nd of September 2015 to help install the exhibition and hang the work, as well as framing any works on paper [with frames supplied by the Museum]. The Group show is called "Innovative Expressionism from another perspective". Participating artists from Grolle Fine Art are : Margaret Switala, Clyde Finlay, Inga Torfadottir, Manny Martins-Karman, Ludolf Grolle [all from Winnipeg, MB,Canada] and Detine from France. We are booked in the largest exhibit hall/ room of the gallery (180 sq. meters). 10/12 pieces of artwork from each artist, will be on display. Artwork will be in prints, canvases and works on paper. The Museum/Gallery is providing Free accommodation on their premises during the stay in Gorlice. Grolle Fine Art and the hosting Gallery will make printed invitations, poster, catologue. Media will be present. Speeches have been prepared as well as artist's bios and statements, for myself and all participants. On September 20th. 2015 the show will be taken down and all of the artists in Poland will return to their respective homes.

Inno vative Expressionism from anoth er perspective

Our work was submitted to the “Muzeum Dwor Karwacjanow i Gladyszow� - The Manor House Museum in Karwacian & Gladys in Gorlice [near Krakow] Poland, in late 2014. The facility is a Polish government run art Gallery with 2 major exhibition areas.

We hope to accomplish the promotion of our work as International Artists in another arena, to further open lines of communication in the art world and to develop an established and solid network, as well as to create an opportunity to liaise with others to open further avenues and possibilities for showing and promoting our work and to use this as a springboard for all of the participating artists in a similar manner. This will have an immense impact in helping with our further professional development, in as much as this exposes our art to a whole new audience. Furthermore the reaction to the work from a wider public will certainly impact future approaches to the development of how we choose to present our work in the future. Any experience is a learning experience. The bridge between transcontinental artistry becomes more solid and the interdependent support which may be derived should only flourish. We are proud to be representing Canada, especially Manitoba and Winnipeg internationally. We value your support in coming to this event, purchasing some art and helping us to achieve our ambitions. Thank you in anticipation of your kind consideration. Thank you most sincerely from: Margaret Switala, Clyde Finlay, Inga Torfadottir, Manny Martins-Karman, Ludolf Grolle and Detine. July 2015

C l y d e F i n l a y “I create and transform abstract and my interpretation of Realism in my mind and soul. I leave the viewer with the opportunity to interpret what I’ve created and make it their own. The abstract umbrella I use is not representational of our world. Through geometric form, shapes, powerful colours, I splash my paintbrushes on canvas to create the next series of abstraction characterized by spontaneous and individual expression.”

International Canadian Artist of Scottish Heritage specializing in Interpretive Abstract Representation

University of Manitoba BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS International Artist Member of Grolle Fine Art Member Outworks Gallery Vice President – 2005 to 2010 Outworks Gallery Manager – 2010 - 2011 Ace Art - Member Urban Shaman Gallery - Member Past Member – St. James Art Club

Clyde was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and still resides there. After retiring from a long service in the Justice Department in 2007, he graduated in Fine Arts in 2007-08. He enjoyed participating with passion in educational art work shops, art camps, and made art presentations to the art community in different capacities through art organizations and teaching art to students. With various mediums and art styles, he has been able to exhibit in Canada, United States, as well as some parts in Europe. Clyde also has been featured in newspaper articles about his art on numerous occasions. He has participated in study and research that has importance to excursions that took place with the University of Manitoba and the Winnipeg Art Gallery in Brooklyn, New York (Cartographies). Other studies took place in Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles (2001 - 2008 and across Canada.

D e T i n e International French Abstract Artist focussing on Lyrical Abstractionism Art Critic Pino Nicoletti’s assessment of the artist and her work: “….the paint is not the result of uncontrolled chance, but the conquest of knowledge, and the adventure of thinking. With grace and spontaneity, Detine undeniably establishes herself as a master of a style of painting whose beauty and harmony comes from a freedom movement, born from the very depths of life.”

At her beginnings, she practiced pastel in a figurative way, Although abstraction is her way of expression, she still, and always will, enjoy paintings from Degas, Turner, Monet, Utrillo ... Later, she discovered George Matthieu and Zao Wou Ki’s work, which was to become a true revelation. By Discovering lyrical abstraction, Detine was discovering her own freedom ... APPROACHing Total art. Uncompromising abstraction Detine has a musical creating approach, executing a kind of "pictorial and chromatic choreography" where gesture represents her being. Music is the catalyst which enables her to lose herself totally in a feeling, and enables her to draw its instantaneousness on canvas. All sort of intellectualism of gesture is impervious to her, which that means she does not premeditate her gesture in order to fit into any en-vogue movement, Detine does not try to be : SHE IS.

Born on the 17th January 1962 in South West of France where lies her roots, Detine grew in a family where art was ubiquitous, as much as music, theatre and painting, Very soon, she was addicted to drawing, especially in colour.

