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“I remember a friend exiting Sandpits estate safely in a Ford Fiesta – only to be overtaken down Sidney Road by two kids on a sofa” THE Ludlow that I now write about for this paper is a very different landscape to the days for me growing up in and around the town. I was born in its hospital in March 1973, and grew up in the nearby market town of Tenbury – ten miles away. But we regularly visited. I lashed open a toe in the shallows of the Teme on one of the occasions, in front of what was then Ludlow’s swimming pool. Like the Cottage Hospital of College Street, that too has gone; now a retirement home. As a child, Ludlow was a bore. It meant being dragged around shops. But its remedy was Woolworths. I

bought my first LP here with birthday money: Boney M as it happens. I bought quite a bit of vinyl from this store, including a bit of Salt-N-Pepa, Hendrix re-releases, and Bomb the Bass. It’s another establishment that’s waved a fond farewell to the town, though slightly eclipsed by the demise of Ludlow’s Town Hall. I remember the massive tumble of wood, brick and plaster that when I’d previously walked out of Woolworths was a fully functional, albeit gigantic, redbrick tribute to Elizabethan flounce. Built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s golden Jubilee in 1887, it was

toppled over in 1986 to reveal a large open-plan plot that hadn’t been properly appreciated since the Middle Ages. Before succumbing to its unpopularity it was thankfully immortalised in the popular mideighties BBC TV series: Blott on the Landscape – in which Ludlow stoodin for the fictitious town of Worford. By this time I was cycling over to Ludlow from Tenbury. It was slightly more tolerant to skateboarding, had bigger car parks to loiter in, and a wider spectrum of youth to hang around with. Continued on page 22 >

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