I n g a T 贸 r f a d o t t i r

International Canadian Print Maker & Ceramicist of Icelandic Heritage Creates Fine Art Mono-Print

A printmaker, ceramic artist and educator, Inga Torfadottir has based her artistic practice in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for over 25 years, after immigrating with her family from Iceland in 1976. She studied Fine Arts at the Icelandic College of Arts and Design and Reykjavik College of Fine Art from 1968-72 before pursuing a career as a ceramic artist and instructor at the Stoneware Studio in Winnipeg. Since becoming a member of Manitoba Printmakers Association in 2000, she has conducted workshops and taught courses on various methods of printmaking at the Martha Street Studio in Winnipeg. Although her preferred method is mono-printing, she also uses a variety of other techniques such as linocut and copper etching. Her inspiration is derived from her lifelong observation and love of nature as well as her deep rooted interest in Norse mythology. Her work can be found in many private and public collections including the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Governments of Manitoba, North Korea and Iceland. She has exhibited her artwork extensively both nationally and internationally since 1987.

“My work is about the observation of subtleties in the natural world around us – the interdependence and balance between emergence and disappearance of positive and negative space as they play on one another’s existence. In a world where life is fragile and impermanent, the accidental, the overlooked and the underestimated take on an unexpected importance. Each work emerges from its own energy thereby creating a new territory of being. The layers communicate nuances of expression, defining the unknown through combinations of colour, form and line. Bold and expressive stroke, invention and free spirit convey both simplicity and complexity simultaneously. Spontaneity and responsiveness to the materials are of essential importance in my work, thereby allowing the control and source of my ideas to be determined more by my feelings than by a rigidly defined framework. As a result, the outcome is more immediate and uncultivated, leaving opportunity for serendipitous expressions. While allowing the medium to dictate its presence and express its own pictorial language, content that creates emotional connection with the viewer, is a major element in my work”.

L u d o l f G r o l l ĂŠ

International Canadian Abstract Artist of Huguenot descent creating Innovative Expressionist work on Canvas & Paper

As visual artists, we are on an infinite adventure to pursue self - expression and step into the endless journey to find our unique creative process. Through this creative struggle, our personalities echo and it is inevitable that in each work of art that we strive to create, we inevitably leave a piece of ourselves.

You know that place between sleep and

awake, that place wh ere

you still rem ember dreaming‌

Thats wh ere Ill

always lo ve you, thats wh ere Ill be waiting.

Thats wh ere I

rem ember my lo ved ones, thats wh ere I find my h ope and inspiration. Thats also wh ere my dreams com e tru e.

Thats wh ere I create my Forever Land

~ Ludolf R. Grolle

~ Peter Pan

Manuela Martins-Karman (Manny) was born in 1963 in Faro, Portugal. Manny specializing is her skills as a visual artist. She graduated from Red River Community College, where she majored in Graphic Design and minor in life drawing. There, she developed her acute attention to form and spatial analysis. Influenced by Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and others from the abstract impressionism art movement. She is developing pieces that are abstract and emphasize and express intense emotions.

Emerging International Abstract Artist of Portuguese heritage experimenting in multi-media and multi-disciplinary processes

Manny’s work can be found in public and private art collections. She currently lives and works in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

M a n n y M a r t i n s K a r m a n

“By applying abstraction, I can create intense personal moments by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer round and round in circles. My canvas is an arena in which to act, analyze and express intense emotions, often raw and executed with vigour and bigness, these canvases are a reflection and pictorial equivalent of our complex inner selves.”

“The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted. By questioning the concept of movement, I reveal an inherent awkwardness, a humour that echoes our own vulnerabilities. By doing so, new sequences are created which reveal an inseparable relationship between motion and colour".

International Canadian Surrealist Artist of Polish descent creating Oil on Canvas Surrealistic themed work & pastel on paper still life etudes

M a r g a r e t S w i t a l a

Margaret was born in Regina, Canada and lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has attended Red River College for Advertising Arts and also has taken advanced oil painting lessons at the Winnipeg Art Gallery under renowned Canadian artist Wanda Koop. She has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for over 15 years. In 1994 returned to her first love - painting and began to take part in art exhibitions. Margaret is also an Associate member of The Society of Canadian Artists and CARFAC – Canadian Artists Representation. She participates in group shows and local art show and sales such as “Art Confrontations”. In 2005 and 2006 she took part in the International Artists Residency "East /West" at the Galeria Malopolska in Gorlice, Poland and partook in the International Art show there. Since 2006 she has participated in other European and American shows both group and solo. She has also received grants from the Manitoba Arts Council and Winnipeg Arts Council to help further her artistic career. She has received past awards and honorariums and her work has been exhibited in solo/group shows locally, nationally and internationally. Her work can be found in private and public collections in Canada, USA, Europe and Latin America.



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Grollé fine Art - International Show - Europe 2015


Inno vative

Expressionism from

anoth er


S t u d i o 2 4 - 8 1 G a r r y S t r e e t W i n n i p e g ~ M a n i t o b a ~ R3C4J9 ⚜ 1 . 2 0 4 . 6 9 1 . 6 1 1 2